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In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.

This post WILL contain Edge of Destiny Spoilers. Just sayin’.

I’m not much of a comic book fan.  I also know next to nothing about Green Lantern.  Perhaps that’s why I was the first person to draw a comparison between him and our lovely new Guardian profession.  Apparently, the Lantern can do a heck of a lot more than make auras with his ring, but I didn’t know that when the idea struck me.

Admittedly, I’m quite a bit late to the Guardian discussion.  Maybe yapping about it on Relics took away some of my burning need to tell the world what I thought.  (Isn’t that why we blog in the first place?)  Needless to say, lots of people beat me to the punch.  (Some of you even did it twice!)

I don’t have anything new or interesting to say about weapon choices that hasn’t already been said before, or about armor (It’s going to be plate, duh), but I would like to expostulate on the state of Blue Mace Lady/Lad’s unique mechanic.

Which brings us right around back to that dashing fellow up there.

I’m not going to lie, as I was reading about Logan Traitor Thackeray’s antics, my mind couldn’t help but supply me with imagery, vivid in every lurid detail.  (I’ll give Mr. King that, he’s got a firm grasp on describing action)  My first thought was of Slimer, from the Ghost Busters.

To my mind, Logan was a walking source of ectoplasmic goo.  Extruding it from his extremities at will and painting the air with— y’know what? Let’s stop that line of thinking right there.

Logan’s aura was his thing.  It’s what he did.  His martial skill was good, but it was his aura tricks that really stole the show.  From trip-wires, to protective barriers, to enhanced weaponry, to being able to fly. (Or at least leap tall Destroyers in a single bound.)

My prediction is this: The Guardian’s unique mechanic will center around his manipulation of his aura.  He’ll have some kind of alternate resource, perhaps it will be died in closely with energy, similar to a Warrior’s adrenaline and a Necromancer’s life force.  This he’ll use to spin his spells and constructs.

He’ll make a giant blue pony out of aura to ride away from his friends with and leave them all to DIE.

I mean, where’d that come from?

But yes, auras.  Making stuff from nothing, physical magic.  Isn’t that part of my wish-list for Mesmers?  Why I believe it was!  I’m not interested in playing a Guardian (remember my thing against heavy armor?), but seeing what they can do whets my appetite for the inevitable Mesmer reveal, for certain sure.


Great Minds

UPDATE: This fantastic image was painted by Sentient and first posted to the Guild Wars 2 Guru forum. END UPDATE

Before you get all hot and bothered, this image is fan-made.  It’s very well done, but another artist would be able to tell through slight stylistic differences.

I wish I know who made it, so that I could give mad props.  Needless to say, whoever you are, I agree completely with your conclusions.

The Most Awesomest Evening

You want to know what one of the most depressing things is?  During High School and early College I fancied myself quite the poet, and about my early College experience I wrote: Loneliness is laughter a room away.

It’s quite melodramatic, I know, but my point is there’s nothing quite like knowing other people (especially your friends) are having fun without you to make you feel like crap.  Over the past months a lot of people in Relics have been knocking out vanquishes and racking up points in their Monument Halls.  I’ve very much wanted to come, but our times don’t mesh (at all) and I can’t afford the drop in performance at work that would come with staying up ’till all hours of the night to tear Snake Dance a new rear-end.

My experience was much the same last night.
“Oh hey, we’re going to go do this awesome fun thing.”
me: “Hey cool!”
“Oh, but it’s late, so you can’t come with.”
me: “Boo hoo!”

So I wallowed around for a little while and then remembered that Jim, with The Notorious [PIG], made me a build for my Mesmer that combines everything I like.  I don’t actually like making builds, but if you give me one I’ll tweak and play with it an have a lot of fun.  It’s an Illusionary Weaponry build that brings a pet along for extra fun.  As luck would have it I had (or had easy access to) every skill I needed except for You Move Like A Dwarf.

So I was hanging out in the PIG vent, listening to the tumbleweeds, when Mom logged on.  Now, she’s not my mom, I don’t even know the person whose mom she is, but that’s what everybody in PIG calls her and her phonetic is something like “Don’t make me spank you”.  Pretty intimidating.

