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The Most Awesomest Evening

You want to know what one of the most depressing things is?  During High School and early College I fancied myself quite the poet, and about my early College experience I wrote: Loneliness is laughter a room away.

It’s quite melodramatic, I know, but my point is there’s nothing quite like knowing other people (especially your friends) are having fun without you to make you feel like crap.  Over the past months a lot of people in Relics have been knocking out vanquishes and racking up points in their Monument Halls.  I’ve very much wanted to come, but our times don’t mesh (at all) and I can’t afford the drop in performance at work that would come with staying up ’till all hours of the night to tear Snake Dance a new rear-end.

My experience was much the same last night.
“Oh hey, we’re going to go do this awesome fun thing.”
me: “Hey cool!”
“Oh, but it’s late, so you can’t come with.”
me: “Boo hoo!”

So I wallowed around for a little while and then remembered that Jim, with The Notorious [PIG], made me a build for my Mesmer that combines everything I like.  I don’t actually like making builds, but if you give me one I’ll tweak and play with it an have a lot of fun.  It’s an Illusionary Weaponry build that brings a pet along for extra fun.  As luck would have it I had (or had easy access to) every skill I needed except for You Move Like A Dwarf.

So I was hanging out in the PIG vent, listening to the tumbleweeds, when Mom logged on.  Now, she’s not my mom, I don’t even know the person whose mom she is, but that’s what everybody in PIG calls her and her phonetic is something like “Don’t make me spank you”.  Pretty intimidating.

But she was nice and said hi and when I told her I was off to hunt the NornBear she was game to come along.

We started out pretty well, then I realized that my fancy pants new IW Pet build didn’t have a pet!  Outside the Eye of the North I cast around for a friendly warm body and saw only polar bears.  I didn’t want a stinky polar bear!  What animals are available in Eye of the North?  Eagles!  I wanted an eagle, nothing else would do.  So we set off for Gunnar’s Hold and I’m keeping a weather eye out for eagles, frequently minimizing Guild Wars accidentally by holding Alt to look for eagles while hitting Tab to target an enemy to attack.  D’oh.  Thankfully Mom was patient with me.

Eventually we find one.  I squeal in glee and run up and start charming it.  My companion pipes up in vent, “Would you like to kill it or should I?”  I’m sure my resultant pule of dismay sounded positively heart-wrenching.  Either way, the eagle was feather-dust, and I still had no pet.  There were apologies all around and promises to stay far back when next I found another feathery target friend.

It wasn’t until we left Gunnar’s Hold that I found another.  I flagged the heroes back,  Mom lurked behind, and I began to charm.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the range of Charm Animal is REALLY FARKING FAR.  Koss decided I needed rescuing and before I could fumble my clumsy cursor to tell him “No!” my second eagle was a red smear on the snow.

Fine, fine fine.  That one was my fault.  I should’ve had my heroes on passive or put them farther away.  Chapter read, lesson learned.  Our third eagle we found soon after entering into Drakar Lake.  I squealed (again) in delight and went to tame him, but then a Wild NornBear appeared!  It used Charging Spirit.  It’s Super Effective!

Wait, what?  We mopped up the NornBear, killed some meddling centaurs, then I flagged my heroes back at the entrance to the zone and Mom joined them.  Then I charmed my eagle just like that and it was all rather anticlimactic.  Over the course of journeying to Sifhalla, defending the place, hooking up with another PIG member, Fend, then hooking up with yet another, Dave, I hemmed and hawed over what to name the thing.

At first I tried Hitchcock.  Because what’s more awesome than a bird named after the father of The Birds?  However, Arenanet wasn’t amused and wouldn’t allow the name on account of dirty words, intended or not.  I settled on naming him David, after Roland of Gilead’s pet bird when he was just a gunslinger in training.  I’ve been reading The Dark Tower.  It was David or Blane, because he was such a pain to get.  Blane is a pain but you have to take the train…..

Funny story though!  Not five minutes after my (now level 7) eagle was christened David, someone (I think it was Fend) asked me if I’d rather have a Jingle Moa instead.  Would I?  WOULD I!  Heck yes I’d like a Jingle Moa!  Where do I dump this stupid eagle?

What can I say, it’s tough being my animal companion.

