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Argent Tournament PSA

Dismount from your jousting steed before you enter your faction’s tent.

Yes, the game will automatically dismount you if you forget.

When you are automatically dismounted you take a flying leap to the right. (nevermind that any riding enthusiast that can tell bit from bridle knows you mount and dismount on the left)

Improper riding ettiquite aside, this flying leap to the right is more than capable of getting a body stuck behind the rack of lances conveniently located just inside the door.

On the right.

Praise to Malorne that my hearthstone was on cooldown, because /unstuck certainly didn’t work.


Layzur Aye Beamz!

Kologarn, he haz them.

He’s also not quite as large as I thought he’d be, nor does his staging area have quite as much room as I thought it would. Yes, my standards are high.

Oh, and shame shame SHAME on him for knocking down the protective railing on that ledge. A bear could get hurt falling off that thing.

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…


First order of business, I promised Liore I’d talk about it, is our crazy plan for the ZOMG trash leading to 25-man XT-002 Deconstructor. This plan, once laid out, was dubbed “So Crazy It Just Might Work.™”

What this involves is stationing your entire raid minus hunters and one healer (we drafted two, just in case, but one is only really needed) inside Razorscale’s room. I love that handy circle on the floor. When I say “get in the circle” and someone is standing outside the circle it’s easy to say “Hey you, Raider X, GET IN THE CIRLCE!”

Except I don’t yell.

So, we’ve positioned our raiders in the circle (get back in the circle), hunters are stationed in the hallway, healer has been glued to our side and we’re ready to rock. Send one sacraficial lamb hunter after the trash and make sure he misdirects it to you (the tank). Ideally he’ll shoot at one of the bots that shoots FREAKING SAWBLADES because you want to kill them first.

You might want to mark a kill order before you do this.

So, sawblade-bot has been misdirected to the tank, the trash is now thoroughly pissed off and comin’ for you. If you’ve got other hunters have them drop freezey traps. You want to kite the mobs into Razorscale’s room where your stationed raiders (Get back in the circle! No, back back I say!) will start to pick them off, hopefully in your designated kill order.

Now, if you’ve gotten this far, and haven’t attacked the Technicians (those little clockwork gnome guys that like to kick you in the shins and make those obnoxious defense matricies) DID NOT FOLLOW. As long as you don’t attack them as they’re pulled they’ll get hung up on the door and stand there patiently awwaiting annihilation while you run amok on all their friends down the hall.

It’s fast, simple, sometimes messey, and leaves me feeling curiously dirty. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t get the job done.

Second order of business, I got to help kill Razorscale and XT-002 Deconstructor last night. We took a few stabs at Kologarn, and kamikazee’d in to see the Assembly of Iron. (bad runes are bad)

The OTHER half of the raid killed Razorscale, XT-002, Kologarn, Auriaya, and Freya.


I’ll get over it.

Beware of Wells

I don’t know if it was just me, my terrible luck at getting stuck places, or a legitimate bug, but I found myself unable to take the portal at the bottom of the Dalaran well to get into the Sewers.

What does this mean?

View from the Bottom of the Well

View from the Bottom of the Well

Note the laughing guildies clustered at the rim.

Note the laughing guildies clustered at the rim.

Yep, I got stuck in a well, and yes, screenshot will be forthcoming when I get home this evening. Luckily enough we were getting ready for Naxx and I had a summon waiting for me.

To my guild, however, I must say, I honestly don’t try to get stuck, it just HAPPENS! Really! Launching myself from ledges is a slightly different matter, I’m only mostly not responsible for those, sometimes I’ll jump off just to see if there’s a collision box there. (most of the time there isn’t)

I think I’m going to do a good/bad/ugly comparison about how I feel about the patch:


Barkskin is off the GCD! This is AWESOME. What this means is it can now be macroed into regular skill rotations so that when you mash a skill you’re spamming anyway it will trigger your barkskin! I’ll see if I can write out a kitty/bear macro that includes mangle for both forms AND barkskin a little later and add it to my druid-friendly macro post.

I can now wear my T7.5 gloves!


I now have to wear my T7.5 gloves because my Handwraps of Preserved History are… history. They got nerfed, and while I’m dissapointed that I now have to wear what used to be a downgrade, it really did have to happen. They were just way too good for a quest blue that didn’t even require the quest being completed on heroic.

The well portal in Dalaran may or may not be bugged. Like I said, it could just be me. I think I’ll take a hop down in there again tonight before the raid to see if I can repeat the experience. (Let’s hope the portal works eh?)

