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This Headache Goes By Three Names

And they are Tenebron, Shadron, and Vesperon.

Seriously, my head is freaking THROBBING.

No, I won’t shut up about it.

But I will give you two macros I started using last night to make up for my excessive whining.

/tar Shad
/cast Growl
/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/tar Teneb


/tar Vesp
/cast Growl
/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/tar Shad

EDIT: Kal over at Think Tank pushed his ‘easy button’ for me and condensed my two macros into one, improved version is down below.

/tar Shad
/tar Vesp
/cast Growl
/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/tar Shad
/tar Teneb

I also want to note that if you have any raiders with you whose names start with Shad, Vesp, or Teneb, you might want to write out the dragons’ full names (Shadron, Vesperon, Tenebron) The last thing anybody needs is you targeting and /growling at the mage named Vesparyn while the big purple dragon is flapping around breathing on everyone.

The first is to be used when you are tanking Tenebron and Shadron is landing. Growl is cast first because it has no affect if the mob is already attacking you. Faerie Fire is cast second because it gives at least a tiny threat boost.

The second macro is for use once Tenebron is down, you are tanking Shadron, and Vesperon is landing. Same deal.

I just realised that thanks to the Global Cooldown Growl and FF cannot be cast simultaneously. So, I guess spamming this button will cast them in quick sucession as the GCD allows.

Maybe Growl should come second then.

Previously I had depended on swipe to piss off the drake enough that he would stick to me. About halfway through our attempts last night I started having problems with this, so I made that macro.

It helped, but then I started loosing aggro anyway. It was probably just really late and people were tired and not watching their threat as much as they should be, or I wasn’t generating as much as I should have been.

I don’t know,

but god my head hurts.



Moar Macros!

how do i make my druid say things when changing form

That ^ up there, was in my ‘top searches’ section. Apparently, people who want to know how to inject some more fun into the already crazy-fun times that is the druid have found their way to my site.

How exciting!

This isn’t something I’ve blogged about, but it IS something I know how to do! For a long time when leveling I would run around and, when shifting into cheetah form I’d scream “Mew Mew ZOOOOOOOOM!” My other forms all had their own silly little catch-phrases to go with.

Now that I’m a big Druid and all grown up I don’t have room on my action bars for extra shift macro buttons. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t think they’re lots of fun! Maybe there’s a macro out there that will streamline this with a script or something, but for now, the only way I know to do this, is with a macro.

I will demonstrate with my fun little cheetah macro.

Step 1.

In chat, type /macro. This will bring up the macro toolbox.

Step 2.

Click ‘New’ to create a new macro. A new toolbox will pop up. In the top field type in the name of the macro. Here we’ll call it “Travel”. Make sure you have the question mark symbol selected.

Step 3.

Select the macro in the macro toolbox if it’s not already selected. In the box on the bottom type the following:


/cast Travel Form


Step 4.

Drag the macro icon from your macro toolbox onto your action bar and enjoy!

I’ve also done this with my mage. I have a polymorph macro that I enjoy quite a bit. The code for it reads:


/cast Polymorph

/s Baah baah %t, have you any wool?

The %t will insert your target’s name. So if you’re polymorphing saaaay… a Raging Devilsaur, it will read “Baah baah Raging Devilsaur, have you any wool?”

Special Note on Druid Fun

That snowball macro I posted yesterday? You know, the one for mid-air combat?


About that?

Don’t try it with Heavy Leather Balls.

Heavy Leather Balls acctivate the Global Cool-Down, Snowballs do not. GCD activated means you have to wait and manually click to get back into bird form, can we see where this is going here?

Thankfully, last night I had the foresight to test this out while still relatively close to the ground. UNfortunately I had filled my inventory with Heavy Leather Balls prior to testing this out. The result? I was running around Shatt for a good hour pelting people with balls until I just decided to share the ‘fun’ with my guild and plopped the last few stacks in our bank.

Now, granted, if you’re doing this game with another druid, and are flying very high, there’s nothing stopping you from tossing balls at them then manually shifting back into bird. But lets face it, that’s not nearly as much fun as doing it with snowballs 😉

As for the Druid Macros of Yesterday –

Final versions are up. Those are the ones that work and the ones that are totally awesome. Thanks everyone for your input! (all two of you) 😉

In other news…

I bought Spore.