So I dumped the eagle in a cardboard box at the trainer behind the Eye of the North and picked up a Jingle Moa quick as you please.  He didn’t even try to bite me while I was charming him, how’s that for a match made in heaven?

I wanted to name him Snowball’s Chance, but that’s far more than twelve characters and Snow’s Chance didn’t have the same feeling of the ludicrous.  Ultimately it was one of the PIG folks who christened him (I feel terrible for being incapable of remembering who).  We called him White Meat.  Apparently there’s someone running around with a black moa named Dark Meat.  Seeing as I have a long history of pink pets named Floyd, I felt the name fit perfectly. (I’m sure I’ll eventually get over associating the name ‘white meat’ with Detta Walker’s fowl mouth)

It was about this time, I think, that we lost Mom, but we continued on anyway.  We ran Dave’s character (One of many, apparently in PIG they don’t call someone ‘hardcore’ anymore, they use the term ‘davecore’) up to Sifhalla, defended the town, and then went hunting for NornBear /steaks/.  It was during these escapades that they told me about a quick-as-you-please pet leveling guide on the PIG forums.  They told me it should only take 20-30 minutes.  Perfect!

So eventually they had enough for the night and I had a pet to level anyway, so we said our goodbyes and I trotted off to the PIG forums to find what I needed.  The guide involves bringing three heroes with specific skills.  One of them was Well of Power.  I didn’t have Well of Power, nor did I feel like romping off into the great beyond to capture it.  I know! I’ll buy it with Balthazar faction!

I only had 800 faction points.  @#*$!

I’m not sure what possessed me, thinking that PvP would be a quick and easy way to get some faction.  More often than not, it isn’t.  But Lyssa’s blessing was with me last night and luck walked at my side.  I hopped over to my monk, threw on my Random Arenas build and ran off to kick some ass.

Our first group was lucky.  There was myself, a monk, with another monk, a dervish, and something else.  I say something else because for some reason he was offended by having two monks in his /random/ party and left after we won our first game.  More’s the loss for him.

In our next battle an assassin joined us.  From then on we were unstoppable.

The other monk’s build was very similar to mine, but different enough that we complemented each other quite well.  The dervish and the assassin were wicked damage dealers, able even to take down the monks in the couple two-monk teams we found ourselves faced against.  Most battles were flawless victories, about half saw our opponents giving up immediately.  Some even cursed us.  That one I didn’t understand.  It’s a random group, we weren’t in the same guild, and we definitely weren’t trying to synch.  We just got lucky.  I didn’t let the cursing bother me, however.  After all, we were winning.

One game was particularly entertaining.  One person left off the bat, two we killed easily, and the last, a warrior with Sprint decided to go jogging.  He ran us around the map for the full time of the match.  It was ridiculous, but not infuriating.  My team took it pretty well and we laughed it off easily.

The groups we had the most troubles with featured mesmers, most often more than one.  The other monk and I began coordinating our casts of Spotless Mind and after a few instances of simultaneous pinging (which always made me laugh) we found our groove and powered through.

I’m sure we could have kept on winning all night, but Random Arena consecutive victories cap out at 25 and as soon as we won our 25th match there was much back-thumping and congratulations all around.  Once back in Balthy’s place I checked my Faction.  I had over 6,000, plenty enough to purchase Well of Power.

As my husband hustled me off to bed (I was 30 minutes past my bed-time) I shared a variation of a popular Chuck Norris joke on twitter:

Two monks, an assassin, and a dervish walk into Random Arenas….. There were no survivors.


I Can Haz Clever?

I haven’t written anything clever in a while, so here’s a bona-fide, original SAC joke for you!

What’s the difference between the Horde and the Alliance?

One winter day in Alterac Valley….

Alliance: BUR! It’s too cold to stand out in those drafty towers!

Horde: We don’t give a KEK how cold it is! FOR THE HOOOOOORDE!!




It was funnier in my head, I promise.

Night and Day

So, last night was Tuesday. Do we know what that means?

Raid Night!

So, here it is, coming to you direct from the Bearcatlol’s mouth, the state of raiding post 3.0.8a….

Drumroll please….







Baby, <Unemployed> can DANCE!

All told, by the time we called it a night we’d taken down Spider, Plague, and Military wings. One-shots all around except for Noth and 4-Horsemen.