Apparently there’s something wrong with Wintergrasp, I don’t know much because I don’t go out there often. There’s usually so many bodies I can’t tolerate the lag and am an easy kill.


Holy Hopping Horny Toads Batman! The DISCONNECTS! Last night was by far the very worst night for lag and disconnects I’ve seen in a very very very long time, in fact, it could be said it was the worst I’ve seen that I can ever remember. (which isn’t saying much, my memory is like a sieve)

Someone noted on vent that it seems the lag spikes and occasional disconnects from raids have been getting steadily worse and worse as time goes by. Another was able to offer what I thought was a very likely cause.

There’s just more people running these instances! <Unemployed> got down and dirty into raiding pretty early in the game. We had some people who took their time and we had a few who raced breakneck to 80 and lots of people scattered everywhere in-between. I was a bit behind the bleeding edge, though nowhere near getting any server firsts. Brajana was closer to the trailing edge, so if you read the both of us you’ve probably got a good idea of where <Unemployed> stood as far as leveling its members go.

Anyway, it makes perfect sense that now more guilds are getting up to max level, making it through 10-man content and are now trying to complete 25-man content that it would put increased pressure on the servers.

It makes sense.

I didn’t say I had to like it.

So, we’ll try again tonight and hopefully some of the problems will have been ironed out. I know everyone was clamoring for this patch because of the lag and disconnects, but it doesn’t seem much has been fixed.

I’m usually pretty lazziez faire when it comes to raiding. Last night was frustrating as all get out but I did my best to keep an up-beat attitude about the whole thing. After all, there’s nothing we can do to fix it, so why blow a gasket?

I even joked that, because of all the QQing we’ve been doing over too-easy instances Blizzard has now given us the increased challenge of killing bosses while dealing with disconnects!

I’ll tell ya what, it definitely makes things interesting!

Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero?

Big thanks to Mrs. Meepy & Mr. Smells. They saved my orange, face-ripping butt.

From what?

That   —\/

Click for full stuck glory

Click for full stuck glory

And yes, that says Stuck-Face McTigerPants. I blame Boost for not realising how impressionable I was before making up clever idiosyncracies that would inevitably be copied by moi.

But yes, I got myself stuck, again. I took lots of screenshots of me actually being stuck (there was an entertaining one of me in Tauren form squished between the pipes and the wall), but WoW seems to have eaten them all. Wherever my screenshots went, they’re not in the screenshot folder. So I had to go back and take some blanks.

Now, if you’re not sure where this is (where HAVE you been?) It’s the interior of a machine shop in Lake Wintergrasp. You know, that fun PvP zone where you can farm for stuff and tell the opposite faction to GTFO by smashing their face into the ground? Just like the good ol’ PvP days /lean back in rocker all satisfied-like.

Anyway, that’s where it is, and here’s what happened. I was kitty-mode, ready to rip faces, but tired of getting blown up so I was going to build myself a siege tank, yahoo! Build build build… OMG FEEEEAAAAAR!

Someone had kamikaze-feared the whole mess of us who were building stuff and I was sent running hither and thither and… got stuck. Indoors, cat form is my smallest form. Somehow I managed to squeeze behind the pipes and get stuck. Bear form didn’t help, Tauren form CERTAINLY didn’t help, and to make matters worse the fight for Wintergrasp was over.

There ensued much /yelling, hoping that my cries would entice the Alliance inside to pick off this obvious sitting duck, thus enabling me to res at the graveyard. Nope. I saw lots of little red names running all around, but nobody actually came into the shop, nobody peered in that one back corner.

I used the unstuck feature, no luck, my hearth was on cooldown, and the help ticket system was currently experiencing a high load of activity (or whatever the message is they give you when what they really mean is ‘this is gonna take a long ass time’)

What’s a Tiger to do?

Whine and cry in gchat of course!

Enter Meepy & Smells.

Meepy is a healey paladin and Smells is a blood-caked (smelly) prot warrior. Ok, so I don’t actually know if he smells, but that’s his name and I think it’s hilarious. They’re married, do everything together, and rushed to my aid with a group invite and a summon to Wyrmrest.

They hemmed and hawed about weather I wanted to be ghetto-BG-summoned to Dal or if a random instance stone would be OK or what. My reply was resoundingly “Anywhere but behind this thrice-cursed pipe!”

So they saved me, thanks guys 😀

Stay a While and Listen

Tiger’s Top Topics for Today! (alliteration, ain’t it great?)

