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Crazy Lady With A Knife

Chick is trying to kill me!

Now I have, in the past, made some bad choices in friends.  But those past slights, now dulled by the wash of time and seen through the lens of experience (no pun intended), don’t send me into quite the frothing fury that this little lady is capable of.

Long-time readers may remember that I can take a long ass time to do things.  I remember Hunter being taken aback when I whined at him for revealing War in Kryta spoilers two, maybe three months after the content was released.

This time, though, my slow progress through Hearts of the North isn’t due to my own gaming sloth.  I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of that lithe little she-devil whose brain is too full of shadow-step dust to follow anything remotely resembling a proper command.

I am BAD at Rangers.  Just plain bad, terribly awfully bad.  I’m also bad at watching my health and energy when it’s not my job to heal or protect people.

The one thing I’m pretty good at, is keeping a called target.  Unfortunately, Crazy-Face Miku doesn’t follow targets.  She does call targets, but that just gives me five extra steps I have to follow to coordinate with her.

REALLY?! You're going to tag THAT?

Miku: I’m casting Promise of Death on White Mantle Enforcer.

Me: Am I targeting an Enforcer? No? Alt-click to show the enemy names.  Oops it was control.  Hold control to show the enemy names. There’s the Enforcer, click on it, oops I clicked the Abbot instead.  Tab-tab-tab, Missed it, wait, there’s two Enforcers.  I pick one, fire off Kerian’s Sniper Shot.  Nothing happens.  I either missed, took too long, or that wasn’t the Enforcer I was looking for.

Miku: I’m casting Promise of Death on Elder White Tiger.

Me: Wat?!  Why can’t you just follow my called target? That Champion is REZZING people.

Miku: Alas for I have died!

Me: Well crap, here they come, what’s my health look like?  Oooh man I’m down to 25% and Nature’s Blessing isn’t up yet.  I couldn’t put it on my quick-button key because it’ll be over-written when I’m gifted that new skill at the end of the mission.

Away from the dialogue for a second, that actually happened.  It was the farthest I had ever gotten and it popped up a new skill for me in position 7.  Problem was, I had moved the heal skill into position 7 because I have that slot bound to a mouse button for ease of use.  Did the new skill sit itself down in the now vacant slot 6? No, it used slot 7, and deleted my heal skill.

Needless to say that attempt at the mission failed.

Now, this post has been a whole lot of whining on my part.  I don’t want you to think that I hate these missions.  On the contrary, it’s nice to be able to run out by yourself and do something.  I have no problems with the format, just the implementation.  With a few small changes these missions could be made much less aggravating for Ranger-stupid folks like myself.

Called Targets:
If I call a target, Miku should pay attention.  She should focus on that target too.
Conversely, if Miku decides to take it into her head to disobey my orders (domestic dominance themes aside) I wish that she would at least put the handy little called target icon next to her name.  If she had that, then when she /does/ decide that Elder Tiger just needs to die (personally I think it’s an unrequited vendetta against myself), at least I’ll be able to click on one icon to switch my target, take out the damn tiger, and get back to business.

Skill Arrangement:
I honestly think this might be a legitimate coding bug.  I’m not very good at memorizing different builds so that, when panicked, I click on the proper buttons.  To combat this I set up all my characters in the same way.  I put the same types of skills in the same places.  Frequently-used attack skills are on 1-4, an occasional attack skill goes on button 5, but normally that one’s for energy management.  Constantly-on, or very rarely used skills go in position 8 and position 6 is normally used for high-energy, occasional skills, often used in conjunction with my energy management skill.  Position 7 is my sweet spot.  It’s for a utility skill that must be ready at a moment’s notice, but that may not get used very often. On my Monk it’s condition removal, on my Dervish it’s an interrupt, on my Mesmer it’s actually my energy skill because position 5 is reserved for a passive interrupt (as opposed to the active one in position 4).

So when presented with Thackeray’s build my first impulse was to re-arrange everything.  That got old fast, so I limited myself to moving skill 6 into slot 7 and spamming the crap out of my mouse button.  This worked pretty well until I was granted a new skill which over-wrote the damn thing!  Every other time in Guild Wars when you’re gifted a new skill it slots itself into the first empty spot, or if there aren’t any it pops up a replacement menu.

