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With a lack of anything of substance to talk about, have a nyan-tiger. (Yes, that’s a porkchop for a body)


With Your Head on the Ground and Your Feet in the Air

I just had a revelation (shocking, I know) while listening to the latest Relics of Orr (because I’m just that narcissistic). But I think ArenaNet has just up-ended everything.

No, I know that’s not news, but bear with me.

Dynamic Events are cyclical and repeatable.

Personal Story is personal and the missions within can only be done once.

Dynamic Events are GW2’s replacement for Quests.

Personal Story is GW2’s replacement for storyline and (speculatively) end-game.

Conclusion: The leveling process is repeatable, the end-game is not (unless you make a new character)

I don’t know about you, but I have been trained and conditioned to think of the end-game as something that continues. I was never in a really high-end raiding guild (we weren’t terrible, but we were no ensidia either) so for me there has always been one more goal on the horizon, something to keep me going until the next expansion came out.

That ties into what Tasha was talking about in our last episode. A pay-to-play game has to have that one extra goal that you just can’t quite reach or you won’t continue to pay. Players must be kept busy.

I’m suddenly consumed with curiosity over GW2’s dungeons. We know there will be dungeons, there have been allusions to a dungeon ‘system’, and we know they aren’t ready to talk about it yet. I’m suddenly interested, I want to know!

Well Zhaitan be in a dungeon or will he be in our Personal Story? The answer to this question is very important to me. I want to be able to go beat on Zhaitan again if I want to. I really like the Zaishen quests and the opportunity to go back and do old content with a group of real people all over again.

I just… I just… I don’t know I don’t know!

The reason I’m so anxious about this is because of the newbies. The newcomers to the Guild Wars franchise. A repeatable end-game is what everyone is used to and if it’s not there I think ArenaNet could be setting themselves up for a firing squad. Innovation is great and I love being able to do something different but a robust end-game is just not something you muck with.

We know there won’t be dungeons which require you to grind endlessly for armor and weapons (yay), but will there be something to keep people coming back to the dungeons? I’m thinking my fears are probably unfounded, but this not knowing has me nervous. I want GW2 to succeed. Being the care-bear that I am I also want everyone to like it.

When I was in college I was astonished at how mean the wow-heads were. These were fanboys of WoW (even before release) who were so rabid that any attempt at a serious discussion about the merits of other games or shortfalls of WoW (graphics, even in those days) was met with such a savage outpouring of livid vitriol that I was thrown into flashbacks of 6th grade bullying. And this wasn’t even over the internet, this was face-to-face. Really, it was bad. It took me two years to even look at WoW because of personalities like that. It’s a deep fear of mine that ArenaNet will make some miscalculation and our beloved Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 will be drowned in an avalanche of hate.

I say I want GW2 to be wildly successful because I want to have fun. But maybe I just want it to be my big brother and go beat up the kids who called me names.


I’d like everyone to take a moment of silence, please. I came home today to find my husband in the backyard, in the rain, with a shovel.

We have been nursing a cat that showed up on our back step since last Friday. The local shelters were full and we couldn’t afford vet care, so we did what we could. He (the cat) was weak and thin. We think he might have been injured. He ate and drank freely (though not much) and did his best to use the litter box we provided him. We think he was someone’s pet once (though all our neighbors denied ownership), and we think he might have run afoul of the young kids who tear up and down our street in their cars.

He would have been a beautiful cat. He was a black tuxedo type with white on his muzzle, paws, and chest with long fur, though definitely not a persian type. We never meant to keep him.

My only wish is that we’d had a gun so that his final six hours had not needed to happen. You’re in a better place now furball, I’m sorry you had to hurt so much.

Tiger’s Quote Of The Day

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Thank you LolCats 🙂

I think I’ll go start laughing now.

Dip’n Mah Toes

I’m touching into UI design.

I’m not certain I have the know-how to make an entire UI compilation, but I have been working on artwork for Btex.

My current UI, with Snazzy Artwork!

My current UI, with Snazzy Artwork!

Yes, that’s how excited about the new artwork I am, I went and made UI art to reflect the forms I intend to use, so that I can look at them even when I’m running around all ugly and wyvern-faced.

Here’s a preview of the Night Elf version:

Click for full-size

I’ve also got a shaman version made, but I’m not entirely happy with it. I had trouble finding the totems in WoW Model Viewer so I initially used elemental spirits instead.

Then I couldn’t read my chat text over the top of mr fire-pants.

Then I noticed the smoke I’d put in was way too dark and I needed to re-do it but I was damn tired and re-painting smoke was not something I had the mental capacity to do at that point.

So it’s still waiting to be done.

I’d also like to note that I don’t use a mac by choice, they make me, at work.

I really REALLY like this UI by the way. It’s a lot more de-cluttered than it was before. My raid frames are in the lower right and omen shows up right on top of the bear. My Rogue Power bars are front and center, where Omen used to be, and the only issue is that my DBM warnings bars now pop up right on top of my rotation bars, being distracting and obnoxious.

I’ll get around to moving those, eventually.

I Don’t Need To L2P, I Need To L2Target Dummy

I was finally able to sink my teeth into some PTR goodness over the weekend!

I’d logged Tigerfeet over to Broxigar (the PvE server) and romped around for a while in cat and bear form. The Orgrimmar barber shop was teeming with druids and there was much fun to be had in /s while we gamboled about with new forms.