  • Northrend’s Need for Guard Rails
  • Of Experience and the Possession Thereof
  • The Quest That Made it All Worthwhile

As luck would have it, emergency knocked on my door last night quite literally, halting a Nexus run I was taking part in, and cancelling any and all playtime for last night. Bad for me, good for the blog as I’ve nothing to talk about beyond the ‘extra’ topics I had yesterday!

So, while the servers are down and you’re all going stir-crazy I invite you to “Stay a while, and listen”.

Northrend’s Need for Guard Rails – Long-time readers of my blog will remember my penchant for falling off of high places and getting my great big Tauren butt stuck.

My first issue I reported on my first day out post, I managed to launch myself off the elevator in the Howling Fjord.

Since then I’ve fallen to my death in The Nexus, fallen OUT of Dalaran, fallen off the top of what must be the highest tower IN Dalaran (those balconies aren’t big enough), and I’m frankly amazed that I haven’t yet fallen off the top of Wyrmrest Keep or whatever that place is in Dragonblight. Oh, and mountains, lots and lots of mountains and cliffs. I’ve fallen to my death off of those too.

Now, I’m very specific when I say I’ve fallen out of Dalaran. I didn’t fall off, I fell out. I was in the sewers, exploring around, when I saw an area named “Exit Pipe”. Now, I was done with the sewers for now, ready to go back to questing. My thought was that this exit pipe would lead out to the surface.

I should mention too that I’ve been playing with minimum graphics to do my part to conquer lag. My view distance is EXTREMELY low so oftentimes areas will appear as a big grey mass, even rooms that I’m passing into.

So when I saw nothing but a grey mass of nothing at the end of the exit pipe I thought nothing of it and kept running. And then I was falling! Let me tell you, it’s a LONG way down from Dalaran. I even had enough time during my plummet to note that the surrounding mobs were lvl OMG.

Yes, that’s lvl OMG. I ran back to my body and then high-tailed it as fast as my trusty Raptor would take me back to the Dragonblight.

Of Experience and the Possession Thereof – I’m not talking about that little bar toward the bottom of your screen here. What I’m talking about is actual experience. Experience gained from being in a variety of situations and what was learned from each situation.

I find I’m in a unique situation with my relationship to <Unemployed> and to <Exiles>. I raid with <Unemployed> and have made many good friends there. <Exiles>, however, is run by my husband and contains most (if not all) of my friends that I made during my brief time in <Spear of Khaine>. So, I have friends in both places, but they are equally very different guilds.

I’ve never been on a raid with <Exiles> (and I don’t count the wtfbbq mag/gruul pug raids as being exiles property), but they do invite me to tank for them in the new 5-man instances. So I’ve been instancing with both <Unemployed> and with <Exiles>.

Both guilds have similar goals. They want to keep in ‘fighting trim’, so to speak so that they are ready for end-game raiding. The guilds, however, differ greatly in experience. <Unemployed> was raiding long before I ever wandered back to WoW while <Exiles> is composed of members who are a lot more ‘green’ to the raiding atmosphere.

This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different.

During my time raiding with <Unemployed> I learned habits and strategies that were familiar to most of the other members. We were all raiding in the same environment, used to the same kind of leadership, and generally used to one another.

When I run with <Exiles> I notice that some of the things I take for granted are not readily obvious to some of the less experienced members. A good friend of ours, Beag, has been playing since release. We met him in the original Exiles over two years ago and he’s raided up to Black Temple before we coaxed him over to Hydraxis with us.

I find it easier to give him direction because there’s some things he knows from his raiding experience. At the same time there’s still some things I need to point out because we came from different environments.

This whole contrast between these two different guilds is something I find fascinating. My husband rules with an iron fist, he’s very honest and, while allowing for honest mistakes, doesn’t tolerate blatant idiots. He leads with a much heavier hand than I find comfortable, but I’ve found it produces members who are eager for direction and who honestly are trying their hardest to get everything right.

So when I run with <Exiles> members, they may not have the experience to allow me not to mark anything and chain-pull most of an instance, but they listen to my direction and make honest efforts to do what is required.

Ha! Would you look at me? Talking about how well a group listens to me and of leadership. I’d say that I’ve gained a fair amount of experience too from the time I started this Blog. I remember writing about how leading scared the poo out of me. It’s amazing to look how far we’ve come!

The Quest That Made it All Worthwhile – I didn’t enjoy this quest as much as I could have, but that’s mostly because I had to hear about it from everyone and I was in a foul mood that evening anyway.

But, there’s an achievement for it, and most (if not all) the requirements are in the Dragonblight. The Achievement is callde “Veteran of the Wrathgate”. I’m not going to go into detail about the quest and the results thereof, that’s for you to discover.

