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Drop & Give Me 50!

Go run the last boss in AN, make sure everyone survives. Go kill the first boss in UK without breaking any Ice Blocks. Go kill the second boss in AK and she had better not get ANY kind of buff from her watchers. Go get your achievements for Skadi, stay the HELL out of the ice breath! Go do your Wyrmrest Dailies… DAILY! Go tank Halls of Stone, no I don’t care if you’re a druid and terribad at AoE tanking, do it anyway!

Go do all these things, if you weren’t on heroic, you’re doin’ it wrong, go and do it again.

Nobody was born to raid. There isn’t a single person who was able to step into raiding, WoW, any game, or any thing, and immediately find themselves an expert at it. No, I’m pretty sure that this is an unqualified absolute.

There are some people who learn more quickly than others. Sometimes a person’s learning curve will be so quick that it seems like they’ve picked it up immediately, but trust me, there was a curve.

In a guild raiding environment, expecially with 25 people, the raid lead(ers) always have to keep an eye on the fight, what they are doing, and what everyone else is doing so that they can adequately flush out problems.

Problem is, there’s only so many times you can say “Stop standing in the fire” before you have to try something else.

It would seem to me, that nobody stands in the fire on purpose. Some people don’t have the best reaction time, some people are inattentive, sometimes it’s even just bad luck! In order to really get people to quit standing in the fire is to help them find out why they keep standing in the fire, so that the problem can be avoided in the future.

If it’s a problem of reaction time or attentiveness, then that person needs to practice. Problem is, they can’t practice unless they’re in the raid, and 24 other people get socked with repair bills while they learn and hone their skills…. right?


We’ve got these wonderful little things called Heroic instances, right? We’ve also got a number of achievements for these instances, many of which involve increased gear, skill, focus, dedication…. you get the idea.

Don’t think of heroic achievements as useless title-mongering, use them as tools to help train your guildmates who might lack necessary raid skills. It’s a lot easier to get a group of 5 people to agree to run a single boss ten times than it is to get a group of 25 to do the same thing.

Here’s some specifics on the fights I listed at the start of the post, and why I mentioned them specifically:

  • Azjol’Nerub, the last boss is wonderful practice for environmental and boss awareness. It’s also a good fight for running around and picking up adds. This boss, I think, is THE best way to practice for Sartharion with drakes, weather you’re tanking, dpsing, or healing. Watch his cast bar, get AWAY from the pound. Watch the ground and get away from the rocks so you don’t get spiked. Make sure you pick up the adds, if you’ve got an add, bring it to your tank, cleanse the poison (or heal through). It’s a challenging encounter, but VERY good practice for even more challenging encounters.
  • The first boss in Utgarde Keep will toss out Ice Blocks. You can attack your teammates and free them, similar to the Demon Chains on Illhoof in Kharazan. However, if you leave your teammates ice-blocked you’ve got a mechanic similar to Kel’Thuzad! In fact, it’s even more challenging than taking on KT because you’ve only got 5 people. If your healer gets blocked you could be in a very bad situation. Learn to work around it and KT ain’t got nothin’ on you.
  • Making sure the second boss in Ahn’Kahet: Old Kingdom doesn’t get any buff from her watchers is an excellent test of burst-DPS. You have to kill them, and kill them FAST or she gets a rather nasty buff- wait, this sounds familiar, almost like dealing with sparks on the Malygos fight? Ding.
  • Aaaah Skadi, you sick SoB. Second boss in Utgarde Pinnacle. Fight your way up a gauntlet while dodging shooting ice breaths…. yeah, don’t stand in the ‘fire’.
  • The Wyrmrest Daily, Aces High or something. I personally haven’t done it (still working on that chain akshully). However, this fight is direct training for Malygos on phase 3. Things can get a little chatoic when you’ve got 25 dragons all flapping around and can’t see anything and are getting vertigo from the spinning sky. Trust me, it helps to know what you’re doing ahead-of-time.
  • The last one is for me. Once again I’m on flame-duty for Sartharion. I’ll tell you what, it’s rough. It’s a HARD job to do. I’ve found though, that with practice I can overcome a Druid’s shortcomings and do the job well enough. Doing that stupid gauntlet thing in HoS though is great for practice.

/hug? Noooo… /STEW!


I’m sorry Aurik, but being a dyed-in-the-fur hordie this one gave me a chuckle.

So, In the World of Tigerverse, I dinged 77 over the weekend. I’d just sauntered into Sholazar Basin and I had a gutwrenching choice ahead of me.

You see, my little hunter, Kowbelle was faithfully holding onto Tigerfeet’s life savings for her. Pink Floyd would peer curiously into the the sack she carried, bulging with glittering gold coins, numbering at about 4,000. This was more money than little Kowbelle had ever seen before, but her big sister Tigerfeet kept mailing it to her, one and two-hundred gold at a time, for months and months! Surely this would be enough and more than enough for Tigerfeet to buy what she needed, thought little Kowbelle.

