The Willow Bends, But Does Not Break

I do love the male sylvari.  From the limited options it’s obvious that the ladies got more love during the no doubt frantic rush to get artwork ready for the sylvari debut.  However, I’m hoping that the male sylvari will finally prove to be the character that can break me of only playing as a female.  The plan is to make him a warrior.

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  1. I LOVE ALL YOUR POSTS! That is all. Love – a fellow lady gamer.

    • ArcherAvatar
    • November 4th, 2011

    Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the classes I will be selecting for my sylvari characters (Necro for certain, and probably thief and warrior as well) but I’m just not very fond of the “green” versions.

    I find myself oddly drawn towards the #2 & #3 faces… the more *alien* looking the better for me, and I will definitely be looking for more deep browns and blacks in the color scheme. Few of the hairstyles really appeal to me very much for the “males” but I’m quite fond of the “Michael Jordan” look so that shouldn’t present much of a problem as long as “no hair” style is allowed.

    Hopefully skin textures/colors with more of a “bark” style to them will also be among the selection options (I’m pretty certain this will be the case.) I’m definitely looking for more of a hard case BAMF rather than a flower.

    • Narcs
    • November 4th, 2011

    The male Sylvari are definitely very handsome, however, I will be making a female as my first Sylvari character. I love this race (and their lore). Thankyou Kristen Perry!

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