But she was nice and said hi and when I told her I was off to hunt the NornBear she was game to come along.

We started out pretty well, then I realized that my fancy pants new IW Pet build didn’t have a pet!  Outside the Eye of the North I cast around for a friendly warm body and saw only polar bears.  I didn’t want a stinky polar bear!  What animals are available in Eye of the North?  Eagles!  I wanted an eagle, nothing else would do.  So we set off for Gunnar’s Hold and I’m keeping a weather eye out for eagles, frequently minimizing Guild Wars accidentally by holding Alt to look for eagles while hitting Tab to target an enemy to attack.  D’oh.  Thankfully Mom was patient with me.

Eventually we find one.  I squeal in glee and run up and start charming it.  My companion pipes up in vent, “Would you like to kill it or should I?”  I’m sure my resultant pule of dismay sounded positively heart-wrenching.  Either way, the eagle was feather-dust, and I still had no pet.  There were apologies all around and promises to stay far back when next I found another feathery target friend.

It wasn’t until we left Gunnar’s Hold that I found another.  I flagged the heroes back,  Mom lurked behind, and I began to charm.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the range of Charm Animal is REALLY FARKING FAR.  Koss decided I needed rescuing and before I could fumble my clumsy cursor to tell him “No!” my second eagle was a red smear on the snow.

Fine, fine fine.  That one was my fault.  I should’ve had my heroes on passive or put them farther away.  Chapter read, lesson learned.  Our third eagle we found soon after entering into Drakar Lake.  I squealed (again) in delight and went to tame him, but then a Wild NornBear appeared!  It used Charging Spirit.  It’s Super Effective!

Wait, what?  We mopped up the NornBear, killed some meddling centaurs, then I flagged my heroes back at the entrance to the zone and Mom joined them.  Then I charmed my eagle just like that and it was all rather anticlimactic.  Over the course of journeying to Sifhalla, defending the place, hooking up with another PIG member, Fend, then hooking up with yet another, Dave, I hemmed and hawed over what to name the thing.

At first I tried Hitchcock.  Because what’s more awesome than a bird named after the father of The Birds?  However, Arenanet wasn’t amused and wouldn’t allow the name on account of dirty words, intended or not.  I settled on naming him David, after Roland of Gilead’s pet bird when he was just a gunslinger in training.  I’ve been reading The Dark Tower.  It was David or Blane, because he was such a pain to get.  Blane is a pain but you have to take the train…..

Funny story though!  Not five minutes after my (now level 7) eagle was christened David, someone (I think it was Fend) asked me if I’d rather have a Jingle Moa instead.  Would I?  WOULD I!  Heck yes I’d like a Jingle Moa!  Where do I dump this stupid eagle?

What can I say, it’s tough being my animal companion.

So I dumped the eagle in a cardboard box at the trainer behind the Eye of the North and picked up a Jingle Moa quick as you please.  He didn’t even try to bite me while I was charming him, how’s that for a match made in heaven?

I wanted to name him Snowball’s Chance, but that’s far more than twelve characters and Snow’s Chance didn’t have the same feeling of the ludicrous.  Ultimately it was one of the PIG folks who christened him (I feel terrible for being incapable of remembering who).  We called him White Meat.  Apparently there’s someone running around with a black moa named Dark Meat.  Seeing as I have a long history of pink pets named Floyd, I felt the name fit perfectly. (I’m sure I’ll eventually get over associating the name ‘white meat’ with Detta Walker’s fowl mouth)

It was about this time, I think, that we lost Mom, but we continued on anyway.  We ran Dave’s character (One of many, apparently in PIG they don’t call someone ‘hardcore’ anymore, they use the term ‘davecore’) up to Sifhalla, defended the town, and then went hunting for NornBear /steaks/.  It was during these escapades that they told me about a quick-as-you-please pet leveling guide on the PIG forums.  They told me it should only take 20-30 minutes.  Perfect!

