Get Off My Metallic Lawn

If you didn’t already know, (in which case your head must be deeper under a rock than even mine!) it’s CHARR WEEK!So far we’ve learned a little about the charr starting area Ashford Hills and the starting town Smokestead.  We’ve also gotten to hear some charr voicesand learn more about why they do what they do.My favorite quote so far? “Beer is for cubs, I want whiskey!”  Sounds like my kind of folks, for sure.

In celebration of Charr Week I’ve got new concept art direct from ArenaNet, and a little story that I wrote.  I’ve also got new art from me planned for later this week in celebration.  Honestly though, I don’t feel like blogging much.  I’ve been too busy running around screaming and excited!


“Hey stump-paw! Bring me my steak!”  The Blood Legion warrior called over his shoulder before he hunkered back over the hot metal and continued hammering.

Rask Marrowtooth grumbled and limped forward, finding his way by the light of the fire, the black silhouette, and the sound of ringing hammers.  Gone were the days when Rask would have been the one briefing slobbering buffoons like this.  The veteran of many a covert operation and ambush, Rask was now relegated to serving food and husbanding livestock.  All charr were expected to fight, yet Rask no longer could.  This particular warrior took pains to remind him of that fact, and Rask  had had about enough.

He was nearly blind with cataracts and was missing a paw, but all his years as an Ash Legion spy had served him well.  He could could, and had, run an op blindfolded and deaf.  Besting this pile of scoria would be no problem.

Rask stumbled, and hunched his shoulders when the warrior turned and barked a rebuke.  Under cover of his dropped shoulder, Rask spread a grey powder on the surface of the steak which quickly dissolved into invisibility.  Not even a smirk betrayed him, he was too practiced.

“Steak”  Rask’s voice was reedy.  The warrior snatched the plate from Rask’s blunted claws and by the time he was wolfing it whole, Rask was already on his way out of the foundry.  By the time he reached the door and turned around the warrior was already dead.

A hush fell over the forge.  Rask watched as the blurry black shapes morphed as their owners turned to look from the dead warrior and Rask.  Only now did he allow himself to smile.

When he spoke his growling voice held no hint of the quaver it had sported for the Blood Legion warrior.  “Clean this pile of slag off the foundry floor you cubs, and while you do so remember this: Just because I cannot chase you down should you insult me and run, does not mean that I cannot kill you for your impudence.”

Charr Industrial Building. Artwork from ArenaNet.

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    • ArcherAvatar
    • April 20th, 2011

    My favorite quote from the audio files;

    Female voice: “Well, that was a cheap kill.”
    Male voice: “Those words form a sentence, but I don’t know what they mean…”

    I was literally laughing out loud… loved it.

    Is it weird that the Charr make me nostalgic about my dear old dad? (who served in the USMC for 20 years – several of them as a drill seargent.) He would have made an awesome Vanguard for the Black Citadel.

      • Tigerfeet
      • April 20th, 2011

      Not at all. They remind me of my grandfather’s pragmatism (who served in World War 2). He showed me, when I was 7 or 8, what you do with big mean snapping turtles who eat all the fish in your postage stamp pond. I had never seen so much blood before or since. I remember the blood, and I remember being bitterly dissapointed when he wouldn’t let me clean out the shell and turn it into a shield.

      Or maybe I’m just creepy. That’s absolutely possible.

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