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Yeah Irony, I HATE YOU TOO!!!1!ONE!

You know it’s going to be one of those days when you start waking up, your husband bounds into the bedroom, sics the cats on you, and drops a kernel of information that makes you bolt upright and scream “FUCK!”

In case you didn’t know, I spent ALL WEEKEND assembling a Stamina/Fire Resist set.

It’s useless now btw. With the feral changes I won’t be able to tank Sartharion, now my optimum job will be wrangling lava blazes. Whelps? Forget it, that job is still best suited to a Pally or DK (in that order)

We tried.

We tried so hard.

The dragon still lives, and the failure tastes so, so bitter.


Leatherworking & Fire-Retardant Fur

So, this weekend I finally took the plunge. With our fearless leader (and dedicated Sarth tank) suffering a massive case of burn-out, someone has to step up to the plate and stare that dragon right in the eye.

Those eyes that are just beyond the long spikey snout filled with sharp jaggey teeth from which spews a VERY painful gout of flame.

Ya know what?

Fur is flammable.

But thanks to Kalon, bears have a resource to consult to help make flaming fur nothing more than a bad dream.

I finally took the time to get my feral goodies in order and construct an actual Stamina/Fire Resist set. It looks very goofy, but I’ll be damned if I’m not rocking 39.7k health unbuffed.

The majority of my weekend was actually spent knocking out quests in Icecrown. See, I needed the Pattern: Fur Lining – Fire Resist, and my drug dealer potion person needed the Recipe: Mighty Fire-Protection Potion. (That I would use in conjucntion with a Nightmare Seed to stay alive) I found that, conveniently, they both dropped from the same mob.

So, priest-man and I grouped up to go out together and farm for this shiz. I was dismayed by the miniscule drop rate listed on WoWHead and had prepared myself to withstand gruelling hours killing mobs over and over, spamming swipe until my face fell off.

We got to the same place and can you guess what we found? Phasing had come and whapped us upside the head. He had completed all of Icecrown. I had barely touched it. That’s right, we couldn’t farm together. So, he bid me adieu and I set out to grinding through (almost) all of Icecrown’s quests. I’m pretty sure that I did over 50 this weekend (and netted myself at least 2k gold in the process)

Now that THAT was out of the way, by this time it was getting late on Sunday and we hunkered down to start farming. Click through and read some of the comments about those Skeletal Runesmiths. The vendor trash was removed, they were only dropping money. What about my pattern? What about the recipe? Were they also removed? None of the comments indicated this, nothing I could find anywhere could tell me one way or another.

So we farmed without knowing if our efforts would ever bear fruit.

Then, about thirty minutes after we’d started a blip of blue popped up in a roll box. It was my fur lining pattern! Hooray hooray oh happy day! I eagerly slammed down a NEED roll and then trained that sucker straight away.

We farmed for maybe 20 minutes more when priest-man called a halt. He’d dug through his alchemy tab and discovered that, whoops, he already had the Mighty Fire Protection Potion. Well, no harm no foul. I had everything I needed!

As of this week, I am ready to tackle that dragon!

Yes, The Wall And My Head Have Long Been Good Friends

And still, familiarity breeds contempt.

Let’s look at some of the points that have been sticking in my craw.

Upon release of The Burning Crusade, once level 70 had been achieved, raiders were presented with:

  • Karazhan : Tier 4, 10-man raid, 9.5 bosses, 2 events, Plenty of interesting trash (CC & tactics required), Located in the Old World
  • Gruul’s Lair : Tier 4, 25-man raid, 2 bosses, Minimal interesting trash (tactics required), Located in Outland
  • Magtheridon’s Lair : Tier 4, 25-man raid, 1 boss, Minimal trash (not much tactics or CC required), Located in Outland
  • Serpentshrine Cavern : Tier 5, 25-man raid, 6 bosses, Robust trash requiring both CC and tactics, Located in Outland
  • Tempest Keep : Tier 5, 25-man raid, 4 bosses, Moderate trash with CC and tactics required, Located in Outland

Totals for raid content on BC release:

  • Number of Raid Instances: 5
  • Number of Tiers: 2
  • Number of Bosses: 24 (9 ‘pure’ bosses in kara, spider & chess=1 boss, opera=1 boss)
  • Difficulty (interest & quantity) of trash: Moderate-high (Highs and lows in each instance)
  • Location appeal: All but one located in Outland, Karazhan being in Old World was a nice touch.

Now, let’s take a look at the Wrath release. Hard modes with different loot will be treated as additional bosses. Because of the extra work for balancing, 10-man raid bosses will count as 1/2 of a boss and will not count as a full extra boss because no new artwork (models, textures, animations, scenery) needed to be created.