This doesn’t happen in Hearts of the North.  It’s a straight overwrite.  You’ve been warned.

If those two things were fixed I think these missions would be immensely less frustrating.  Most nights this week I’ve given the mission a go for 3-4 attempts before I became fed up and moved on to something else.  I’ve got half a mind to do a live twitter session once so everyone can see.  See how terrible I am at this and maybe, just maybe, be there when I finally succeed.

Because don’t get me wrong, I’ll beat this thing, it’s just… taking a while.


In Which I QQ About Pew Pew

I have no doubts that the silhouette on the far left is a charr with a gun. I have no doubts that he is an adventurer class. He is NOT a gunner. There is no gunner, there isn’t going to be a gunner. (I might have to eat crow on this but until then…)

The term ‘gunner’ implies a specialist in the use of guns. It’s a very restrictive term. Please allow me to teach by example.

The Ranger is not a Bowyer. He is not solely an expert in all things bows, he is much more well-rounded than that. He is also more than an expert in all things ranged. He is called ranger because he ranges far and wide, exploring the wild, understanding it, living with it. Communion with nature is the Ranger’s thing, not bows, not pew pew, not hurling axes at Ogre groins. (as awesome as that last one may be)

By the same token calling the class that uses guns a gunner is woefully short-sighted and restrictive. I give ArenaNet more credit than that.

As for this:

She’s got a scope on that rifle and is wearing leather armor (It could even be cloth!). That doesn’t mean anything. Who’s to say she’s not an assassin?

Assassin does not equal daggers. Assassin equals assassinations. Daggers in the back, yes, but also poison in your soup, sabotaged vehicles, concealed explosives, and shootings from the grassy knoll.

A gun with a scope speaks more strongly towards an Assassin than it does to any gun-toting lunatic whose only claim to uniqueness is running off half-cocked. (That’s the image that comes to my mind when I see the title ‘Gunner’)

For the record, I’m excited about the addition of guns to Tyria, but there’s little that gets under my skin as much as this insistence that there will be a class devoted to them. Whenever I talk about Assassins I make sure to predicate it with a description. For some people Assassin=WoW Rogue with stun-lock, for some it’s a shadow-formed unstoppable crit-machine, for me it’s a fast mid-to-close range physical damage dealer, possible poisons specialist, and possible sniper.

Using such a restrictive term as ‘gunner’ isn’t fair to Arenanet and it isn’t fair to whatever that ‘class that uses guns but will obviously have some special, unique, and awesome mechanic BEYOND GUNS’ ends up being. ‘Gunner’ to me sounds like nothing more than a gimmick. It’s a “Hey, we have guns now, look at this class it shows you we have guns!”

Please. The Warrior can use a rifle, I get it, there’s guns.

To be perfectly fair, I’m not sold on calling the second soldier a Cleric either. Cleric implies strong buffing and healing. That’s BORING. Magic-weilding Melee is much more broad and interesting.

For the sake of expedience, in the sense that a ranger, as opposed to being all about ranged, is a lover of nature, I’m willing to split the difference with you gunner folks and say the third Adventurer could be a type of engineer, in the sense that he is concerned with all things technological. That opens up the door for steampunk industry and even asura-esque magic-technological mayhem. There’s that predicated description again though. Seems I can’t quite help myself.

I’m also a fan of ‘Swashbuckler’ or ‘Buckaneer’.

So that I don’t end this on a completely sour note, frothing at the poor commenter who inadvertently set off this firestorm (you’re awesome Remedy, don’t let me tell you you’re not, I’m glad you’re here!), what should we call the asuran aesthetic?

The charr we can safely call steampunk, and even further narrow it down by calling it industrial-punk. I’m tempted to label the asura with cyber-punk, but they’re not dealing with circuit boards. What about arcane-punk? Magic-punk sounds too hokey to me.

I Think My Brain Exploded

Between (not) healing and death, the ranger, the new map, chapters 2 & 3 of Ghosts of Ascalon, and my own Urgoz party I think I’m a little bit worn out. I’m overloaded! I would not feel neglected if there were no new information this week (shocker I know!).

