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Planitia Art

Planitia is a game in the spirit of the old Populous games.  You play as a god with followers and god powers.  One of the marked differences is in Planitia you can raise armies from your villagers.  I’ll only be showing villagers and logo today though.

Run Villagers Run!


Run Cycle – Click for Animation

Use Cycle

Walk Cycle

Here’s a video the developer put together about the game before I was commissioned for artwork, to give you an idea of what it’s like.


More Art Yay!

My word it’s been a while!  I haven’t been idle either, here’s a few of the tings I’ve been up to:





I’m sure all you smart cookies can figure out what project I’m working on from these pictures 🙂  Up next I’ll have a post about the art I’ve done for Viridian Games’ title, Planitia.