Can you guess my favorite Guild Wars 2 profession?  Eeeeheeeheehee

K is for KABOOM!

Ruebot over on tumblr is putting together a big charr collaboration project.  The directions are to draw your charr character marching forward so that they can all be assembled into one large warband.  It’s an art jam! My first art jam!

I had a BLAST >:3 *snicker*


Buck Up Buttercup

Yeah I don’t see the RP drawings spam ending any time soon.  Sorry about that folks.

Had a spot of a bad time while streaming something else (You’ll get to see it when I’m done!).  So I took a break and made something for me.  Leymok ended up looking as sour as I felt.  I didn’t originally intend to color it, but by the time the lines and shades were done, I wasn’t ready to be done working on it, so… color happened.

Rytlock’s Dark Secret

Soooo um…. I have no excuses for this.  This is what happens when I give in to my inner fangirl and realize how AWESOME and EXTENSIVE Steve Blum’s voice acting career has been.

Yeah I know, I’m WAY late to the party, but give me a break, I live under a rock 😉

If you didn’t see from my twitter feed (and didn’t already find me on your own) I DO have a tumblr now (appropriately named That’s Just Ridiculous).  That’s where I let the fangirl off her leash to run amok.

I’m going to keep Secret Agent Cat as a place purely for art.  It’s been a little lonely here because wordpress doesn’t have the community integration that tumblr does, and let me tell you, it feels AMAZING to be back in the community and seeing what all the other charr lovers are up to.  Freaking rocks guys, you’re all amazing.

The Sage Of Spirit

I’ve been wanting to make a fully 3D current-next gen rendition of Nabooru for AGES.  If you’re giving me a funny look, and don’t know who Nabooru is, she’s the sage of spirit from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  The lady in the desert, leader of the Gerudo (in Gannondorf’s evil absence, ’cause anything he ever does is evil), the one that gets taken by the witches and brainwashed and stuck into an Iron Knuckle suit of armor and forced to fight you.

Here’s her official art:

And this is what she looks like in game:

I was INSPIRED to choose her as subject matter for my next project because of some truly stunning fanart I found on DeviantART.  The artist goes by Iroas, and the piece in question is this one:

There’s another piece with just sketches here.  Yes, you have to click through.  Show him some love.  I’m going to be cribbing a lot from the designs.  I love the shorter ponytail, the head scarf, and the fact she’s got the silver gauntlets.  She’s queen of the desert, I want her to look as such.

Right now I’m working on a blockout in Maya, then I’ll take her into Zbrush for sculpting and adding the clothing/hair.  Tonight during the Crunch Cast I finished my blockout and started sculpting, this is how far I’ve gotten so far:

I expect this to change quite a bit as I work.  It’s still very rough and needs a lot of love.

Into The Desert

First, more RP sketch spam.  This is what Leymok thinks of your bossing missy!

And second, my next 3D project.  Can you guess who it is?  Answer is in the filename 🙂

This is going to be one of my most ambitious projects yet.  The goal is to have her ready for when I go to PAX at the end of August.  I think two months should be enough!

Space Is The Place

Finished my space hipster woop!

Here’s a link to the full thing on my portfolio

Mini Sketch Dump

Is it a sketch dump if there’s only two sketches?  It’s my blog and I say yes.


Leymok: Ummmm, yeah I got nothin’.  Just please don’t hit me.

All I’ve got to say about this one is STRATEGIC STEIN!


I really enjoyed scratching these out.  Something about a hard round brush with pressure opacity, I dunno.  I’ll probably continue doing these little mood sketches.