Coming Up For Air

It’s been an exciting week.  If you ever want to learn a piece of software from scratch, taking on an ambitious project with a tight deadline is a VERY good way to do so.  When in college, I was trained in 3D Studio Max.  For this project I only had access to Maya.  I can only compare the experience to a trial by fire.  I used every cheat I knew of to get the job done quickly, and I’m still not entirely done.

I have been pretty lucky, however.  The program has only crashed on me once, and only one of my Grand Plans has gone awry.  As we speak I’m rendering out my 3D scenes.  All I have left to do is assemble everything and upload!

I have to admit to being scared stiff, however.  This community has artistic talent in spades and more passion than you could shake a stick at.  I’ve stayed away from the other submissions; partly out of fear and partly out of a desire to not be tempted to copy anybody.  Some of my friends have kept me abreast of some of the stand-out submissions though.  I hear Elixabeth Claire has something nice, and there was something about guinea pigs.  (those guinea pigs have me nervous about my chances!)

But I’m in the home stretch, and very excited to see this video completed (not to mention to get to work on my next project!).  So for all my readers, thank you all so much for your support.  If it wasn’t for you I don’t know if I would have had the courage to go for this.

Here’s a sneak peak 🙂

Piggie loves you!

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    • ArcherAvatar
    • May 8th, 2011

    That pig is awesome! The figure in the foreground has an almost eerie, and very mysterious quality about it… very compelling and interesting… can’t wait to see more.

    • Mr.Flamer
    • May 9th, 2011

    ITS OINK!!!

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