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I Wiped The Raid!

Rhymes with ‘Audioslave’ doesn’t it? Same number of syllables too…

Can you see where I’m going with this? That’s right! Another parody song!

This time I picked the song before I picked the subject matter, if I sing any of the songs I’ve ‘written’ then it’ll be this one. I’m not sure what his range is, but it’s EXACTLY in my range and I have SO much fun screaming at my steering wheel whenever ‘Like A Stone’ comes on the radio well… I just couldn’t resist.

Since <Unemployed> is planning on doing a WoW-themed Karaoke thinger on the Vegas raid this winter, and my supposed attendance is tenuous at best, I’m trying to write up songs and maybe record some to share here and on the forums. If I can’t be there in body I’ll be there in spirit dammit!

So, without furthar ado, by my new ‘band’ I Wiped The Raid, here is, Like A Noob.

On a Sunwell afternoon
on a floor full of bodies
to the raid lead I confess
I was so sadly A F K
then the raid, full of death
screaming I should now begone
and if they’re smart, they’ll kick me out
and I will wander all alone

In your raid I long to be
Boss by boss newbishly
I’ll wait for you here
like a noob, I’ll wait for a spot

Then in Hyjal I would go
and tanking all the trash mobs
like an expert and everyone
said hey you’re doin a great job
Then the boss came to us
and cast upon us death and decay
and still I stood
and then I died
and soon the raid was screaming

In your raid I long to be
boss by boss newbishly
I’ll wait for you here
like a noob, I’ll wait for a spot

and on I fought
until the raid was called
and I sat in regret
of all the wipes I’d caused
and all deaths were quick
and all sheep were broken
and finding myself kicked
I will wander on

In your raid I long to be
boss by boss newbishly
I’ll wait for you here
like a noob, I’ll wait for a spot

oh, and for those who would like to sing along with music in the background (granted, crappy electronics, not the kick-ass guitars of Audioslave) here’s the youtube karaoke thinger of it:


Woe Is The Aggro Magnet

Frigus the fragile clothie
Had some really high aggro.
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it blows.

All of the other raiders
Used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Frigus
Join in any raiding games.

Then one crappy raiding night
Pilsner came to say,
‘Frigus with your spells so bright
Won’t you join my raid tonight?’

Then all the pallies buffed him
And they shouted out with glee
‘Frigus the fragile clothie
Now you will stay aggro free!’

Huge thanks to Barlo, Frigus, Vivyana, and Teiya for sticking with me through what must be the most painful and wipe-filled run of Heroic Arcatraz in the entire history of the World of Warcraft. I’m happy to report that Millhouse was saved, end boss-man downed on our first try (it was late and we had to put our game faces on) and I’m now ready to kill Magtheridon for my ‘Champion of the Naaru’ title.

So come on <Unemployed>! Let’s go raid somethin’! I’d rather raid with you then play Warhammer by myself… /sniff.

P.S. Frigus has requested I sing this so he can make it a ringtone on his phone. I just may oblidge him. Anybody have any recommendations for FREE sound recording software? Some editing options are required. I’m familiar with Soundforge and Acid if that’s any help.

P.S.S. I’m Moyra on the Azazel server, Order side, come say hi! (proper spelling for Moira was taken /shakefist)