So eventually they had enough for the night and I had a pet to level anyway, so we said our goodbyes and I trotted off to the PIG forums to find what I needed.  The guide involves bringing three heroes with specific skills.  One of them was Well of Power.  I didn’t have Well of Power, nor did I feel like romping off into the great beyond to capture it.  I know! I’ll buy it with Balthazar faction!

I only had 800 faction points.  @#*$!

I’m not sure what possessed me, thinking that PvP would be a quick and easy way to get some faction.  More often than not, it isn’t.  But Lyssa’s blessing was with me last night and luck walked at my side.  I hopped over to my monk, threw on my Random Arenas build and ran off to kick some ass.

Our first group was lucky.  There was myself, a monk, with another monk, a dervish, and something else.  I say something else because for some reason he was offended by having two monks in his /random/ party and left after we won our first game.  More’s the loss for him.

In our next battle an assassin joined us.  From then on we were unstoppable.

The other monk’s build was very similar to mine, but different enough that we complemented each other quite well.  The dervish and the assassin were wicked damage dealers, able even to take down the monks in the couple two-monk teams we found ourselves faced against.  Most battles were flawless victories, about half saw our opponents giving up immediately.  Some even cursed us.  That one I didn’t understand.  It’s a random group, we weren’t in the same guild, and we definitely weren’t trying to synch.  We just got lucky.  I didn’t let the cursing bother me, however.  After all, we were winning.

One game was particularly entertaining.  One person left off the bat, two we killed easily, and the last, a warrior with Sprint decided to go jogging.  He ran us around the map for the full time of the match.  It was ridiculous, but not infuriating.  My team took it pretty well and we laughed it off easily.

The groups we had the most troubles with featured mesmers, most often more than one.  The other monk and I began coordinating our casts of Spotless Mind and after a few instances of simultaneous pinging (which always made me laugh) we found our groove and powered through.

I’m sure we could have kept on winning all night, but Random Arena consecutive victories cap out at 25 and as soon as we won our 25th match there was much back-thumping and congratulations all around.  Once back in Balthy’s place I checked my Faction.  I had over 6,000, plenty enough to purchase Well of Power.

As my husband hustled me off to bed (I was 30 minutes past my bed-time) I shared a variation of a popular Chuck Norris joke on twitter:

Two monks, an assassin, and a dervish walk into Random Arenas….. There were no survivors.

You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

Hunter posted his speculations about the next profession to be released. Well, I had to reply in kind. I’ll do so in particular SAC fashion, however, with a picture:

The ante, I had to up it. 😉

(I wrote this post before I read most of Hunter’s post, so if there’s overlap it’s just Great Minds thinking alike –oh sure Tiger, alienate everyone with your –awesomeness narcissistic prognosticating– Enough talking to yourself)

Here’s my long (and short) range predictions, in the order which I think they will be released.

• First: The Assassin. He may not be called Assassin, but he will serve the same purpose. He will be a fast mid-range to melee fighter using primarily physical damage (as opposed to magic) that wears medium-weight armor. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was even called something other than Assassin. I also think that this could be Ember Doomforge’s Profession. Pistol + Sword + Ash Legion = Assassin to me.

• Second: The Mesmer. Like the Assassin, I believe the Mesmer could get a re-name. Or it could not, I’m not taking an official position on that one. As for the Mesmer’s mechanics, I’m much less willing to speculate. She could be a heavy drainer, though the Necromancer does that quite well already, but so does the Warrior so there’s no telling. I do think she’ll be using illusions, but weather those are a pet-like Conjured Phantasm or even more temporary remains to be seen. If there are illusions though I’m fairly certain that they’ll be visible.

• Third & Fourth: New Adventurer and New Soldier. These two are probably going to be something we’ve never seen before. I’m expecting some sort of Cleric or magical melee from the Soldier. Many are calling the Adventurer a gunner. I’ve said before that I’m not fond of the gunner theory (even if I was wrong about which one was the ranger). What I hope for in the Adventurer is some kind of swashbuckler. Firstly because it’s not a gunner, secondly because I like pirates, and thirdly because Swashbuckler + Assassin = all kinds of pirate vs ninja hilarity. I have no comment to make on which will be released first.

