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I Feel Dirty

I just sent a fellow guildmate a link to Nightcrowler’s Feral By Night addon. You know, the one I’ve so maligned in the past?

You see, I have a new kitten. (Feral Druid, not a real kitten) And he wants to raid with us. Now, I’ve got a pretty hefty pride for my own class, and for ferals in particular. The very LAST thing I want to see is a feral scraping the bottom on numbers and I’ve been warned this particular person has some… issues.

With pretty much everything.

But it seems he knows he’s bad, so that’s a plus. If you think you’re awesome there’s no room for learning new things. A willing mind is a wonderful thing to teach.

I still feel dirty for throwing crutches at him though. I’m a bit of an optimist when it comes to people. I try (consciously) to believe that, given enough effort, anybody can learn to be good at something. I tend to learn pretty quickly, but I’ve worked with those who don’t and all they require is a little more patience.

I’m giving him crutches because I suspect he’s one of the latter. A person who will take a while to learn things, and I’d rather get him up and running (and raiding) now, than wait 3-4 weeks while I sit behind him with a wooden yardstick and watch him at the target dummies.

That wouldn’t be fun, for either of us.

In other news, if you’re over the age of 18 and enjoy horror flicks, definitely check out a little game called Requiem: Bloodymare.

My husband picked it up a few weeks ago and I dabbled my toes in it too. I really like the graphics. Poly counts are good, textures are really nice, but the animation takes the cake. Really, this game has TOP NOTCH animation. It’s very, VERY good. Fluid, weighty, believeable, and oftentimes creepy as all get out.

There are a few problems. Quest destinations can be vague at best and outright wrong at worst, randomly characters will jump sideways when they should go forward, and there’s a complete lack of proper text formatting. (Word integrity is not preserved)


I play a ‘human’ Templar. Well, she’s a
templar right now, I plan to level her i
nto a Radiant when she gets to the right
level. I can only heal myself right now
but I hope to have proper spells eventua
lly to heal other people.

That’s what text boxes are like. It’s a little maddening for the literary-minded (like myself) and completely irrelevant to the non-literary-minded (like my husband).

It’s free to play, and definitely worth a look. If you’re curious, you can find me on the PvP server (there’s only one). Just look for Alegra, Maelix, or Shmee.


Druids Don’t Belong in Stable Slots!

So my buddy Brajana is hosting a neat-o SPCA charity drive!

I love animals too (if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em right my fellow druids?) and since Mr Tigerfeet and I don’t really have the means to donate money, I decided that, to help out, I would donate artwork instead.

What kind of artwork?

UI Artwork!

Observe my personal UI below:

My current UI, with Snazzy Artwork!

Note the Artwork

Now, my UI isn’t your UI. Nor is everyone reading this blog (or participating in Braj’s charity drive) likely to be a Feral Tauren Druid whose favorite feral forms are the ones featured above.

Nope, what I’m offering is a custom-built UI JUST FOR YOU!

Play a hunter? Bows, pets, traps! You got it!

What about a warrior or rogue? Lots of weapons, blood splatters!

How about something completely different? I will make a My-Little-Ponies in stealth with backstabitty goodness UI if that’s what you want.

No porn though, sorry folks.

Now, So far I’ve only used BTex for my artwork, but if you know of another addon (like Sunn, for example) that you really REALLY want to use just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Even if you do choose to use BTex, I’ll want a screenshot of your current UI. What’s the point of getting snazzy custom artwork if you have to move everthing around? I’ll do my best to integrate aesthetically pleasing art into your current UI.

A final note – this custom UI will be just for you (should you win). I won’t share it with anyone else!

So, go and take part in Braj’s charity drive, and good luck!


DruidBar is coming!

PolarBar shall be first!

Here, have a preview!

Picture 1

Your face, I bites it!

In other news, a huge honkin’ load of stress has just been lifted from my shoulders, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things with posting again.

I also expect to rediscover my long nascent wonder and joy in WoW that was the spawn of many of my best posts in the past ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, Runes of Magic is kinda neat. That’s what the Mr is playing these days. I of course had to make an account and a character so I could run around and know what the heck he’s jawing my ear off about.

It doesn’t have druids though, and no shape-shifters. Boo!

Dip’n Mah Toes

I’m touching into UI design.

I’m not certain I have the know-how to make an entire UI compilation, but I have been working on artwork for Btex.

My current UI, with Snazzy Artwork!

My current UI, with Snazzy Artwork!

Yes, that’s how excited about the new artwork I am, I went and made UI art to reflect the forms I intend to use, so that I can look at them even when I’m running around all ugly and wyvern-faced.

Here’s a preview of the Night Elf version:

Click for full-size

I’ve also got a shaman version made, but I’m not entirely happy with it. I had trouble finding the totems in WoW Model Viewer so I initially used elemental spirits instead.

Then I couldn’t read my chat text over the top of mr fire-pants.

Then I noticed the smoke I’d put in was way too dark and I needed to re-do it but I was damn tired and re-painting smoke was not something I had the mental capacity to do at that point.

