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Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes

Not that ArenaNet is telling tall tales, but I do have sour grapes, and no vat in which to ferment them.

If you’ve known me personally for any significant length of time you’ll know that I can have some deep issues with jealousy. You can safely assume then, that reading ArenaNet’s latest blog  was genuinely difficult for me.

When I first heard whispers about being able to chat with my friends and guild-mates while not connected to the game, I was over the moon ecstatic.

Then my place of employ blocked everything fun.


I am hog-tied and ham-strung here. These fancy mobile applications sound super fun and being able to interact with my friends on my breaks at work sounds fantastic.

I-device and Android. That’s pretty choice.

Not that I can afford either of them anyway.

Wiki integration with the game sounds absolutely great. Before the Great Laptop Crash I enjoyed the benefit of two monitors, one on which to play and the other on which to reference various things out of game. (or one for photoshop and the other for 3D software, when I was feeling studious) I developed a habit for playing in windowed mode and enjoyed having everything at my fingertips. When I was forced to fall back on my husband’s computer (pushing into its 6th year now) my performance suffered drastically because I refused to give up all my little extras.

I get the impression from the article that the mobile map functionality will be available to active players as well. That does a lot to soothe my jealous ruffled feathers.

I feel a lot like I did in kindergarten. I was relegated to playing with My Little Ponies in the corner while the other kids talked about how cool the new Chip N’ Dale cartoon was. When I tried to join in they said there was no way I could have seen it because I was not cool enough.

I tried logic, citing what happened in the episode, but logic doesn’t work on 5-yr olds.

Either way, I was excluded and not allowed to join in the fun. My fear is that my inability to network socially will once again cut me out of all the fun.

Nobody will like me anymore.

My acne will come back.

I’ll gain more weight.

And I will continue toiling away in my life of obscurity.

What a nest of vipers a simple smartphone application can open eh?  I am perfectly aware of my various neuroses.  I tend to care for them like spoiled rotten pets.

In other news, I received my new Motherboard today! It’s an Asus AMD 890FX. After the motherboard the only thing I need is RAM (I’ve got my eye on a 4Gb stick of DDR3 1333. GSkill Ripjaws, ooh-yeeeeah)

Have some naked Norn, that makes everything better right?

I took some advice and gave him double-flails instead of a mace and shield. Flail > Mace… right?  Also, references!


Norn Have No Need Of Armor!

You have been warned.

I’m doing this image old-school.  Meaning there will be no formal outline, it’ll be completely painted WITH a background.

That also means it’s going to take a




15-45 minutes every day a quick painting does not make.  So this time I would like to share my works in progress (or as we say in the biz, WIPs).

And no, I didn’t intentionally make him a south paw.  It just happens that way when I’m flipping the image.  The final image will have him facing the other way I think.

And before you get all up in arms about him not being beefy enough for a norn

1) It’s a young norn, just learning to become the bear and

b) I have not yet begun to paint!

Never underestimate the power of a Woman’s imagination >:3

One more thing, this won’t be explicit.  If I do end up leaving him naked there will be something covering his crown jewels. So never fear to check back on this thinking you might one day get an eyefull of giant norn wang. 😉

Faction Champions Can Go Jump In My Litter Box

My frustration with this fight can boil down to one sentence.

Get your PvP out of my PvE.

Last night was a beautiful one-shot of the first two coliseum bosses, even despite my ‘doh moment of taunting the magnataur too soon, amassing five stacks, and then letting the other tank die. (I’m so high-maintenance). The Jaraxxus kill was everything I could have asked for and more. No one died, no one stood in the fire, no one was screaming at me to “Get this Infernal out of my face aaaaan infernals in my face!”

PS – that’s a fight where your lesser-geared (or lesser-skilled) tank can get some time in the limelight as main tank. So long as everything is interrupted/dispelled/purged properly, Jaraxxus hits like a kitten (and not the ferocious face-ripping kind, more like the lolferal pre-BC kind)

But then came the faction champions.

/grind teeth

We spent most of the night cycling through every form of CC we could muster in order to keep one healer locked down while burning the other (we had resto druid, holy priest, enh shaman, mage, rogue, warlock-with fel puppy)

We wiped, and we wiped, and we wiped some more. Granted, I saw some of our raiders rise to multitasking like I’d never thought they could (it was beautiful, really) But we couldn’t kill them.

