Mini Sketch Dump

Is it a sketch dump if there’s only two sketches?  It’s my blog and I say yes.


Leymok: Ummmm, yeah I got nothin’.  Just please don’t hit me.

All I’ve got to say about this one is STRATEGIC STEIN!


I really enjoyed scratching these out.  Something about a hard round brush with pressure opacity, I dunno.  I’ll probably continue doing these little mood sketches.

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  1. this is so wonderfully brilliant, I love seeing and watching you work on these. They constantly make me smile 🙂 We have done such an awesome job of making like, a legitimate story line out of all of this. Now if only I could illustrate. I would totally do a “Avatar” style show about these two. Cause the style would lend itself SO WELL to Pern XD

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