  • Naxxramas : Tier 7, 10 & 25-man raid, 15 bosses in 25-man, 5.5 bosses in 10-man, Robust trash but no CC or tactics required, Located in Northrend
  • Obsidian Sanctum : Tier 7, 10 & 25-man raid, 4 bosses in 25-man, 2 bosses in 10-man, Minimal trash with no CC or tactics required, Located in Northrend
  • Eye of Eternity : No Tier, 10 & 25-man raid, 1 boss in 25-man, .5 boss in 10-man, No trash, Located in Northrend
  • Vault of Archavon : Tier 7, 10 & 25-man raid, 1 boss in 25-man, .5 boss in 10-man, Minimal trash with no CC or tactics required, Located in Northrend

Totals for raid content on Wrath Release

  • Number of Raid Instances: 4
  • Number of Tiers: 1
  • Number of Bosses: 28.5
  • Difficulty (Interest & quantity) of trash: Low (Lots of trash in Naxxramas, but no CC or tactics required)
  • Location Appeal: All instances located in Northrend

Now, I realise that a number of my points are personal preference. For example, I believe that being forced to go back to the old world to get to raid content is a good thing. I enjoy connections throughout the world, tying everything together. I also enjoy trash that requires a brain to get through instead of the chain-pull AoE-fest that we are ‘enjoying’ in Naxxramas.

If I were to be as strict on the numbers as I would like (counting 10 and 25-man versions of bosses as one and the same) Wrath would find itself severely lacking in the number of baddies to kill.

But, just looking at the numbers, content proffered in the two expansions upon release seems to be relatively equivalent.

Why then, does it not feel that way?

First, in Wrath, we only have one tier of gear to look forward to, and it’s possible to get almost every single piece from one instance. This is either a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about it. I’ll get to why I think it’s a bad thing a little later.

Secondly is the trash. Upon the release of 3.0, Crowd-Control died. It was no longer needed. Part of this was from Blizzard’s new paradigm shift of ‘bring the player not the class’ (25-man Razouvious and Faerlina are stark exceptions), and part of it was a conscious effort to make Naxxramas an introductory raid to help newbies get their feet wet.

Those are the reasons, but I don’t accept them as excuses.

For example. The trash in Gruul’s Lair; the entire raid had to stack on the back of some mobs there or they would get charged and wipe the raid. In the Arachnid quarter there are spiders that charge, but this is no more than an annoyance. Nobody dies, and the AoE continues.

If these big spiders hit harder when they charged, requiring that they be sheeped, or rooted (druids can do that indoors now, not that they need to) would help add interest and challenge. It would make the 20-minute achievement more difficult too. If you needed a raid that was geared enough to survive charging spiders so that DPS could be cranked through the roof in order to get through quickly, wouldn’t that make it more worthwhile?

So, back to the numbers

Wrath has more bosses, one less instance. I’m going to tell you that my issue is with variety.

But Tiger! There’s only one less instance! There’s plenty of variety!

NO, there ISN’T.

The vast majority of raiding content in Wrath is in Naxxramas. OS, EoE, and VoA are presented in similar manner to Magtheridon’s Lair and, to a lesser extent Gruul’s (Gruul’s had 2 bosses, remember). Here is your boss, kill him, loot, win.

Imagine, if you will, that BC had just dropped and only contained Karazhan, Gruul’s and Magtheridon’s Lair, and that’s it.

Hmmm, ok, in typical Tiger fashion I’ve realised that that is pretty much what just happened, and it’s not really a bad thing. The problem I’m seeing is that Ulduar will only make this problem worse! Icecrown will then be the icing on the cake that is my dissapointment with Wrath raiding.

All for want of variety.

I made a comment in Vent last night that seemed to be very well-recieved by my guild: I don’t mind banging my head against a wall, I just wish I could bang it on a different wall for a while.

Back in BC, once you progressed beyond Tier 4, if you found yourself getting roflstomped by content you could go and do the other tier of that content. Al’Ar mopping the floor with your face? Go tackle Hydross instead. Leotheras put the bliders on you? Take your tanks and go tackle Void Reaver.

I’ve said before we’re working on Sarth 3D. Our biggest problem is that, after an hour or two of wipes, when we’re getting frustrated and discouraged, there’s nothing else for us to go work on.

But Tiger, Ulduar will have more hard modes! More variety!

How many of those bosses will you need to kill to get to ther bosses? If one boss’s hard mode eludes you, will you have the option to go work on another and come back, or will that chance be lost to you for a whole week?

I think that is a fatal flaw in what appears to be Blizzard’s single-instance tier paradigm. The ability to go bang your head against a different wall is missing.