In fact, we didn’t make any measurable progress until we adopted a more chatoic, blitz style, with myself running interference. (I know nothing about football, so forgive me if my analogies limp)

Everyone was to burn down the priest as fast as possible (He’s the squishiest, he can be interrupted, so we only have to deal with his (and the druid’s) hots instead of dealing with hots from the druid and casts from the priest if we tried to kill the druid first)

So, we’d burn the priest, then we’d bloodlust and kill the druid. Next we’d kill the warlock (thinking this would also rid us of the fel-puppy, no such luck there) and then we’d take out the mage, rogue, and shaman in that order.

MY job, was totem-stomping, and ping-pong.

Wait, whut?

Swipe is very good at taking out totems. Bear swipe that is. When I’m not swiping at totems I’ve got my camera zoomed all the way out and I’m using every taunt I’ve got, as often as I’ve got it, to pull the melee off of our casters.

This worked pretty well. I think tonight, if we go in with two tanks (we had an enhancement shaman tanking on his warrior alt, then had him switch to his shaman for the pvp bit) I think we’ll get this pretty readily. We’re replacing a shadow priest with an elemental shaman so we won’t miss the bloodlust from the enhancements shaman. We’ve still got healing priests to mass-dispell heroism.

We’ll kill these guys tonight, I’ve no doubt of that.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Dip’n Mah Toes

I’m touching into UI design.

I’m not certain I have the know-how to make an entire UI compilation, but I have been working on artwork for Btex.

My current UI, with Snazzy Artwork!

My current UI, with Snazzy Artwork!

Yes, that’s how excited about the new artwork I am, I went and made UI art to reflect the forms I intend to use, so that I can look at them even when I’m running around all ugly and wyvern-faced.

Here’s a preview of the Night Elf version:

Click for full-size

I’ve also got a shaman version made, but I’m not entirely happy with it. I had trouble finding the totems in WoW Model Viewer so I initially used elemental spirits instead.

Then I couldn’t read my chat text over the top of mr fire-pants.

Then I noticed the smoke I’d put in was way too dark and I needed to re-do it but I was damn tired and re-painting smoke was not something I had the mental capacity to do at that point.

So it’s still waiting to be done.

I’d also like to note that I don’t use a mac by choice, they make me, at work.

I really REALLY like this UI by the way. It’s a lot more de-cluttered than it was before. My raid frames are in the lower right and omen shows up right on top of the bear. My Rogue Power bars are front and center, where Omen used to be, and the only issue is that my DBM warnings bars now pop up right on top of my rotation bars, being distracting and obnoxious.

I’ll get around to moving those, eventually.

Pink Putty-Tats On Parade!

If you didn’t know already, the PTR is up. I’ve copied over two druids and a shaman and I’m going to try to make Fraps vids of each of the new forms. In the mean-time, the Druid forum is exploding with helpful folks throwing up screenshots and there’s already one vid up (though it doesn’t show all the forms and is a little hard to see.

But, lest you accuse me of a liar… Have at!


Personal Thoughts?

Well, I think the ‘big butt’ problem for bears is being made a touch worse, and these forms will take a little getting used to. Regardless though, They’re a definite improvement, and I’m thrilled to be able to look different from the next druid!

I hope you enjoyed this image-spam.

Furious Ferals – Choose Your Flavor!

This is the macro post for my Feral color charts. Once these skins go live I will make wallpaper packs for each flavor and offer them in this thread as well.


NightElfColorChart TaurenColorChart

Night Elf Color Chart

Good things come to those who wait!

As you can probably tell, I was not lucky, as I had no chart for you late last week, nor even early this week. I contracted a bit of the plague over the weekend and am finally on the mend.

So, less about me, and more about our Not-Moo brothers and sisters, here you go!

Aint it pretty? Click for Larger!

Ain't it pretty? Click for Larger!

Apparently, Femms of the night come in two flavors of purple while the more testosterone-inclined get four shades of green! At least that’s what WoW-Model-Viewer tells me.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy this, and sorry for the wait 🙂