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In Which Tiger Proves She Knows What She’s Talking About

I finally got to put all my hard brain-work to the test.

On Sunday I participated in a 5-hour mega-raid that spanned the entirety of Naxxramas, the Eye of Eternity, and wrapped up with the Obsidian Sanctum (1D).

First of all, raiding for five hours is rough. Second of all cats can DPS. Like mad we can DPS (4k worth of dps if you were curious). Third of all, with the new Shred glyph, our rotation has a lot more wiggle-room.

But yes, the entire five runs I got to run around in my pure, unadulterated kitty-ish glory. I also realised that I doubt I could lead raids from a DPSing role. Whilst DPSing my attention was focused intently on my timers and my own position (I’m notoriously poor at getting out of whirlwinds), leaving little to no attention to spare for the actual raid.

It was a very good thing that I wasn’t leading at this point, so it wasn’t an issue.

Back to the ‘rotation’. With the refreshing on Rip (and the longer Rip through another glyph) I found myself with extra combo points to burn. Burn on what? Ferocious Bite of course!

In the past I would probably be able to FB once every other boss or so. I just wouldn’t ever usually find myself in that perfect zone where Savage Roar had enough time, Rip had been recently refreshed, I had five Combo Points, and Tiger’s Fury was off (or nearly) Cool-Down. Now however with the extra super awesome long Rip I’ve found myself in that situation two, three, sometimes four times during a single boss encounter!

With practice I think I could do even better.

Haste, is AWESOME now. The very first thing I noticed when I started to dps was now I have flashing paws of kitty fury! Pa-pa-pa-POW!



Lots and lots of fun!

As it’s Monday, I’ll leave you with a little Moosik. 😉 Rolled up just for me, to you, from Pandora. The Killers, All The Things I’ve Done. (Maer, you should enjoy this)


Monday Moooosik

And Pandora makes a come-back! Here’s the first three songs that rolled up for me this morning, my rating, and my thoughts.

  1. Re-Align by Godsmack – Unrated until this morning, given a Thumbs Up – I’ve been a Godsmack fan for a while now. I’ve used the ‘add variety’ button twice on this playlist, I suspect this is a result of my first added variety, the band Loudermilk.
  2. Awaken by Disturbed – Unrated, stayed Unrated – I skipped this. I do like Disturbed, but when their ten-thousand fists CD came out I listened to that non-stop for a month or two. All their stuff tends to blur together for me now so Disturbed is a once in a while type thing, and I wasn’t in the mood for it this morning.
  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica – Unrated, given thumbs down – Bleh. I don’t have anything against Metallica, I just wasn’t in the mood for it this morning, maybe with a thumbs down Pandora will get the hint. Plus, the version that rolled up was a live version and I hate listening to live versions (unless I’m there of course)

That’s it for the first installement of Monday Moooosik. As for WoW-related activities, well… There’s only three bosses standing between me and The Undying. We’re finishing up Naxx-10 tonight, so wish us luck!

Last time we were shooting for Undying, when we got to KT I got iceblocked while tanking the two adds. We were also 8-manning it and some of us had forgotten to remove our frost resist. Hopefully this time, packing an extra DPS and one more Healer we’ll be able to set up enough redundencies that we can take out insurance against something unfortunate like that happening again.

Other than those two we still have the 4-Horsemen to take care of. When we did them with 8 people we survived with nobody dying, but our healing shadow priests assured us that it was a very close thing indeed. Once again, we need to do our best to set up redundencies in case someone DCs or gets an unfortunate lag spike.

When we decided to call Naxx last night we went and took care of Gotta Go When the Volcano Blows for 4 people, myself included. I’ll tell you what, when there’s only two* DPS on Sartharion he takes a LONG ass time to kill. First try we got him to about 10% before one of our tanks bit the big one. The second try it was about 5 percent and the last tank was able to hang on until he died.

The healers assure me it was an epic battle. I wouldn’t really know, I was lying on the ground in a pile with three other naked bodies.

Needless to say, they did an AMAZING job. Now I need to make sure to grab my Frost Resist belt from the bank before hitting Naxx again tonight and we’ll be good to go!

*Edited because I can’t count, see comments if you want to lol @ me.

Because Apparently Pandora is Racist

I forgot that you can’t join in the fun unless you’re connecting from the States. Well BOO! So, by way of apology, here’s the first ten songs (UN-CENSORED! So you still might find that holey undeywarez) that rolled up on Pandora for me this morning, complete with youtube links so you can listen in. I’ll also note what I’ve rated each song, along with a little blurb.