I will, however, mention that it’s perilously easy to miss, especially if you’ve come to rely on questing addons, like questhelper.

In order to get this quest going make sure you complete all the quests in Agmar’s Hammer to the West and Venomspite to the East. The tricky part comes when you have a quest to meet with Saurfang the Younger. Questhelper will tell you to go to Nagrand in Outland and if you’re just following arrows on your minimap it’s easy to skip right over this part.

Saurfang the younger is up to the north-east in the Kor’Kron Vanguard. If you’ve done the Agmar’s Hammer and Venomspite quests prepare yourself for a wonderful time. Read the quest text, and savor what is to come.

My guild leaders described that single quest as making all they’ve paid for and all the time they’ve put into this game all worthwhile.

I will leave you with that.

Obligatory First Day Out Post

This isn’t obligatory? Oh, I really think it is. Of course every blogger out there needs to natter on about what they did and what they thought about their first solid block of playtime in Northrend!

First of all, I stayed up way too late, and by some miracle Mr Tigerfeet woke up and poked me at exactly the right time so that I could hustle out of bed and get to work… I was only 4 minutes late, go me!

Last night, however, was a blast. We went out to eat then came back and I was in a rotten mood about something. So I logged in and I wasn’t online for more than 30 seconds when a buddy of mine /w me begging me to tank the Nexus.

Aaaaw c’mon, I don’t want to tank! I want to do some quests! So I told him to bugger off and went out to go kill things… and most things were dead already. Ugh! I don’t want to fight people for kills… ok, I guess I’ll go tank The Nexus.

Before I start talking about the two starting zone instances, I want to remind everybody that I have obnoxiously bad luck with falling into things and getting stuck or killed.

With that in mind I’d like to petition Blizzard to put guard rails on the Nexus. Those floating platforms are dangerous people! Step lightly, and don’t fall off.

So, The Nexus. It’s really pretty. Very sparkly and cold-looking. Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • The little flower guys before the 3rd boss come back after a little while. This is a low-key gauntlet. You don’t need to push through hard and fast like you were playing through Zul’Aman, but don’t linger. Keep up a steady pace and you’ll be fine.
  • The third boss is pretty neat. He can be amazingly easy or ridiculously hard depending on how attentive your group is. He shoots out ice spikes that do a LOT of damage if you’re standing on them. If you’re not standing on them you’re just fine. They’re very obvious, just don’t stand on the spikes and he’ll be dead before you know it.
  • The second boss gave us some trouble. The group had me, as a druid tank, a priest for healing, and three mages for dps. We wiped on our first two tries, but got closer and more refined with each successive attempt. By the third try this is what we were doing: I would tank the boss on the far side of the platform and everyone else would stay as far away from me as possible. One of the mages was designated as ‘DPS leader’ and he directed where we were to focus-fire on the portals. More than one can spawn at a time so this is important. If someone aggroed a spirit they were to run to me and call out that they had aggro so that I knew they were coming and I could switch targets to pick off the mob. Then they were to run and get as far away as possible. The portals act a little bit like Curator’s sparks, they chain lightning, so in a group with pure-mage dps it’s important to keep them away.
  • The First boss was a fun, entertaining, tank & spank. She’ll shoot out tentacles and make everyone fly around so healers keep your tank topped off. Tanks, when she finally puts you back down go ahead and use charge to get back in and then it’s business as usual.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to the last boss. Mr Tigerfeet and his guild was defeated and determined they’re not geared enough to handle it quite yet. I wanted to take a try at him, but two of our mages had to go.

I was eager to call the group because <Unemployed> needed a tank for Utgarde Keep and I was feeling guilty about tanking for <Exiles> instead of <Unemployed>

That run was a whole lot of fun, very easy-going too. We didn’t wipe at all, but then everyone in the group had been raiding Mount Hyjal while the <Exiles> group I’d been in had some pre-T4 geared members. Not a big deal, and not a matter of skill, just experience.

So our Utgarde keep run was almost flawless. The Last Boss took a couple of tries though. Here’s the break-down:

  • This is a two-phase fight. You will kill him ridiculously easily then a Valkyrie will come and raise him as an undead (complete with model change which is pretty cool). During the second phase he hits a good deal harder and his aoe shadow smash skill is MONSTEROUS.
  • I was hit with his aoe crap for over 10K… my health wasn’t at maximum so I was dead. That’s pretty much how our first attempt went.
  • Our second attempt I was gently reminded of the pillars. These can present a problem for your healers. If you’re tanking him make sure not to run behind a pillar, you’ll be out of LoS and you’ll have trouble.
  • Our group consisted of myself, a boomkin, hunter, shadow priest and a healer shaman. (I feel oblidged to say that the group consisted of three females, two homosexuals, and a canadian, I love diversity! 😀 )
  • For the fight in which we killed him we did some specific things: Priest blessed us all with shadow protection, that helped mitigate his shadow stomping a TON. The raid stayed as far away from the boss and I as possible, thus staying out of range of his silencing shadow shout. I did not run behind pillars. And then he was dead, when we did this we had no problems what so ever. It was great.