Well, you see. I dinged 77 and was faced with a terrible choice. I had only managed to save 4,000 gold. I needed to plunk down 1,000 for cold weather flying, but that would mean I still had to find a way to raise 2,000 to be able to buy my epic wings.

Do I fly right now and maybe get my big-tauren wings by level 80, or do I not fly, save up the last 1,000 and pray to Elune that I could raise the other 1,000 before I needed to fly in northrend?

Well, I chose to fork over the 1,000 gold for cold weather flying. I jumped into the air and took flight. What a sense of release it was, to finally strech my wings again. However slow they bore me, upon them I was born upward!

I exclaimed in Guild Chat my elation to cries of ‘grats’ and ‘feels good doesn’t it?’. It was then I mentioned that it would feel a lot better if I had my big-tauren wings. They asked me how much I was short and I replied 2K.

This gal HAD 2K she was willing to give me, right then, right there!

On one condition.

I take her with when I ran heroic Sethekk Halls.

This, of course, would require that I complete the quest chain. So, like a good little druid I hustled on over to /hug, pulled up his wonderfully concise flight form quest post, and proceeded to complete everything but the heroic Sethekk Halls in three hours!

We tried to get through Sethekk, we really did. We had myself, lvl 77, Ael a Paladin as our healer at lvl 80, and a level 70 hunter.

We tried, we really did, we tried so hard. We just couldn’t handle the last room before the Raven God. Between mind controlls and fears we just couldn’t do it. Plus it was way past midnight and I kept forgetting I had a pvp trinket and berserk that would both clear fear. But it was late, and we had tried.

We agreed to do this all again on Monday, at 8:30 sharp. Unfortunately poor Ael got hung up at work and, with much trepidation, I assembled a full group of five to go. We tore through that instance in about 30 minutes and, while the mount did not drop, I can now officially say that in the air, I look something like this:


Once I hit 80 I’m planning on taking myself and Ael, armed with invisibility potions, and farming for the mount. Most of all, though, I’m thrilled and more than thrilled to finally have my epic wings. And don’t I look snazzy perched in the trees of Crystalsong Forest?

For the Love of Freaking Everything!

Loot what you kill.


I’m begging you here.

I finally made my way into Sholazar Basin to partake in the legendary Nesingwary quests. Typically, the place was packed and kill-stealing ass-ish-ness was prevalent to a previous unheard of degree.

Well, I expected it. Everyone’s frantic to get through their quests and get to 80. Some guilds are already running 10-mans and I know some 80 have been frothing to get into heroics (mostly to the exclusion of everything else /grumble). So I can understand the rush.


But please, for all that is holy, LOOT WHAT YOU KILL!

There are people out there with tradeskills, and there are a lot, let me repeat, a LOT of mobs now that can be used by the gatherers out there, be they skinners, miners, herbalists, hell, even engineers!

You want a motorcycle? loot your kills.

You want armor patches? loot your kills.

You want gems to socket? loot your kills.

you want pots and glyphs? LOOT YOUR KILLS!

What brought on this uncharacteristically heated rant? Well I was in Sholazar Basin, all excited because of the Nesingwary quests. I’m a skinner/leatherworker by trade and he always sends me to kill things that I can skin. I get experience, quest exp, vendor trash, AND leather all in one, perfect questing as far as I’m concerned.

The kill-stealing didn’t bother me as much as it could have at first either. You see, if I can’t kill the mobs at least I could run around skinning things…

no wait, I couldn’t. People were running around killing everything in site and not looting once. I looked out at the dead rhinos and kitties, littering the ground as far as the eye could see. STACKS of leather for me that I couldn’t touch because someone decided it was more important to run through slaughtering everything in their path than it was to take a moment and loot what they killed.

I don’t care if you’re racing to 80. I have my auto-loot turned on and it doesn’t take more than two seconds, even during a lag spike, to loot and move on. Try it some time. As you loot that elemental think of the mining someone could get from it, think of all the gems on the AH that could be less expensive. Does it give you warm fuzzies? It should, you’re supporting your fellow players, and when you do that EVERYONE wins.

This message has been brought to you by Gatherers of Azeroth. We got what you need, srsly.™

Stay a While and Listen

Tiger’s Top Topics for Today! (alliteration, ain’t it great?)

  • Northrend’s Need for Guard Rails
  • Of Experience and the Possession Thereof
  • The Quest That Made it All Worthwhile

As luck would have it, emergency knocked on my door last night quite literally, halting a Nexus run I was taking part in, and cancelling any and all playtime for last night. Bad for me, good for the blog as I’ve nothing to talk about beyond the ‘extra’ topics I had yesterday!

