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With a lack of anything of substance to talk about, have a nyan-tiger. (Yes, that’s a porkchop for a body)


Oops, I Arted

Hey, if Rytlock is allowed to make fart jokes then so can I.  Also, crosshatching is fun.

Charr skull says RAWR!


It's not pink, it's faded blood.

So I made this fantastic drawing of an excited charr and then Hunter had to go and pooh pooh all over it whining that the fierce felines don’t wear pink.

Well what do you think about THAT?



I also have it on good authority that the charr behind the pink one (who is, incidentally, wearing white and pink) is none other than Regina Buenaobra.

Neener neener.

All light-hearted bickering aside, did you see the dye system? Holy CRAP! The best video I know of (if you know of a better one please link it in the comments) is my friend Tasha’s (fellow cohost on Relics and DJ at SI Radio).

You have to skip to the end if you want to see the dye stuff. I recommend watching the whole thing, however. Tasha plays at a bit slower pace than I saw in most of the other videos but I thought that gave us a nice opportunity to actually look around. I also enjoyed how the camera operator zoomed in on the screen, though the auto-focus was a bit slow.

I’m thinking that I might try to unify all my characters with a single color scheme. I don’t think it will involve pink (I’m not a huge fan, my favorite color is actually green), but we’ll just have to wait and see. I see plenty of opportunity for hideous color combinations, but that’s the price of freedom and I’ll take the occasionally gaudy-ugly character over a restrictive dye system any day.

Also, I updated PeltWatch. Enjoy!

Guns, Roses, And The Importance Of Oink

This little piggy was a hero.

The sun was setting and with chests heaving we wiped our brows. For two hours previous we had been hauling and carting, wiring and coordinating. We turned down the lights and a clutch of CRT monitors buzzed to life. We checked to make sure all connections were strong before we left to procure much-needed provisions for the marathon to come.

Once we returned from the supermarket with various and sundry gamer eats in hand, we then settled down for the eagerly-awaited Guild Wars Beta Weekend.

There were only four of us, but that was just as well. Our only connection to the internet was through a single, four-port router. One of us had his desk, one had the kitchen table (to share with the vittles), and two more of us made our homes on the coffee table. One to take the couch and the other (myself) to make her home on a cushion curled with a 2-liter of mountain dew.

The sun hand gone down, the servers had come up, and we waited with baited breaths, staring intently at the tiny lightning bolt in the corners of our screens while the Guild Wars Beta client loaded.

We were set loose upon the world of a pre-searing Tyria. Initially we were dismayed by such a small group size, but eventually someone found the PvP mission. I have no idea if the Ascalon Academy mission is still Player versus Player, but back then it was.

You also had to win.

It took more than one try, but eventually we made it through and experienced the searing. Where once we frolicked among lush and verdent hamlets, now we fought tooth and nail through lands blasted by the charr, paradise reduced to rubble.

You might imagine that we battled through blasted Ascalon and across the frozen Shiverpeaks as a team, taking advantage of the fact that we played within mere feet of each other, but you’d be wrong. The college we were attending somtimes kept strange hours. It wasn’t uncommon to have a six hour class on Saturdays, for example. Needless to say, we soon became separated.

My husband (then no more than a friend who was loaning his apartment) reached it first. After hours of the desolate blasted Ascalon, and hours of the frigid shiverpeaks (it was March in northern latitudes, more snow was not what we wanted to see), he gazed at lush and tropical Kryta. We saw (staring yearningly over his shoulder) beautiful white sandy beaches, verdant ferns and palm trees, and the sparkling blue ocean.

He had reached the Gates of Kryta, and there he stayed. The Gates was not the first mission that needed six people, but it was the first real challenge we had encountered. He was unable to complete it on his own so he came back and helped the rest of us through Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks.

When we finally reached the Gates of Kryta we broke into song. We had no knowledge of the Maguuma jungle. After Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks Kryta looked plenty lush to us!

We were dutifully impressed. The four of us set forth with a new friend we had made (A battery necromancer (Well of Power) named Virgo Moon who we eventually named our first cat after) and some other random soul. In those days you only brought along henchmen if you were looking for a death sentence, and heroes did not yet exist.

That was also when we discovered the glory of Oink. Those days he made his home in the middle of the road and was impossible to miss. I have it on good authority that now he hangs out by a small farmstead just off the beaten path.

We absolutely loved Oink. Not only was he utterly hilarious, he was impervious to damage. More than once our bacon was saved by this brave little pig. If you have never gone through the Gates of Kryta mission with Oink at your side I urge you to take him along. He is necessary for the bonus mission, but he is also a stalwart companion who is always willing to offer a cheerful “Oink!” when you need it most.

In Which I Probably Should Not Sing

Relics of Orr, episode 5 is out.

If you were ever curious what the agent behind the cat sounded like, now’s your chance. I do have to apologize. I haven’t sung to anything more sophisticated than a steering wheel in almost ten years.

Make sure you listen to the whole thing though, the bloopers at the end are hilarious. I was laughing all over again.

If you didn’t catch it, I am a member of the Relics of Orr guild. I like to pretend that I’m cultured an intelligent here on the blog but if you visit me in-game I’m more likely to yammer on about how my peppers won’t ripen and regail you with background noise of the cats causing mayhem.

You have been warned.

Tiger’s Quote Of The Day

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Thank you LolCats 🙂

I think I’ll go start laughing now.

Channel Surfing

He’s dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD



Take THAT!

Take THAT! - click for larger

Oh yeah, and Hodir too.

Apparently, there’s a timer on Thorim’s arena trash.

Allow me to illustrate: There’s a problem with Thorim right now and disconnects. We’ve been not-so-fondly calling it the DC-Roulette.

Me: Ok guys, everyone’s ready, pulling!

Collective thoughts of the raid: Who will DC this time?

We’ve developed a strategy to combat this, however. Kill the Jormunger, then the Acolyte, then the priests get to go have fun with mind controls. Once our tragically DC’d get back online and get their UIs in order (I have to /reloadui whenever I DC because my raid frames dissapear) then we kill everything and get on with the fight.

Last night was nuts.

We lost one, then the game didn’t lag him out so it took him forever to get back in. Once he GOT back in he was in dalaran. Yes, we were still playing with Thorim’s trash. So he hoofs it into Ulduar then ANOTHER disconnects. As he gets back in we loose another but when he connects back he’s at the entrance. Then one of the Mind-Control-happy priests runs his mob too far away, thus breaking the MC. What does a formerly-Mind Controlled mob do now that it’s free?

You’re damn right, it’s pissed, so it makes a beeline for the priest, a healer. Next thing I know there’s a giant spirit healer sitting in the room. We could waste a Battlerez or…

Just run back in man, let’s get this done.

So, our wayward priest back in the fold and we (finally) kill all the mobs.

Nothing happens.

What? Thorim? Heloooooo? Anyone home? We just killed all your entertainments, aren’t you mad? Doesn’t Sif have something to say about it?

Nope, apparently not.

Last night, Thorim did the Azerothian equivalent of falling asleep in front of the TV. *huff*

We’ll get you tonight buddy!