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PeltWatch 2.0

Since the ArenaNet Community Open House a whole bunch of juicy little tidbits have been percolating through the collective conscious of the Guild Wars 2 community.  It wasn’t until just today that a super sneak peek of the charr physical customization came to my attention.

Namely, this image:

Thanks bunches to Overlord from Guild Wars 2 Guru for pointing it out to me!

Of course, how could I not go squee over, not just some character customization, but a TIGER on screen!  Give me a moment here people….

I haz a happy

Okay, now, without further ado, I present to you: PeltWatch 2.0!

Some notes on my method:

  • All colors are my best guess as an approximation.
  • Color names are my own.
  • Colors were picked directly from the color selections available in the screenshot.
  • First the charr was cut out and then converted to greyscale.
  • Colors were then put on a layer above the greyscale version and set to either color, overlay, or multiply blending modes.
  • Almost all colors were tweaked after eyedropping the base color to get a match as close to the swatch as possible.

In Which I QQ About Pew Pew

I have no doubts that the silhouette on the far left is a charr with a gun. I have no doubts that he is an adventurer class. He is NOT a gunner. There is no gunner, there isn’t going to be a gunner. (I might have to eat crow on this but until then…)

The term ‘gunner’ implies a specialist in the use of guns. It’s a very restrictive term. Please allow me to teach by example.

The Ranger is not a Bowyer. He is not solely an expert in all things bows, he is much more well-rounded than that. He is also more than an expert in all things ranged. He is called ranger because he ranges far and wide, exploring the wild, understanding it, living with it. Communion with nature is the Ranger’s thing, not bows, not pew pew, not hurling axes at Ogre groins. (as awesome as that last one may be)

By the same token calling the class that uses guns a gunner is woefully short-sighted and restrictive. I give ArenaNet more credit than that.

As for this:

She’s got a scope on that rifle and is wearing leather armor (It could even be cloth!). That doesn’t mean anything. Who’s to say she’s not an assassin?

Assassin does not equal daggers. Assassin equals assassinations. Daggers in the back, yes, but also poison in your soup, sabotaged vehicles, concealed explosives, and shootings from the grassy knoll.

A gun with a scope speaks more strongly towards an Assassin than it does to any gun-toting lunatic whose only claim to uniqueness is running off half-cocked. (That’s the image that comes to my mind when I see the title ‘Gunner’)

For the record, I’m excited about the addition of guns to Tyria, but there’s little that gets under my skin as much as this insistence that there will be a class devoted to them. Whenever I talk about Assassins I make sure to predicate it with a description. For some people Assassin=WoW Rogue with stun-lock, for some it’s a shadow-formed unstoppable crit-machine, for me it’s a fast mid-to-close range physical damage dealer, possible poisons specialist, and possible sniper.

Using such a restrictive term as ‘gunner’ isn’t fair to Arenanet and it isn’t fair to whatever that ‘class that uses guns but will obviously have some special, unique, and awesome mechanic BEYOND GUNS’ ends up being. ‘Gunner’ to me sounds like nothing more than a gimmick. It’s a “Hey, we have guns now, look at this class it shows you we have guns!”

Please. The Warrior can use a rifle, I get it, there’s guns.

To be perfectly fair, I’m not sold on calling the second soldier a Cleric either. Cleric implies strong buffing and healing. That’s BORING. Magic-weilding Melee is much more broad and interesting.

For the sake of expedience, in the sense that a ranger, as opposed to being all about ranged, is a lover of nature, I’m willing to split the difference with you gunner folks and say the third Adventurer could be a type of engineer, in the sense that he is concerned with all things technological. That opens up the door for steampunk industry and even asura-esque magic-technological mayhem. There’s that predicated description again though. Seems I can’t quite help myself.

I’m also a fan of ‘Swashbuckler’ or ‘Buckaneer’.

So that I don’t end this on a completely sour note, frothing at the poor commenter who inadvertently set off this firestorm (you’re awesome Remedy, don’t let me tell you you’re not, I’m glad you’re here!), what should we call the asuran aesthetic?

The charr we can safely call steampunk, and even further narrow it down by calling it industrial-punk. I’m tempted to label the asura with cyber-punk, but they’re not dealing with circuit boards. What about arcane-punk? Magic-punk sounds too hokey to me.

Pipe Dreams

I’m sure most everyone has heard the rampant speculation about the Worgen and Goblin masks that the fine folks over at MMO Champion were able to uncover.

Everyone has their own pet theory. I believe the most popular one being that Alliance will get Worgen and Horde will get Goblins. This makes sense when you try to think of ‘balance’. Long have the horde gnashed their teeth as they attempted to target those squirrely-tiny gnomes. In the same token alliance have glared at the gigantic tauren who, astride their great kodo take up more than their half of the road.

Large Worgen for the Alliance, and small Goblins for the Horde would fix this long-standing issue quite nicely.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I have my own pet theory and, like any other pet theory author, thinks it’s the best. I think it’s good because it’s sound, but I think it’s the best because I really, really really really want it to be true.

My hypothesis prediction hope is that the Worgen and the Goblins will be WoW’s first-ever cross-faction races.

It’s being hypothesized right now that the Worgen will be calling Gilneas their home. (You know, that place south of the Greymane wall that you always banged your head against and swam all around the entire penninsula because you were just burning up with curiosity to know what was in there?) Goblins, it is said, will call some of the central sea’s Islands home. Not nearly as exciting or mysterious as Gilneas, but there you have it.

My proposition is that both areas will be closed to outsiders, except perhaps a dual-faction capitol city for each, similar to Dalaran and Shattrath. In each city Horde and Alliance will have sent envoys to recruit young Worgen and Goblin adventurers. At a certain level (perhaps 10), a young adventurer will be able to sign up for a certain faction, maybe permanently, (though with cross-faction character transfers, probably not).

Of course, those races could be presented as the (rumored) two new heroic classes. I can imagine a race that starts at lvl 55 (65?) and only has one class available to them. Personally, I don’t think that’s likely.

The main thrust of my daydreams and desires for these two new races focuses intently on the possibility of cross-faction races. It’s plausable lore-wise, but…

most of all…

I really, really want it.