As for the pattern of release, I did see a pattern, but it was more complicated than I was given credit for. The pattern I saw was not: Scholar -> Soldier -> Adventurer -> repeat. It is Scholar -> Soldier -> Adventurer -> Scholar -> Adventurer…. and then maybe Soldier -> Adventurer. But I’m not calling any hard and fasts here. I do think that an Adventurer will be next (and I was correct about the Scholar) so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hunter mentioned that the 29th of September could be a possible release day for a new profession. I’m hoping so, not because it’s sooner than October 6th, but because that is Mr. Tigerfeet’s birthday and I think it would be cute.

So what do you, gentle readers, think of my wild accusations contemplative speculation?

Mesmerise Me, Oh Dealer in Death

There’s a storm of speculation raging around the embryonic ideas of the Mesmer and Necromancer. In Guild Wars Classic (GWC), the two covered much of the same ground, namely curses and hexes. The mesmer was unique in her manipulation of the mind and her illusionary ways while the necromancer instead chose to command control over the dead while dealing in even more nefarious forms of magic like curses.

It’s the curses and hexes that bring mesmer and necromancer aficionados to blows. A hex is, unsurprisingly, a hex spell, but so too is a curse. The question becomes then: How can the mesmer and the necromancer become unique enough to legitimize their existence in the more profession-diverse world of Guild Wars 2?

Will hexes become the sole purview of the sinister necromancer? What would be left for the mesmer? Without hexes mesmers are left with fast casting and interrupts. A generous person would give them illusions as well and disregard the fact that a mesmer’s illusions are, in fact, a form of hex spell.

Or, will hexes be commanded primarily by mesmers? Necromancers would be left with dominion over the dead. Disease no longer exists in GW2 (maybe the monks committed mass suicide to rid the world of disease?) so perhaps in lieu of diseases a necromancer could draw on poisons. Of course, that could be stepping on the toes of the theoretical assassin.

When I think of hexes I think of the Pennsylvania Dutch. I don’t live in Pennsylvania (I live in the Midwest) but there are many immigrants of germanic origin in the area I grew up and learning these signs was part of my early education.

Most people, when they think of the word ‘hex’ will think of a witch’s spell to cause harm. When I think of ‘hex’ I do think of harm, but I also see the possibility for blessing. Hex signs like the ones on the right are blessings (click through to a link to a page about the meanings of the different symbols).

It’s this dual meaning that leads me to believe that hexes could still exist in a grey area. I think most people will agree that every profession will be able to have some positive effect on a group beyond providing damage and revival. An elementalist can heal with water spells, a warrior and ranger both can deflect projectiles and protect party members. It would be easy for me to say that a necromancer’s hexes will be degenerative in nature while a mesmer might make use of their more positive aspects but I’m just not certain that will be true.

At the core of the necromancer is his affinity, nay, obsession with death. He has looked into the maw of the great beyond and has not flinched. He knows how to reach his hands into the cold well of the dead and draw forth unlife. Through his intimate knowledge of the dead he is made more capable of inflicting pain and suffering on the living.

The mesmer walks a different path. Hers is the road of deception and guile. She is aloof, unwilling to sully her hands with the dirty work but no less dangerous for it. She will make you question your own motives, stumble where once you walked with confidence, and quaver where once you were sure. She will not harm you, but instead will lead you to destroy yourself from within.

In GWC we saw the first use of illusions. It is my hope that ArenaNet will expand upon this in GW2. Instead of an illusion being nothing more than a baelful-looking icon in the corner of our screens I would like to instead see the conjured phantasm that is plaguing me. It is my hope that an illusion can be seen only by the mesmer who casts it and her intended victim. If everyone can see the conjured phantasm then it is no different in practice than a necromancer’s undead minions. But if it is real to no one but the mesmer and her victim then she has succeeded in sowing doubt and chaos.

Illusions versus undead minions. Hexes, either to curse or to bless. The necromancer and the mesmer have nearly unlimited potential. Aesthetically and culturally they are very different, though functionally they can be very much the same. Will they be wedded even more closely in the future, or will they choose paths different enough from each other that they can both exist and thrive in Guild Wars 2?

Only time will tell.