After running The Nexus and Utgarde Keep it was more than time for me to go to bed. Oh, there’s one more thing about that night.

After UK I ran with my guild over to the Howling Fjord undead city and Pilsner was exclaiming her joy with the fact that there’s a gate on the Fjord lift to prevent the unwary from hurling themselves off to their death. Only she didn’t mention a gate.

What she said was “I like how you can’t accidently run off the side of the lift here, not like in Shattrath”.

I hadn’t seen the gate, we got there just as the lift was coming up and, hearing that exclamation, assumed that there was an invisible bounding box around the lift that would prevent us from hurling ourselves to our death.

Of course I had to then try it out.

so, back to the conversation:

Pilsner: I like you you can’t accidently run off the side of the lift here, not like in Shattrath.”

Me: Ooh neat! /run forward.

Pilsner: Oh, Tiger wait!

Me: Rez plz.

My armor was also totally broken. They laughed, I laughed, Pilsner got to practice her out of combat rez and much joy was had by all!

Tonight I’m looking forward to maybe getting some quests done, we’ll see. I’m also hoping the nice weather holds long enough for me to finally plant some garlic before snows cake over everything! (garlic is planted in the fall like tulip bulbs and hibernates over the winter to sprout and be harvested in the spring)

Vertically Challenged

Do you have a beta key? Can you confirm or deny the prevalence of vertical spaces in WotLK? I read somewhere that there’s lots of vertical-ness… which is great, as long as it’s all UP.

I touched on this briefly in my about page, but I’ll reiterate here. I have a very bad habit of falling into holes and getting stuck, or getting stuck in general. Perhaps it’s just a general hazard of running around as a giant cow, but I seem to be rather accident-prone when it comes to terrain. Would you like some examples? (note: examples will be accompanied by screenshots when I get home tonight)

There is a cliff in Nagrand. Growing from that cliff is a Tree. Together they form such an unholy union that, if a poor wing-less wanderer decides to take a short-cut and jump from the cliff she will be caught and cradled by the tree… caught and cradled forEVER. Or at least until a GM can be flagged down to lend some assistance with his tow-truck. (No kidding, GM said he was going to get his tow-truck, then I was unstuck.) This area is a very large hole, and as such, the /unstuck feature doesn’t really work very well. I’ve got about five yards of wiggle room I can run around in, but unless I’ve got wings, I’m stuck.

My dear bovine compatriots. You should really try to construct things with wayward, bounce-happy druids in mind. On Hunter’s Rise you constructed a Hunter’s Hall. Along the outside wall, on the inside of said hall are ranks of logs with big flat inviting tops. It’s possible to jump on these logs and a lot of fun to do so while waiting on a BG, (or just in general). You neglected to put a log in the corners. I bounced myself the wrong way and WHOOP! I’m stuck. In a corner, In the Hunter’s hall, with the Warrior and Hunter trainers standing there laughing at me. This time I was in a group that included a warlock, who kindly summoned me from my folly.

Have you ever ventured into the Steamvaults? I’m sure you have. Nice watery place. Nice watery place with EVIL TORCHES OF CAPTURE! Seriously, what did I ever do those darned torches? I was DPSing on said occasion and our tank wasn’t pulling the naga back. Nope, tanked right there. Well fine, said I. I’ll just stealth around this torch and- urk! Crap, I’m stuck again. I think I had to be warlock summoned out of this jam too.

How’s about some Shadow Labs? They’ve got it in for me there too. At least I think it was Shadow Labs. One of those Auchindoun instances anyway. I remember I was tanking. I remember there was an old wooden cart. I remember there was a giant demon and he KICKED me into said wooden cart. I also remember I couldn’t move, and even if I tried to rotate my camera I couldn’t see anything. I’ve got a screenshot of that, giant demon hoof, that’s all I saw until he died and the warlock summoned me out of my stuck-ness.

So… all together, Wrath scares me. There will be vertical faces. I’m sure there will be negatively vertical faces. I’m sure I will find many MANY of these before I learn how to fly in the cold. Aaaah brave new world, how will you capture me today?