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WTB [Peacebloom]x500

I learned three valuable things this weekend.

1. A Feral Druid, a Fire Mage, and a Holy Priest aren’t quite enough to kill General Drakkisath.

2. I really shouldn’t be staying up past 11pm on work nights, srsly.

3. don’t freeze just-piciked broccoli and carrots, they turn soft and nasty-smelling. ick.

Other than that… did I throw anybody off with a post on Saturday? I was so happy to get that quest finished without the need to call in the cavalry that I just knew I had to write a blog about it. Only thing is, with my memory being what it is… or isn’t, in my case, I took a moment out of slaughtering things in Netherstorm to write up the little post about it. 🙂

What you all might be wondering is, why is Tigerfeet attempting to 3-man UBRS and kill General Drakkisath?

Simple, I needed his blood. I am pleased to announce that, after pulling in the aid of my pocket priest and Mr. Tigerfeet, myself, and my charcoal-flavored friend are now fully attuned to go and whoop up on Onyxia.

Funny thing though, my escapades last night tie in quite well with a certain Big Butted Bear Blogger’s musings of the morn.

Tigers Wrath-flavored tidbit!

I’m not going to make long, in-depth posts about the impending expansion. In fact, I’ve managed to avoid blogging about it much at all. So, with the plethora of information already out there I’ll limit my comments to my personal speculations and thoughts.

So, without further ado….

Her empty eye sockets stared unblinkingly as her nerveless fingers pulled yet another wayward Peacebloom from the bosom of the earth. “I really should be killing bears…” the young forsaken mage thought.

“Why am I not killing bears?” Her mind wondered as her body refused to obey her. She ran off in search of more flowery goodness, all the while confused.

That’s right folks, Romainne has been relegated to flower-picker extraordinaire! Why, you ask? Well, I read somewhere that the new Inscription talent will use herbs. Now, I don’t know about your server, but on Hydraxis herbalism is a very lucrative profession, if a bit slow going in the beginning.

I am thinking, however, that with so many level 70s rushing out into Northrend to level, some people re-rolling Death Knights, people just aren’t going to want to take the time to run around farming peacebloom and silverleaf, among other low-level herbs. So I’m attempting to stock up in anticipation of an increased demand once Wrath hits. Of course, if this works, it’ll only give me a small burst of income, but hey, I want to change my shape-shifted skin and the way I see it, I’ll be helping along the new baby inscribers.


Har Har Har you N00B

Oy. *cue exasperated sigh* Have I mentioned before how much I detest that attitude? Really, I don’t think there’s much room for it in an MMO environment, and even less on a PvE server. If you want to act high and mighty there’s plenty of PvP servers out there where you’re perfectly welcome to run around slaughtering those lower level than you.

What brought up this pretty little tangent though? Well, first off, the Secret Agent Cat has a little friend. She falls apart sometimes and needs put back together, but as a mage who lights people on fire… well… let’s just say that burning faces rip much more nicely than faces of the non-burning variety.

So yes, I have an alt. Her name is Romaine, and she’s a mage. I recently hit 20 and finally moved out of depressing undead-land into omg that bear just ripped my arm off land, Hillsbrad. While there I met a level 11 warlock who asked for a duel. Well, ok, why not, I just recently specced back into frost because I was tired of getting my face melted and heard frost mages lived longer.

So we dueled, by the end the health score was 0 (him) to 1/3 (me). He laughs, and proceeds to tell me how awful I am and that he would have beaten me if we’d have been the same level. The only reply I have is a quirked eyebrow and “So?”

Instances like this tend to get me all flustered and defensive. I mean, seriously, I had an obvious previous engagement with that bear over there and I took time out of my leveling repitoir to duel with this schmuck. The least he could do is toss me a gd and leave me be.

I don’t care if you can splat me on the ground and then mop it up with my face. We were level 11 and 20, nobody gets any really awesome moves until much later, so cut me some slack ok? So… to that nameless super-elite rogue, go to a pvp server k? That kind of attitude is expected there.

*Note: I leveled Tigerfeet to 63 on a pvp server before moving her to Hydraxis. I’ve got nothing against PvP servers, they’re frustrating and a whole lot of fun. The daily episodes of World War III that would break out in Stranglethorn around the Nesingwary camp were epic and some of my best memories from that thrice-cursed jungle (note note: the jungle is lots better if you’ve got a hunter along who can track)

Now, back to the world of Tiger-land! I am happy to report that I am ALMOST completely attuned for Onyxia! All that’s left is bathing this trinket in somebody’s blood then it’s on to the great dragon herself. I had a great time yesterday running around with a guildie getting all those quests hammered out.

It took us the better part of a couple of hours, but that was mostly because, while we both needed dragon eyeballs, neither of us posessed the key to get into UBRS. So first there was some scrambling around by me to see where the quests were for what, and then some frustration brought on by a dark screen and NPCs that like to change their name (thus confounding my extensive [track humanoids] search).

I eventually had to resort to a video:

and discovered he’s actually ridiculously easy to find. I just didn’t know there was anything particurlarly interesting at the top of that certain pile of rubble.

So we got the quest and, oh joy of joys! My mage-flavored companion already had 3 of the 4 pieces for the ring! All we needed was to get the ogre boss and then we’d be set!

Just one more little problem… I didn’t know where said ogre boss was, and Atlas was decidedly less than helpful. So, I stealthed and snuck around trying to find where he was. Turns out I wandered into his room a couple of times but dismissed it because he wasn’t immediately visible. /dur. It wasn’t until, in exasperation, I decided we should start from the beginning of the instance and ordered a kamikaze run, that I found him.

My pyrotechnics-inclined friend was very forgiving of my foibles and, with location confirmed, we began our assault. We almost died a couple of times, but it was more from lack of organization than any real lack of skill. Once I began marking targets and set down the two-lacerate rule things went smooth as silk.

So, long story slightly less long, we got the key, farmed our eyeballs… (If you’re doing this with two people it’s easiest just to farm and reset the first room) and then began a long epic world-hopping journey to kill dragons!

Some highlights: I’ve always wanted to play a centaurish character, but after spending some time being transformed into one, I just felt bulky and unweildly.

I also suffered a minor heart attack when I was told to kill a dragon that was guarding the Caverns of Time. Of course, I assumed we’d been asked to take down big and ugly… you know, that level ?? dragon that makes you nervous and wary of your aggro radius every time you pass by him? Instead we only had to kill Chronalis, his smaller and much more manageable brother.

And so, eyes collected, dragons downed, and trinket obtained, my mage buddy and I broke group after a courtesy-port to Shattrath. All-in-all, it was another relaxing weekend!