I’m already addicted.

I made dragon people… completely on accident.

More time as a creature plzkthx?

I Can Haz Action Bar Space?

And how do all the good little kitties and bears out there GET more action bar space?

MACROS! Yaaaay it’s macro time!

First a little preface. I like my default interface, I like it muchly. I like having my mount, my trinkets, my buffs, my food, my consummables, my tradeskills hanging out around my screen. I don’t like opening my spellbook. Ever. So needless to say I have a lot of buttons, and all of my action bars showing. I also like those little gryphons down at the bottom so I’m not interested in anything like Bartender. As far as HUD changes go I’ve confined myself to x-Pearl and MetaHUD.

My personal knowledge of macro creation is limited, and I’m very much a newbie, but I’ve found that it’s not that hard to write some simple macros that will make your life much easier.

In addition to IHML I have 4 macros that I use consistently on my druid. One is for items, Two are for skills, and one is just for fun.


I carry around with me two set of armor plus my pvp trinket. I use outfitter to quickly swap back and forth but since my trinkets are changing I need to swap them manually off of my action bars. This got obnoxious fast so for a long time I just settled with having all my useable trinkets hanging out together and taking up a grand total of 5 action bar spots.

This weekend, however, I constructed a devilishly simple macro to free up 3 additional action bar slots. Technically there are 2 macros (because I often have 2 useable trinkets) but they’re fundamentally the same:

Button 1


/Use 13

Button 2


/Use 14

I didn’t assign any image, just left it with the big red question mark. Now, I have those two on my action bar and the image defaults to whatever item I have equipped in those trinket slots! Simple simple simple, and invaluable if you carry around more than one set of gear.

-Special thanks to Kal from Think Tank for explaining the true use of the ‘#showtooltip’ expression!


This macro is a bit more complicated. Ever since I learned Cat Form I’ve had Cower and Growl taking up spots on my action bar. During the big macro spree over the weekend I decided it would be much more effecient to have my aggro-controlling skills all in one place. I’d previously had bear aggro skills grouped together and kitty-ish skills (like prowl and sprint and cower) grouped together.

So I set out to make a macro that, when clicked, would cast growl if I was in bear form and cower if I was in cat form. Here’s what I came up with:


/cast [stance:1] Growl(); [stance:3] Cower(Rank 5)

My Next macro was pretty much just like the previous, but to be used for Powershifting. You might be asking yourself why you would ever need to powershift ever again after the changes in 3.0, but I’m going to tell you, it’s awesome for getting out of snares. After thinking I could just click my bear button twice to get out of Lady Vasj’s root and then getting owned in the face by lag (hit while in between forms) I’m convinced this mechanic is still necessary.

So, instead of having two /cast !whateverform buttons on my action bar, I wrote the following macro so that I would only need one.


/cast [stance:1] !Dire Bear Form(); [stance:3] !Cat Form

Simple as that! The tooltip for this displays as the mage’s Arcane Explosion, instead of a related kitty or bear icon, but I’m perfectly ok with that.


I’d known that this macro existed for a while, but I had yet to try it out. I didn’t write this, but damn if it isn’t the most fun that I’ve had as a druid since I discovered I could use the summoning stone in flight form.

/Use Snowball
/Cast Swift Flight Form

Now, if you don’t have Swift Flight Form, like moi /cry, then the last line would read ‘/Cast Flight Form’. But they’re pretty much the same.

What’s this for? You ask. Why, mid-air druid snowball combat of course!

After pelting another druid with snowballs while we flew our slow feathery butts out to Ramparts and having a good old time of it I’ve come to one conclusion.

I’m going to need a LOT more snowballs.

The conclusion I guess is this: before Tiger’s great macro-creation spree these skills and items were taking up 9 action bar slots. After the macro spree they now take up 4. That’s 5 WHOLE SLOTS freed up! That’s not counting the snowball macro of course, but I’m sure I can find a home for him.

Trinket Use + Skill Macros -> From BBB