Nabooru Progress

It’s amazing what a few accessories and a thing like hair will do for a model!

Click for larger

All I’ve done this weekend was

  • Finished her pants (includes cuff and frill at the bottom
  • Put a shirt on her
  • Added hair (a sphere for the part on the skull, a cylinder for the ponytail)
  • Made her necklace

Things I have yet to do are

  • Make her ponytail gem
  • Make her head gem
  • Make her chest gem
  • Make her belt and belt gem (she’s got a lot of gems)
  • Make her arm bands
  • Make her gloves
  • Make her Shoes

And that’s just sculpting.  Once she’s sculpted I get to

  • Re-topologize into a low-poly mesh that could be used in a current gen game
  • Bake however many Ambient Occlusion maps I need
  • Bake a normal map
  • Paint the texture
  • Build a bone rig
  • Pose, light, and render beauty shots

Yeah… still a lot of work to do, learning all of it as I go along.

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