So it’s still waiting to be done.

I’d also like to note that I don’t use a mac by choice, they make me, at work.

I really REALLY like this UI by the way. It’s a lot more de-cluttered than it was before. My raid frames are in the lower right and omen shows up right on top of the bear. My Rogue Power bars are front and center, where Omen used to be, and the only issue is that my DBM warnings bars now pop up right on top of my rotation bars, being distracting and obnoxious.

I’ll get around to moving those, eventually.

Through The Eyes of The Tiger

Interface time!

Handy-Dandy Numbers Included! Click for Larger

Handy-Dandy Numbers Included! Click for Larger

This is what I see on a daily basis while raiding. This is my window into the world of WoW. I present to you all, humbly, kittens and long-toothed cats alike, my User Interface.

  1. Pitbull – I used to use xPearl for my raid frames, then I used nothing, and now I use Pitbull. It’s a headache and a half to set up, but allows me to know things I wouldn’t otherwise know. My favorite features are VisualHeal, and the Aggro/Curse/Poison warnings. VisualHeal you can see in full effect if you’ll look at the priest on the bottom, getting healed and there’s that nice shadowy green bar. Withย  a flick of my eyes to the left I can see if anyone’s low and if anyone is actually paying attention to them or not.
  2. oRA2 – The first of my ‘big brother’ addons. These are my tank targets. I can assign them if I’m the raid leader or the assistant and they’re damned handy. A bonus is, anyone in the raid who has an addon to look for tank targets (like xPearl) can use the info I set in oRA2 to setup their own targets.
  3. Deadly Boss Mods – this is the DBM range-finder. You’ll notice there’s only two names on that list so I’m doing my job correctly (this particular raid was pretty melee-heavy so we stack onto the 4 corners leaving the tank all by his lonesome) I don’t have this turned on all the time, but when I do, that’s where it goes
  4. Recount – Damage and healing meter. I use this mostly for stoking my own ego whenever I get to DPS, but sometimes when a boss fight necessitates a splitting of the dps I’ll consult this in an attempt to make things even.
  5. Outfitter – A hybrid’s best friend. The buttons shown below are, from left to right: Naked, Bear, Cat, Jousting. Now there’s a snappy little icon of a flaming person for my Stam/FR set, but that’s the general gist.
  6. Omen – Threat-meter. No raider should be without a way to watch their threat, and tanks especially need to be able to watch their threat. I’ve got it front-and-center from tanking, and I like it front-and-center for dpsing because cats generate a lot of threat. You’ll see below that I’m 4th on threat. Many fights I have to throttle back a bit as well. (Especially Malygos)
  7. IceHud – my Head’s Up Display. I’ve used many HUD mods in the past, starting with ArcHud, then trying out MetaHud and dHud. I settled on IceHud and personally find it to be superior in customization options. Health is on the left, mana/energy/rage and cast bars are on the right. You’ll see my combo points right in the center. In bear form I have it set to display my lacerate stacks there as well. I’ve also got the range-finder turned on and the buffs/debuffs (and mob information) turned OFF. Normally, target’s buffs would be on the left and target’s debuffs would be on the right.
  8. Rogue Power Bars – This is what I use to help me with kitty dps. It doesn’t tell me what skills to use, it simply helps me by displaying all the buffs and debuffs I need to keep an eye on in one place with a visual representation of how long is left. If you look at my bars, my energy, and my skills, you’ll notice that I’ll need to hit Tiger’s Fury, then Rip, and then Rake to start the cycle over again. Mangle doesn’t show because I had a mangle-bot doing it for me and RPB gives me errors when I try to track others’ debuffs.
  9. Prat – Chat frame addon. I wouldn’t need this if I wasn’t a raid leader. It helps me by allowing me to color my channels. After the third time of making a loot council comment in the healer’s channel instead of the raid leader’s channel I decided this would probably be a good idea.
  10. oRA2 (again) – At first I thought this was an extent of Raid Buff Status, but Pilsner corrected me, telling me this was another facet of oRA2. It allows me to track others’ cooldowns (specifically battle rezzes) so I know who has what available when.

Unshown addons

  1. Raid Buff Status – Pops up a little window where the default blizzard tooltip resides (it’s completely move-able however) that shows little icons and numbers. If you roll over one it will tell you what the icon stands for. It shows me who is missing what buff and if someone’s missing an elixer, along with options to click on so that I can /w them all and nag at them incessantly.
  2. Bagnon – All my bags must be one window, period. I would be hard-pressed to play without this addon. I could do it, but I’d whine about it the whole time. If Blizzard were to integrate the bags into one window I would likely not use this (or any other bag addon) anymore.
  3. Malygos CP – small, lightweight addon to help with the Malygos fight. It allows you to track your combo points, energy, and Engulf in Flames stacks in a central, easy-to-read location. I wish this was integrated into DBM instead of being separate.


