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Character Portraits

Nothing terribly special here.  This is about the only art I’m getting done in the evenings after work, though the lad in the purple with the scars on his arm only took three hours this morning.  That was kind of surprising to me 🙂



Down The Rabbit Hole

I find it hilarious that my last post featured art I created during my second day at my new job.  Now my next post I can finally show what I’ve been up to.  I’ve fallen down the NDA rabbit hole!  Well, it happens I guess.  For what it’s worth, this is the first game I made.  If you’re interested in buying it you can find it here.  Otherwise, enjoy the artwork!

Reelplate mockup with all symbols.

Reelplate mockup with all symbols.


And some examples of animations on some of the symbols.  Thanks to anyone who’s still got me on your reader 🙂

Artwork Catch-Up

I’ve been a busy little bee 🙂  I started a new job, had my car break down, bought a new car, THAT one broke down, got myself stranded in a strange city for a week and a half (community managers are the nicest people btw, did you know that?), am moving to a new apartment, and have just about finished all the art on my first game!

So here’s a look at what I’ve managed to accomplish in my SPARE time.





Also, my sister bought me a kindle for christmas and loaded it up with Game of Thrones.  Yeah… don’t expect to see me for the next six months!

Bird Pile

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday and I forgot 😦 So I drew her a pile of birds to make up for it.

Werewolf In A Vampire Game

Yeah, I’m one of THOSE players.  Stick me in a game of Werewolf and I want a werebear.  Stick me in a game of Vampire and only a werewolf will do.  Just call me Rum Tum Tugger, I guess.

Anyhoo, my buddy Laz is starting up a Vampire game and I twisted his arm into letting me play aformentioned werewolf.  She’s a Ghost wolf, and a maned wolf come up from South America, so a bit of an oddball even by warewolf standards.  That tattoo is a fetish of some kind, used to be her cellphone until she took it to a Glasswalker because it kept mouthing off.

Dania Desoto

Rytlock’s…. Sister?

Started scribbling a charr and somehow I think she looks like Rytlock’s sister.  What is this I don’t even.

I also tried out a photoshop brush I’ve never used before, I’m quite happy with the results.  Will definitely use this one again.  Apparently there is more to life than the hard round brush xD

Fun Fact: These are my favorite lady-charr horns.  But when my husband put them on his charr he was disappointed that he was unable to mine ore with them.  Aaah Mister Husband-face, you are so crazy.

Nabooru Progress

It’s amazing what a few accessories and a thing like hair will do for a model!

Click for larger

All I’ve done this weekend was

  • Finished her pants (includes cuff and frill at the bottom
  • Put a shirt on her
  • Added hair (a sphere for the part on the skull, a cylinder for the ponytail)
  • Made her necklace

Things I have yet to do are

  • Make her ponytail gem
  • Make her head gem
  • Make her chest gem
  • Make her belt and belt gem (she’s got a lot of gems)
  • Make her arm bands
  • Make her gloves
  • Make her Shoes

And that’s just sculpting.  Once she’s sculpted I get to

  • Re-topologize into a low-poly mesh that could be used in a current gen game
  • Bake however many Ambient Occlusion maps I need
  • Bake a normal map
  • Paint the texture
  • Build a bone rig
  • Pose, light, and render beauty shots

Yeah… still a lot of work to do, learning all of it as I go along.