Some highlights of what’s going through my too-cluttered brain right now:

  • I like the new ranger. I like its diversity but I’m still not sure it’s for me.
  • Ghosts of Ascalon looks readable. It’s no Obsidian Trilogy, but I think I’ll enjoy it.
  • Must pester the local bookseller to have it for me on release.
  • No healing? No dedicated healing? I’ve just been granted sufferage? I’ve just been given equal rights? I can… I can… FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST!
  • For the most part, I am tired of monking.
  • Celestial shields are preeeeeety.
  • BRB, building an Illusionary Weapon mesmer.
  • How do I use this thing?
  • What is this I don’t even!
  • Nobody, not nobody knows where I got the name ‘Marcinta Leovinus’.
  • And that’s just too bad.
  • I get to yap yap yap some more on Relics of Orr!
  • Neato!
  • I am the most impatient pickle-maker.
  • If there is any new information this week I hope it’s something fun and light-hearted.
  • “Won’t it be great in GW2 when _____” is my new catch-phrase.
  • Like jumping.
  • I’ll get you you evil fence!
  • And your little bush too!
  • /shakefist

It’s been a long time since I’ve logged off of a game in the evening in a better mood than I was when I logged on in the first place. I have to give all credit to my new friends in the game, to the Relics of Orr guild and to Hunter and his crazy friend Vin (who are always willing to let me drag them around somewhere, like taking on hydras in the Crystal Desert to get my mesmer a warrior secondary)

This next week I think I’ll be taking it easy. I’ve got another GW2 drawing I’m working on of a charr and asura. I’m really liking how it’s turning out but I’m not rushing it either. It is only when you stop trying to do something and actually do it that the thing becomes accomplished. To that end, I’m not trying to draw something neat (and possibly beyond my abilities) I’m just sitting down and drawing, not worrying about the outcome.

Like A First Love – So Are You Keeping Busy?

The Ranger was my first love. I’ve mentioned this story before. I suspect that the only reason my ranger remains, to this day, languishing in Yak’s Bend at level 9 is because it’s so cursed hard to level with a pet.

Or I’m just not a very good ranger, that’s certainly a possibility.

Either way, I stepped away from oneness with nature and arrow-slinging and, on the whole, I haven’t looked back. My dervish with a flamingo named Floyd is the exception. I believe part of my original problem with the ranger was the lack of an emphasis on a pet. I played during the days when you needed Charm Animal on your bar to bring your pet  as well as Comfort Animal along with whatever attack skills you wanted to bring. It was easy to end up as a remote fighter, only being effective through your pet, and that was obnoxious.

I had no patience for it, and I wasn’t interested in a ranger without a pet.

So perhaps my confusion at some of the lukewarm responses is natural. I wanted the pet from the very beginning.

I don’t, however, really think that the ranger is for me. The playstyle of the warrior appeals far more, but I don’t like my avatar wearing heavy armor. I’m very excited for the ranger. I think it’s got a lot to offer people who it appeals to. It’s like being excited when an ex with whom you’re still on good terms finally finds happiness. I’m happy for you. We weren’t right for each other but I still want you to be happy.

If push came to shove and the game released the way it is right this instant I believe I could (and would) play the ranger and have fun, but as we have five more classes to see I’m not too worried. I have no doubt that one of them will sing for me.

As for the rest of it, it’s all the little things that get me all excited.

Tiger stripes are absolutely confirmed for female charr! (I’m going to be egocentric here and say they put her in there just for me)

And the Moas, oh sweet mother’s milk in a cup the MOAS! Colin, hats off to you sir. Your breeding operation is top-notch.

Turning this:

Into this:

Takes some mad skills.

Do they come in pink?


I Do Not Believe In Your Outlandish Theories

Neither do I believe in the ‘Gunner’ class.

I am also randomly belligerent and occasionally make incendiary comments. Like that one.

What I think – bearing in mind that I am only one little me who, while queen of this blog, is by no means omniscient – is that the ranger class will use guns as well as bows.

It seems silly to me that you’ll have one ranged attack class that specializes in bows and pets and another that specializes in guns and something else. Unless it’s some kind of mesmer pirate hybrid…

actually that would be pretty cool.

But I still don’t believe in a gunner.

And here’s why:

It’s a ranger. ‘Cause I said so.

My wacom skillz, they have atrophied.