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The Epic Music Makes It Awesome

After I was done recording the charr drawing I posted on Wednesday, Peter took it, sped it up, and put some epic music in the background.  If you’d like to see a quick and dirty making of then take a look!  Personally the music is my favorite part.


Pelt Watch: The Ultimate Part 1

Last year when I made my first Pelt Watch post I had no idea it would be as popular as it became.  Granted, its popularity is pretty much completely thanks to ArenaNet Community Manager Regina Buenaobra linking to it on twitter. (Thanks for that btw)  Even beyond the official noteriety though, I figured that since I can spend the lion’s share of my playtime basically playing with character customization, perhaps there’s some other people out there who feel the same.

So I continue Pelt Watch.  And today I bring you a chart of the pelts that started it all.  The beastly, the ferocious, the often bloodthirsty and surprisingly loyal, the male charr.

click for larger

Not The Face!

Ok maybe the face.  How about charr faces?  These are the charr facial options for male and female as shown at Gamescom 2011.

I’m very excited with the variety shown in these faces, especially for the ladies.  We have big cat faces and small cat faces, we even have monstrous faces and an old, battle-scarred face.  I’m exceedingly tempted to give my charr thief face #6, because you know, as sure as butchers love beefsteak, a thief that reaches anything close to a venerable age has to be crazy good at what she does.

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Do I Make You Horny Baby Yeah!

Back here at Secret Agent Headquarters we’ve been getting disptaches from our agents currently on assignment in Cologne.  And by ‘we’ I mean ‘just little ole me’ and by ‘our agents’ I mean the lovely and talented Tasha Darke.

She’s at Gamescom right now being my photo monkey having the time of her life.  She’s also been gracious enough to take pictures for me.  What does that mean for you?  That means character customization baby yeah!  Each section of each race will have its own post.  So far it’s looking like each race (except maybe for humans) will have three sections.

So, without further ado, I present to you Section 1 of the Charr!  HORNS!

Click for full-size


With a lack of anything of substance to talk about, have a nyan-tiger. (Yes, that’s a porkchop for a body)

PeltWatch 2.0

Since the ArenaNet Community Open House a whole bunch of juicy little tidbits have been percolating through the collective conscious of the Guild Wars 2 community.  It wasn’t until just today that a super sneak peek of the charr physical customization came to my attention.

Namely, this image:

Thanks bunches to Overlord from Guild Wars 2 Guru for pointing it out to me!

Of course, how could I not go squee over, not just some character customization, but a TIGER on screen!  Give me a moment here people….

I haz a happy

Okay, now, without further ado, I present to you: PeltWatch 2.0!

Some notes on my method:

  • All colors are my best guess as an approximation.
  • Color names are my own.
  • Colors were picked directly from the color selections available in the screenshot.
  • First the charr was cut out and then converted to greyscale.
  • Colors were then put on a layer above the greyscale version and set to either color, overlay, or multiply blending modes.
  • Almost all colors were tweaked after eyedropping the base color to get a match as close to the swatch as possible.

Start Them Young

And they’ll be hooked on dragon killing for a lifetime!

If it wasn’t obvious, I drew a tiger-striped charr Engineer-in-training.  Isn’t she adorable?  And yes, it’s a ‘she’, as always with charr, you can tell by the puffy tail.

This is how I spent GW2 fanday, I hope everybody else had fun this weekend too!