Rytlock’s Dark Secret

Soooo um…. I have no excuses for this.  This is what happens when I give in to my inner fangirl and realize how AWESOME and EXTENSIVE Steve Blum’s voice acting career has been.

Yeah I know, I’m WAY late to the party, but give me a break, I live under a rock 😉

If you didn’t see from my twitter feed (and didn’t already find me on your own) I DO have a tumblr now (appropriately named That’s Just Ridiculous).  That’s where I let the fangirl off her leash to run amok.

I’m going to keep Secret Agent Cat as a place purely for art.  It’s been a little lonely here because wordpress doesn’t have the community integration that tumblr does, and let me tell you, it feels AMAZING to be back in the community and seeing what all the other charr lovers are up to.  Freaking rocks guys, you’re all amazing.

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  1. You… who… that… bwah?!

    I did not know that you were one and the same (you and your tumblr you, that is)! But I should have recognised the art! I remember you from GW2Guru, from things like your height guide and stuff. And you probably saw that I replied to you on tumblr, too.

    You were so close with this! But I think the conspiracy hat belongs to Pyre, since he was also voiced by Steve Blum and he actually was fighting against oppressive magic users! >_>

    Good to know you’re on tumblr!

      • Tigerfeet
      • July 6th, 2012

      wow, you’ve got a great memory! I’m flattered 😀 It got super lonely when I didn’t have time to crawl the guru anymore. Tumblr is turning into such a saving grace 🙂

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