During this time I gallantly answered a plea for guildies and found myself in a decently-sized guild with decently competent people.

I say decently competent because our 10-man foray to the new Vault boss didn’t go too well. Grouping problems aside (I’m now immensely grateful for well-organized guilds) we tried to 9-man the guy with no luck.

Long story short, there’s fire everywhere and we didn’t have enough people sticking it out to actually start to LEARN the encounter to actually be able to… well… learn the encounter.

The vast majority of the people were, in fact, pre-made characters. Now, pre-made characters come equipped with the best of the best from Tier 8 content. Over by the Argent Tournament there’s tier 9 available for purchase for about 50g apice. It looks goofy as all get-out (go go placeholder graphics!) but the stats aren’t anything to sneeze at.

So, we get into vault and start whomping on things and I find myself in a curious position. Me, in my Tier7 BIS with the odd T8 upgrade, am sitting comfortably at the top of the DPS meter. The closest contender was a pre-made rogue who was only 2-300dps behind me. Barely keeping ahead of the tank were a mage, a hunter, a warlock, and an arms warrior.

They were all fighting to keep 3k dps.

I was rolling comfortably in the mid to low 5k range.

On live, for a 10-man encounter, I usually see numbers in the upper 5k range, so my damage was right where I expected it to be considering the feral nerfs.

Well, as can be expected, a hue and cry arose about my dps. What’s wrong! I was cheating! No way should a live-transferred character in Tier7 be out-dpsing pre-made characters wearing BiS Tier8 gear with Tier9 upgrades!

Hax Hax Hax!

So, I knew I wasn’t cheating, but is what they say true? Was there a bug that prevents premades from doing their proper damage, or was there a bug that kept the nerfs from affecting live-transfers?

To the Target Dummies I went!

I was able to steadily break 4k on live, but just barely. You know, just me and the target dummy, no mangle bot, no nuthin’.

On my live-transfer I was doing 3.5k. It’s a sad drop, but much more difficult to tell considering the amount of use the target dummies are getting. (on another note, I got the ‘track others’ debuffs’ to work with RPB!)

Then I tested it out on a pre-made druid. I kitted her out with all armor-pen gems (naturally her crit was about 53% in full tier 8), got her glyphs (I started testing without them and was wondering what was wrong) and set to work.

The result? 3.8k with spikes up to 4k.

I’d made a preliminary post on the PTR forums about the seeming discrepancy between live-transfer characters and pre-made characters. The general consensus was that people playing pre-mades are generally terribad and suggestions to me to check my buffs and make sure they’re consistent.

I think a little of both were responsible. Many people take the option of pre-made characters to test out the playstyles of a new class without the drudgery of leveling (I myself have a max-level shaman waiting to be transferred). The high-useage of the target dummies on the PTR goes a long way to making testing difficult.

The feral cat rotation is subtly different when a mangle-bot is present as opposed to when you have to apply your own D@mn mangle. When there’s randomly a mangle bot for maybe 20 seconds out of a 5-minute test period, it can just throw the rotation into complete chaos.

Needless to say, testing’s a little difficult, and I’m not very scientific about it at all. I’m sad to see my DPS down, but I know it had to happen.

On another note – I downloaded and installed Feral By Night. I spent some quality time on live with it and a target dummy.

The result? I did everything the addon said, pushed every button exactly how I should have, etc, etc.

I did on average 3.5k dps with spikes up to 3.8k.

Remember? I’d clocked myself on live as rolling in at a solid 4k dps.

So, with a program telling me what buttons to push I did LESS dps than I’m able to do when I’m driving!

Why don’t you stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it?

(PS – smoking’s bad, k?)

Pink Putty-Tats On Parade!

If you didn’t know already, the PTR is up. I’ve copied over two druids and a shaman and I’m going to try to make Fraps vids of each of the new forms. In the mean-time, the Druid forum is exploding with helpful folks throwing up screenshots and there’s already one vid up (though it doesn’t show all the forms and is a little hard to see.

But, lest you accuse me of a liar… Have at!


Personal Thoughts?

Well, I think the ‘big butt’ problem for bears is being made a touch worse, and these forms will take a little getting used to. Regardless though, They’re a definite improvement, and I’m thrilled to be able to look different from the next druid!

I hope you enjoyed this image-spam.

Less QQ, More Mew Mew

If you were to believe all the caterwauling on the Druid forums, you’d think the sky was falling. You’d think cats were being nerfed hard into the ground and that ferals were about to wink out of existence.

The fact is, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Here’s a bit of history:

In Naxxramas and even Heroics, cats were topping charts quite easily. We were out-dpsing those who were higher level than us and those that were even higher-geared than us.

In Ulduar the gap has been narrowing, allowing other dpsers to shine on fights (Think Hodir, Freya, Iron Council – do not think XT, or Vezax)

Now, I know the cat rotation is hard (I noticed myself this weekend I was pulling 3k on a target dummy with a sloppy rotation, then actually buckled down and paid attention and managed 4k), and that because of its challenge (I think most of us relish the challenge) we should rightfully see big numbers.

And we do.

And even after these nerfs we STILL WILL.

Because scaling remains unchanged, lesser-geared druids will notice a larger drop in dps than higher-geared druids, but it shouldn’t be enough to drop us to the bottoms of the charts. As long as you’re alloting your stats correctly and executing your rotation well, you should still enjoy robust numbers.