Logo time!

I’d like to announce that I’ve now got my header up! Hurrah hooray oh happy day! I had to almost physically restrain myself while I was making it though, the temptation to busy it up was great. At one point the background was full of flying feathers and dreamcatchers ACK! But my better sense prevailed and here you see my snazzy new logo.

In other news I finally nabbed my Merciless Gladiator’s Dragonhide Spaulders from PvP last night. I tossed in a Delicate Living Ruby and an Enduring Talasite. Unfortunately, Be Imba! now tells me that my meta gem, my Relentless Earthstorm Diamond, is now inactive. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. However, even with the meta gem inactive my stats have improved, so I’m willing to tote around an inactive meta gem until I manage to snag myself another piece of armor with a red socket in it.

In other news! I’m on the raid list for Karazhan this Friday and already starting to get excited again. I went Monday and had a lot of fun even though my learning pains were a bit awkward at times.

Keep in mind, I’m a cat DPSer at heart, but right now I’m running as a bear tank. Why? Well, I want end-game, I want raiding, I want tier pieces, I want fame, I want fortune! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaa! Oh wait, no I don’t xD I just want to see all that juicy content goodness that the developers were kind enough to make for us.

I’m an artist myself, I art for a living and I art for a hobby and I KNOW how many sleepless nights and crackey wrist bones went into making 3D models, coding up AI, and animating, rigging, skinning, texturing, etc etc etc. Needless to say there’s a lot that goes into making a game, and I KNOW that, I know that the way a starving person knows what hungry feels like. Been there, done that.

Um… I’ve wandered off the path again. I think my whole point was, I’m signed up for Kara on Friday, I’m excited, and my new logo is sexy (in my ever-humble opinion) OH! And my guild has started calling me Tig, so that’s also an acceptable nickname.

-Tiger out!


Who is Secret Agent Cat?

The Druid formerly known as Coal

The Aggro Queen

The “Hey can I get a summon I’m stuck again” Chick

Sergent Tigerfeet

I have many names. Among friends I’m called Lexi, Coal, and Tiger depending on how well and for how long I’ve been known. You can call me Tiger, that’s just fine.

I play a Horde Tauren Druid named Tigerfeet on the US PvE server Hydraxis. As the Sergent floating proudly before my name indicates, I’ve been playing for some time. I have not, however, been playing consistently or with any amount of frequency until recently when, after a year-long hiatus I was enticed back into the land of Azeroth and took the opportunity to finally grind the last few levels to 70.

In my first post, I find it prudent to tell all my imaginary readers exactly what I’ll be talking about.





There, I said it, I confessed! Keep the lynching mobs at bay please? I have NO direction, NO goal, only an enjoyment of World of Warcraft as a hobby, a desire to write, and a vague notion that I should, without too much difficulty, be able to manage keeping the blog at least loosely WoW-related.

I was inspired to start blogging after I hit 70 and began panting in excitement to get my tapping tiger toes into some end-game raid content.

My current guild ran its raids at midnight.

Oy! Said I! This will not do! So I moved, and found myself woefully undergeared and, with the help of a druid in the guild I was applying to, started power-gearing. I had 2,000 gold saved up to get my epic riding skill. Now, bearing the proud tag of <Unemployed> above my head and tanking Karazhan with newbish ease, I have 150 gold to my name. Oh dear oh dear.

No matter! Says I! I’m in a great guild, with friendly people, who let me come raiding with them and dangle a carrot on a stick in front of me with the words “we want you with us in 25-mans” carved cleverly on the side. Let me tell YOU! I started this venture of guild-searching with only the hope of running Karazhan and Zul’Aman, maybe a pass into Gruul’s lair, but honestly I couldn’t see much around the bulk of the bear mount standing squarely in the middle of all my desires. So when I was told that they could use another bear tank for 25-man runs I saw not only a beautiful opportunity, but a chance at more than I’d expected.

*ahem* I seem to have gotten off-topic and wandered away from where I had originally been heading. Why ‘Secret Agent Cat’?

I found, very early on in my WoWing days, that I have an irrepressible wanderlust. Case in point, I was THERE, on Scilla, standing nervously in front of the gates of Ahn’Quiraj, at the exalted level of 18 when the gaping maw of that now-deserted 40-man instance opened.

Now, I was only level 18. Fresh into my swimming mount with barely the scent of kitty goodness in my nostrils, I wasn’t doing much sneaking about. But let me tell you, when level 20 hit and I learned how to be a cat I embraced it. Areas that, had I wished to explore them before, involved a kamikaze-style run while high on speed potions were now possibly infiltrate-able. The world was my burrito and the secret agent cat was born.

I still lacked the above title, however. That didn’t come to existence until perhaps a week ago. I was level 70, it was late at night and I had just taken my first death in what was turning into a long fight of Alterac Valley. I had a deadline to meet, I needed honor points and marks, so killing and winning were essential. The northern graveyards were, as yet, uncaptured so when I came back to life I faced one of two options. Stay on defense or try and make it past a formidable Alliance blockade at the choke point.

I, however, had a third option. Stealth.

I was sitting in Vent with my friend and my pocket-priest who usually follows me around keeping my snazzy tawny hide intact so I can continue to rip faces. As I’m stealthing up to and then past the Alliance blockade a little ditty starts running through my head. I’m sure you know the song “Secret Agent Man”. I started humming into Vent and my friend, being the tender young buck he is, asked what song it was. Not thinking, and focusing on the game I replied “Secret Agent Cat”. And so, with a slip of the tongue that really should have happened years earlier, the true Secret Agent Cat was born.