So, while the servers are down and you’re all going stir-crazy I invite you to “Stay a while, and listen”.

Northrend’s Need for Guard Rails – Long-time readers of my blog will remember my penchant for falling off of high places and getting my great big Tauren butt stuck.

My first issue I reported on my first day out post, I managed to launch myself off the elevator in the Howling Fjord.

Since then I’ve fallen to my death in The Nexus, fallen OUT of Dalaran, fallen off the top of what must be the highest tower IN Dalaran (those balconies aren’t big enough), and I’m frankly amazed that I haven’t yet fallen off the top of Wyrmrest Keep or whatever that place is in Dragonblight. Oh, and mountains, lots and lots of mountains and cliffs. I’ve fallen to my death off of those too.

Now, I’m very specific when I say I’ve fallen out of Dalaran. I didn’t fall off, I fell out. I was in the sewers, exploring around, when I saw an area named “Exit Pipe”. Now, I was done with the sewers for now, ready to go back to questing. My thought was that this exit pipe would lead out to the surface.

I should mention too that I’ve been playing with minimum graphics to do my part to conquer lag. My view distance is EXTREMELY low so oftentimes areas will appear as a big grey mass, even rooms that I’m passing into.

So when I saw nothing but a grey mass of nothing at the end of the exit pipe I thought nothing of it and kept running. And then I was falling! Let me tell you, it’s a LONG way down from Dalaran. I even had enough time during my plummet to note that the surrounding mobs were lvl OMG.

Yes, that’s lvl OMG. I ran back to my body and then high-tailed it as fast as my trusty Raptor would take me back to the Dragonblight.

Of Experience and the Possession Thereof – I’m not talking about that little bar toward the bottom of your screen here. What I’m talking about is actual experience. Experience gained from being in a variety of situations and what was learned from each situation.

I find I’m in a unique situation with my relationship to <Unemployed> and to <Exiles>. I raid with <Unemployed> and have made many good friends there. <Exiles>, however, is run by my husband and contains most (if not all) of my friends that I made during my brief time in <Spear of Khaine>. So, I have friends in both places, but they are equally very different guilds.

I’ve never been on a raid with <Exiles> (and I don’t count the wtfbbq mag/gruul pug raids as being exiles property), but they do invite me to tank for them in the new 5-man instances. So I’ve been instancing with both <Unemployed> and with <Exiles>.

Both guilds have similar goals. They want to keep in ‘fighting trim’, so to speak so that they are ready for end-game raiding. The guilds, however, differ greatly in experience. <Unemployed> was raiding long before I ever wandered back to WoW while <Exiles> is composed of members who are a lot more ‘green’ to the raiding atmosphere.

This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different.

During my time raiding with <Unemployed> I learned habits and strategies that were familiar to most of the other members. We were all raiding in the same environment, used to the same kind of leadership, and generally used to one another.

When I run with <Exiles> I notice that some of the things I take for granted are not readily obvious to some of the less experienced members. A good friend of ours, Beag, has been playing since release. We met him in the original Exiles over two years ago and he’s raided up to Black Temple before we coaxed him over to Hydraxis with us.

I find it easier to give him direction because there’s some things he knows from his raiding experience. At the same time there’s still some things I need to point out because we came from different environments.

This whole contrast between these two different guilds is something I find fascinating. My husband rules with an iron fist, he’s very honest and, while allowing for honest mistakes, doesn’t tolerate blatant idiots. He leads with a much heavier hand than I find comfortable, but I’ve found it produces members who are eager for direction and who honestly are trying their hardest to get everything right.

So when I run with <Exiles> members, they may not have the experience to allow me not to mark anything and chain-pull most of an instance, but they listen to my direction and make honest efforts to do what is required.

Ha! Would you look at me? Talking about how well a group listens to me and of leadership. I’d say that I’ve gained a fair amount of experience too from the time I started this Blog. I remember writing about how leading scared the poo out of me. It’s amazing to look how far we’ve come!

The Quest That Made it All Worthwhile – I didn’t enjoy this quest as much as I could have, but that’s mostly because I had to hear about it from everyone and I was in a foul mood that evening anyway.

But, there’s an achievement for it, and most (if not all) the requirements are in the Dragonblight. The Achievement is callde “Veteran of the Wrathgate”. I’m not going to go into detail about the quest and the results thereof, that’s for you to discover.

I will, however, mention that it’s perilously easy to miss, especially if you’ve come to rely on questing addons, like questhelper.

In order to get this quest going make sure you complete all the quests in Agmar’s Hammer to the West and Venomspite to the East. The tricky part comes when you have a quest to meet with Saurfang the Younger. Questhelper will tell you to go to Nagrand in Outland and if you’re just following arrows on your minimap it’s easy to skip right over this part.