  1. Hiding Knives by Junius – Thunb’s Up – I’ve never heard of this song or this band until I started listening to Pandora.
  2. Champagne from a Paper Cup by Deathcab for Cutie – Thumb’s Up, but I hit the skip button this morning – The slow plodding beat was bringin’ me down so, moovin’ on. I remember listening to Deathcab for Cutie a few years ago, but this particular song is new.
  3. Lakes by Cities – Thumb’s Up – I couldn’t find this on Youtube 😦 It wasn’t a very remarkable song, I think I’m skipping it this morning.
  4. Ode to the Sun by Dredg – Thumb’s Definitely Up – I really like this song, it’s another new one through Pandora. I don’t like the live version all that much, but that’s all I could find 😦
  5. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve – Thumb’s Up – Here’s some of that old undiepants I was talking about. I like the song… and I was listening to it when it came out. It was during the 90’s that I first started becoming aware of the world around me. There’s a number of songs that reflect that.
  6. In My Place by Coldplay – Thumb’s Up – Mmmmm, Brit Pop. I thought I hated pop, I guess not. Not one of my very most favorites but it’s pleasant to listen through. Another new one through Pandora.
  7. Wherever You Will Go by The Calling – Unrated, then I gave it a Thumb’s Up – This one sounds vaguely familiar, but I hadn’t encountered it on Pandora until just this morning!
  8. Wonderwall by Oasis – Thumbs Up – This song is new-ish to me, but not through Pandora. It’s one of my favorites though.
  9. The Clincher by Chevelle – Thumbs Up – A bit jarring after that smooth dose of Oasis, but my tastes in music are quite varied and I’ve made frequent use of Pandora’s ‘Add Variety’ feature 😀
  10. April Fools and The Eggmen by Fair to Midland – Thumbs WAY Up! – Boy do you all have a treat for #10! This is my new favorite song, seriously. I’ve completely fallen in love with Fair to Midland ever since I heard their hit single ‘Dance of the Manatee’ on the radio. I dug forever to find a decent recording of them on Youtube, but I could only find live performances of this song 😦 For a better idea of how they sound see their Dance of the Manatee video.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this dip into some of the things I’m listening to, it doesn’t really begin to scratch the surface though. Maybe I could choose 3 songs from Pandora a week and make this a weekly feature 🙂

I do so love music!

Stay On Target…


Did we have fun? I had fun. Nice breather. It feels good to give yourself permission to be depressed and self-centered once in a while, to realise that you don’t really have to put on a happy face when really all you want to do is whine and moan about how unfair the world is.

I did some raiding, some instancing, quite a lot of driving around, entered into a new business contract, got some info about farming internships and I’ve been nurturing my Pandora account.

What’s Pandora?

Just the most awesome-fun-time-free-LEGAL music player online! I’ve gotten a bit bored with the music I have and I wanted to branch out some more and the local radio stations only offered more rock (of which I was already getting tired of) and country (there’s only so many times I can listen to old-timey yodeling about how your truck broke down and your girl left with your best friend before I want to punch you in the face…)

So I found Pandora.

Here’s how it works. You plug in a song or an artist. Then you start getting musical jewels offered up to you for your perusal. I imagine the engine as housing some kind of small gremlin whose sole purpose is to pour over thousands and thousands of songs, searching diligently for that one small jewel that will make me quiver with ecstasy.

You can give any particular song offered up a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’ depending on your preference. If it plays something you DON’T like, well, it will apologise and offer something it hopes is better.

Like any good personal music gremlin-butler should.

Eventually songs will start repeating themselves and might get a bit banal, but you can simply tell it to not play a certain song for a month, thereby quashing any danger of mindless repitition.

Ohhhh, come now, did you think I’d tell you about this and NOT post a link to the playlist I built?

Silly you.

I’m a bit nervous abut sharing it actually. The songs that will play are completely random, not all of them have been approved by moi, and it kind of feels like I’m standing in front of you all completely naked. Sharing a Pandora list isn’t like saying “I’m listening to this this and THIS”, it’s more like offering up a haystack of things and letting you root through my junk drawer. You might find my diary full of my most brilliant writing or you might come upon some un-folded underwear

with holes.

So, enjoy, and I urge you to try assembling your own Pandora ‘playlist’.

If you do, I would like to see! er… listen, that is.

PS – the title of this post didn’t really have anything to do with its actual content, d’oh.