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The Great White-Tailed Rhinocicorn

You know what makes a good tutorial?  One that gives you the information you need clearly and concisely.

Know what makes a GREAT tutorial?  One that you have to stop in the middle and GO CREATE SOMETHING!

I was reading through this one by Marcus Dublin and I didn’t even make it through the second page before I had to go design something.  Enter the great white-tailed rhinocicorn!

Update: After livestreaming tonight, I got the blockout done!  Here’s my wires


Desert Unicorn

I seem to have forgotten to show this one off!  There’s a saying I’ve heard lately, art is never finished, only abandoned.  This is one of those.  She still needs a rig and would look killer posed and with some animation but… I got other things to do!  Maybe someday I’ll return and work on her, she was a lot of fun 🙂

The bike took about three times as long to do as the character.  I’m definitely not so much into making mechanical things, but I learned a lot and am absolutely in love with the result.

If you’re curious, this one has been thrown into the portfolio, hence all the tagging.

Happy Little Villager

I’ve teamed up with an independent game developer to make art for his god game, Planitia.  Here’s some of the villager animations I finished recently.  I hope you all enjoy a peek at what’s been keeping me so busy lately.

To everyone who still follows me, thank you very much for your patience 🙂  If you look through my blog history, especially in regards to the posts about my time raiding in WoW, you’ll notice a trend.  My favored type of blogging involves sharing stories about things that have happened to me.  I’m still SUPER excited about Guild Wars 2, but I’m not playing the game yet so I can’t share my normal day-in-the-life anecdotes.  So instead I’m focusing my energy on improving my artwork.

I invite you all to come along with me on this ride, my journey into professionalism 🙂  Also, I have developed a rather unhealthy obsession for hang gliding.  There may be posts in the future about my more personal escapades, especially when they involve flight.  I hope you don’t mind, but even if you do, you’re welcome to not read.

One last note, I believe in honesty.  A part of that is honesty about my past.  I have no intention of deleting any of my old posts (in fact, all my WoW stuff is still there).  So if there was something you enjoyed rest assured it’s going to stay right where it is. 🙂