Saurfang the younger is up to the north-east in the Kor’Kron Vanguard. If you’ve done the Agmar’s Hammer and Venomspite quests prepare yourself for a wonderful time. Read the quest text, and savor what is to come.

My guild leaders described that single quest as making all they’ve paid for and all the time they’ve put into this game all worthwhile.

I will leave you with that.

WTB [Peacebloom]x500

I learned three valuable things this weekend.

1. A Feral Druid, a Fire Mage, and a Holy Priest aren’t quite enough to kill General Drakkisath.

2. I really shouldn’t be staying up past 11pm on work nights, srsly.

3. don’t freeze just-piciked broccoli and carrots, they turn soft and nasty-smelling. ick.

Other than that… did I throw anybody off with a post on Saturday? I was so happy to get that quest finished without the need to call in the cavalry that I just knew I had to write a blog about it. Only thing is, with my memory being what it is… or isn’t, in my case, I took a moment out of slaughtering things in Netherstorm to write up the little post about it. 🙂

What you all might be wondering is, why is Tigerfeet attempting to 3-man UBRS and kill General Drakkisath?

Simple, I needed his blood. I am pleased to announce that, after pulling in the aid of my pocket priest and Mr. Tigerfeet, myself, and my charcoal-flavored friend are now fully attuned to go and whoop up on Onyxia.

Funny thing though, my escapades last night tie in quite well with a certain Big Butted Bear Blogger’s musings of the morn.

Tigers Wrath-flavored tidbit!

I’m not going to make long, in-depth posts about the impending expansion. In fact, I’ve managed to avoid blogging about it much at all. So, with the plethora of information already out there I’ll limit my comments to my personal speculations and thoughts.

So, without further ado….

Her empty eye sockets stared unblinkingly as her nerveless fingers pulled yet another wayward Peacebloom from the bosom of the earth. “I really should be killing bears…” the young forsaken mage thought.

“Why am I not killing bears?” Her mind wondered as her body refused to obey her. She ran off in search of more flowery goodness, all the while confused.

That’s right folks, Romainne has been relegated to flower-picker extraordinaire! Why, you ask? Well, I read somewhere that the new Inscription talent will use herbs. Now, I don’t know about your server, but on Hydraxis herbalism is a very lucrative profession, if a bit slow going in the beginning.

I am thinking, however, that with so many level 70s rushing out into Northrend to level, some people re-rolling Death Knights, people just aren’t going to want to take the time to run around farming peacebloom and silverleaf, among other low-level herbs. So I’m attempting to stock up in anticipation of an increased demand once Wrath hits. Of course, if this works, it’ll only give me a small burst of income, but hey, I want to change my shape-shifted skin and the way I see it, I’ll be helping along the new baby inscribers.

From the Other Side

There I was, out upon the desolate fields of Netherstorm, staring nervously out upon a field swarming with purple gemmed monstrosities. The Farahlon Breakers wandered to and fro, and where they went the ground rumbled with their passing. I’d tried to take on one once before but found myself only just outclassed.

Well, this wouldn’t do, I needed four Raw Farahlite from them and I wasn’t going to get any with my face in the dirt. What I needed was some help. After I’d tried and failed to kill the first I thought I’d noticed a hunter’s mark above one. I flew up and around and, sure enough, there was the giant stomping around with a giant red arrow hovering invitingly above its head.

I started casting around for the hunter who had put it there, all the while thinking ‘please be horde please be horde’. I finally found her, she was there with a priest.

They were Draeni.

I’d noticed the mark before I died, it was still there after I died, which led me to believe that, though they numbered two, they were having as difficult a time with these monsters as I was. So I hovered, and waited for them to tag their target.

When the giant’s health bar turned grey to me I transformed into bear and charged in. Gaining and keeping aggro is difficult when you’re tanking for the Alliance. First of all, you’re not in a group so there is no handy ‘AGGRO’ tag to let you know you are the monster’s sole focus. I also couldn’t be healed by the priest.

I wasn’t worried, I just wanted to see how things would go. We felled the first giant, these Draeni and I, and thanks were conferred all around. They went to a second, and I helped out again. Soon a third was lying in the dust.

When the fourth was marked I didn’t wait for them to tag the target. I dashed in and tagged it first. This is it, I thought. They’ll see me wanting my own kills and abandon me. No such thing happened. They helped me kill the giant then we three moved on.

I kept up a pattern like that, two kills of theirs to one of mine and soon my quest was fulfilled. Just before my last giant went down reinforcements arrived and I began to worry.

Nobody was flagged, and nobody gave me a second look. Perhaps my old Stranglethorn Vale, battlescarred heart is going soft, but at times like these, these care bear servers aren’t quite so bad.