And that’s why I’m frustrated.

PS – WTB Pally & DK tanks.

No, really, come say hi, please.

Your Twilight, It Torments Me

Vampires not included.

NOW. *deep breath*

I see a lot of blog posts talking about Sarth 3D, about how difficult it was and how so much time was spent on the encounter, how the guild really had to pull together to accomplish it.

I’ve no doubt all this is true. What is lacking, however, is talk of the road to victory. Perhaps <Unemployed> is a bit on the slow side, but we’re still working on it, and I’d like to share a little bit of our journey with you.

We’ve finally gotten to the point, when working on Sartharion with three Drakes, that we’ve stopped loosing people early on to stupid crap like fissures and flame walls. Our DPS are staying alive, our Healers are staying alive and, by proxy, our tanks are staying alive and drakes are dying.

Now we can finally start to troubleshoot the actual encounter.

Thus we have discovered what a bitch Twilight Torment can really be.

Now, I’m not certain -exactly- what our particular problem is, but I can appreciate some of the challenges. Tenebron is dying at a good pace (finally). He’s down to 10-15% by the time Shadron lands and that’s without a bloodlust. With bloodlust we were able to kill him 2-3 seconds before Shadron activated.

The issue now is getting Shadron dead enough that DPS don’t kill themselves trying to get him down the rest of the way so they can pop into the portal and nix the acolytes.

It’s got to be rough to be DPS during that phase. Here you are, needing to push everything you can to get the drake down, yet the more you push the more you kill yourself. Can you afford that next shot? Will a healer get to you in time? Will your DoTs be the end of you?

I daren’t even think of the burden on the healers.

Needless to say, we’re not Twilight Vanquishers yet, but we definitely made progress. Finall we can start working on the meat of the matter instead of just repeating “Stop standing in the fire”.

At least, that’s as long as we don’t get unannounced AFKs. But that’s a subject for another time. *grumble*

Fun Fact – I can survive standing in a void zone. I know because I did it last night, 3 times…


This Headache Goes By Three Names

And they are Tenebron, Shadron, and Vesperon.

Seriously, my head is freaking THROBBING.

No, I won’t shut up about it.

But I will give you two macros I started using last night to make up for my excessive whining.

/tar Shad
/cast Growl
/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/tar Teneb


/tar Vesp
/cast Growl
/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/tar Shad

EDIT: Kal over at Think Tank pushed his ‘easy button’ for me and condensed my two macros into one, improved version is down below.

/tar Shad
/tar Vesp
/cast Growl
/cast Faerie Fire (feral)
/tar Shad
/tar Teneb

I also want to note that if you have any raiders with you whose names start with Shad, Vesp, or Teneb, you might want to write out the dragons’ full names (Shadron, Vesperon, Tenebron) The last thing anybody needs is you targeting and /growling at the mage named Vesparyn while the big purple dragon is flapping around breathing on everyone.

The first is to be used when you are tanking Tenebron and Shadron is landing. Growl is cast first because it has no affect if the mob is already attacking you. Faerie Fire is cast second because it gives at least a tiny threat boost.

The second macro is for use once Tenebron is down, you are tanking Shadron, and Vesperon is landing. Same deal.

I just realised that thanks to the Global Cooldown Growl and FF cannot be cast simultaneously. So, I guess spamming this button will cast them in quick sucession as the GCD allows.

Maybe Growl should come second then.

Previously I had depended on swipe to piss off the drake enough that he would stick to me. About halfway through our attempts last night I started having problems with this, so I made that macro.

It helped, but then I started loosing aggro anyway. It was probably just really late and people were tired and not watching their threat as much as they should be, or I wasn’t generating as much as I should have been.

I don’t know,

but god my head hurts.


Ferlol Progress Report

Sartharion with three dragons still eludes us. We spent all night on it, even re-cleared trash.

Only 3 times did I eat a flame wall, never did I eat a void zone (though on our best attempt I was targeted with them very often) and only once did I die because swipe is so powerful (I picked up a few whelps from bell, d’oh)

Every other attempt I was alive until a wipe was called for.

By the time all was said and done and we finished up with 2D I was so tired and frazzled that I forgot to roll on my DPS Best-In-Slot pants.


I have a headache.

Additionally, I’m taking next week off from raiding to work on a resume and my portfolio. I don’t expect I’ll have much to talk about, so there’ll be about a week-long break in blogging too.

It kills me though that we didn’t get 3D down this week. I won’t be there for my guild next week. On the one hand I hope they can do without me and triumph over those damn dragons, but on the other I really want to be there for that first kill.

It’s important to remember though, that life comes first, and my current job sucks. WTB more drawing and less typing, pst.