I think my favorite thing about my interface is everything is in the default spot. I only switched to Pitbull after I became a raid leader and found that I needed more information at my fingertips than the default raid frames would give me. However, my raid frames were always placed over there. My action bars are un-modified, and my chat panel hasn’t moved.

If all my addons were to explode I’d be able to play without them. I might not do as much DPS until I got used to looking elsewhere for my buffs and debuffs. Managing my multiple sets of armor would also be a headache and a half, but I’d be able to do it.


I wish I had buttons similar to those I use for outfitter that I could assign to my specs. Right now I’m always hitting ‘n’ to check what spec I’m in just to make sure. Having that information tucked into a corner of my screen would be very handy.

Clutter. My interface is very cluttered. I think my raid frames still take up too much space, but I haven’t yet taken the time to go back into the PitBull interface to slim them down. (seriously, that interface is nuts)

And that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse through my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

You Ought To Be Ashamed

One of my very favorite feral blogs, and one of the first I turn to when I have questions (Of Teeth And Claws) wrote an article about rotation advisor addons. In his post he talked briefly about two of the up-and-coming more popular programs, and ruminated at length* over weather or not they constituted ‘cheating’.

His tentative opinion was that yes, using a rotation advisor goes a long way to removing skill from the game.

I agree completely! Blizzard is already removing skill from the game (360 swipe). Personally, I find it shameful to have an addon that tells you what button to press. In my experience, there’s quite a bit of joy to be had in topping the damage meters, especialy if you know you’ve done it yourself!

A number of his readers tried to defend the use of rotation advisors by saying their main job is tanking. It’s implied that tanking is so harrowing that they just can’t be bothered to learn about and maintain a viable dps rotation.

It’s not, there’s no excuse! I’m a main tank, and tanking is my main job, if I want kitty loot I have to wait until I can either get it on offset or invade someone else’s raid. I’m still rocking a (very bad) blue trinket and NONE of my gear is BiS.

Yet yesterday, I raided 25-man Naxx with my husband. I finally got to clock my DpS on Patchwerk (last week healing was fail, a tank went down, and I ate a hateful very early in the fight). While this week I still ended up eating a hateful strike, it wasn’t until Patches was at 1%.

I clocked at almost exactly 5k dps, and I topped the damage meter. I topped Grobbulous too, and Sapphiron. I did 5.5k on Loatheb WITHOUT the benefit of spores. My AP was 7.5k and my crit was 47%. I was using Karthis’s cat spec and using his advice and my own brainmeats for a rotation. Keep all buffs and debuffs up at all times, shred for damage and combo-points. I used Ferocious Bite when everything was up (which was very often with the 2pc T7 bonus and the Shred glyph)

The only addons I use to aid with DpS is rogue power bars. Last night I was only using mangle every once in a great while. I was one of two kitties and there was a bear besides, so I knew mangle would be up.

The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t NEED a cruch like that. Sure you could use it, but when you’re watching a little window, waiting for it to tell you what button to push where does your raid awareness go? If a patch comes out and your addon breaks will your dps tank? Without my RPB my job gets a good deal more difficult, but I’m still perfectly capable of watching my own buffs and the boss’s debuffs for the information I need.

My first exposure to an addon like this was when I downloaded and installed Shock and Awe for my shaman to help me track maelstrom stacks. It had a priority window. I used it for about five minutes and then turned it off in disgust. I still use the tracking timers, but the priority window is gone.

My advice to any aspiring kitties out there is to give these addons a try, but turn off the rotation advisor window. You all chose to roll druid, and your wisdom with choosing such a fine class is apparent. Trust your feral instincts and say no to the part of the addon that wants to turn you into a clockwork chimp.

We are feral cats!

*For an elf, he ruminates quite well, in my humble bovine opinion.

An Actual Project? Hold Onto Your Fur!

My good buddy Brajana told me a week or so ago that she’d been tapped by the folks over at World of Matticus to be part of a new addon blog.

After I got over my initial bout of jealousy and realised that no, I don’t have the time or expertise to devote to any kind of project like that, I expressed my very sincere congratulations and sat back to eagerly await the blog’s debut.

At first blush, NoStockUi looks like it’s shaping up to be a wonderful resource. I’ve already learned of a couple new addons I might like to try out and my resolve to run addon-light is being tested to its limit.

Then I ran into Matticus’s HUD post.

I am very dissapointed. Really, I think you could have done much better sir. This post amouts to little more than posting links to 4 different HUD systems and saying “These are HUDs, they do stuff”.

Well, it’s ok, I forgive you. I realise that launching a new site is difficult work, made even more difficult by expectations of content out of the gate.

So, I’ve whined to Brajana about it, and, as whining without action is just obnoxious, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and attempt a 4-part analysis of the different HUD displays you mentioned in that post.

I’m no expert, and code scares me. I doubt I would have anything to add to your project in the long-run, but I do love my HUD mods something awful and I’ve used all 4 of those mentioned in the past. This is a project I believe I can complete in a thorough and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Ideally, it should take about a month. I will try to spend a week with each HUD mod listed and post the results on the weekend.

Wish me luck!