Our de-cursers got a good idea of what happens if Noth’s curse ever gets a chance to turn into a disease, and our healers were reminded of the importance of sticking to their tanks like glue during Kor’Thazz switches. Our MT died not once, but TWICE on our first attempt of the 4-horsemen and even with that we were so close to getting the first pair down it was sick. Second shot at him was one death shy of flawless.

The very most important thing that happened last night though, was everybody had FUN! No crushing lag, no frustrating disconnects that would leave you staring at a loading screen just long enough to come back dead…. no, nothing like that, just pure, sweet, unadulterated, FUN playtime.

Thank you blizzard, for finally getting this fixed.

I do want to mention that we did have some disconnections, but I think those were due to issues on the players’ side of things as opposed to massive server instability.

Last night, I had so much fun, when were done I was unusually jazzed up. We call our raids at 10pm and that’s definitely my bed-time. Not last night though. I was puttering around buying gems and upgrades, getting my new armor pieces into tip-top shape, when some of my guildies were trying to get to the ancestor within Gundrak.

That particular elder has to be found on Heroic difficulty because he’s down in Eck’s chamber. Well, they didn’t have a tank. So, I volunteered to go in there and help them take out the Mammoth boss and then I hopped out so everybody could have a turn.

After that one of the members said goodbye to go on an Ironforge raid.

Wait… raiding IF? I want IN on this!

So, I /w the leader asking if he had room for another tank and recieved an excited “Yes!” Invites passed around and we started fleshing out the raid. Leadership this time around was MUCH better than the War Bear raid I was in over the weekend. We smuggled some Warlocks into the tram and hid out at the first ‘stop’ area from IF.  Soon enough, summons were being passed around and when we got in there we even managed to get fuly raid buffed!

I don’t know if the other tanks were upset, but as soon as they saw my 42k health guess who was asked to Main Tank?

Oh yeah… /flex… give me a moment while I savor this (again)

Anyway, the King of Ironforge is no Varian Wrynn (did I spell that right? I didn’t see much of him, he was just a red splatter on the floor *shifty eyes*)

Nope, IF-man is a bit trickier to fight. He does a knock-back to everyone in a 5-10 meter radius that also shatters his aggro table. This was mostly no problem for me. I’d get knocked back, charge and then growl and I’d be back in business.

Once, however, at around 30%, he resisted my growl. Now, that wouldn’t normally be too much of a problem, except he had aggroed onto Kou, a hunter. Said hunter had been knocked up onto the ledge running along the inside of his chamber.

What came next?





100% health…


By this time Allies were getting wise to what we were up to. They were pouring through in droves, half the raid was dead. Our raid leader was quick on his feet though. He’d instructed people to stay dead, not release, well not anymore.


And so we killed him again!

Damn was that fun 😀 Now I’ve only got Darnassus and the Exodar left for my [For the Horde!] achievement. Those places aren’t nearly as well-defended as Ironforge, although I’m not really sure where the leaders are… this will require some covert operations…

Pantherfeet go!

Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero?

Big thanks to Mrs. Meepy & Mr. Smells. They saved my orange, face-ripping butt.

From what?

That   —\/

Click for full stuck glory

Click for full stuck glory

And yes, that says Stuck-Face McTigerPants. I blame Boost for not realising how impressionable I was before making up clever idiosyncracies that would inevitably be copied by moi.

But yes, I got myself stuck, again. I took lots of screenshots of me actually being stuck (there was an entertaining one of me in Tauren form squished between the pipes and the wall), but WoW seems to have eaten them all. Wherever my screenshots went, they’re not in the screenshot folder. So I had to go back and take some blanks.

Now, if you’re not sure where this is (where HAVE you been?) It’s the interior of a machine shop in Lake Wintergrasp. You know, that fun PvP zone where you can farm for stuff and tell the opposite faction to GTFO by smashing their face into the ground? Just like the good ol’ PvP days /lean back in rocker all satisfied-like.

Anyway, that’s where it is, and here’s what happened. I was kitty-mode, ready to rip faces, but tired of getting blown up so I was going to build myself a siege tank, yahoo! Build build build… OMG FEEEEAAAAAR!

Someone had kamikaze-feared the whole mess of us who were building stuff and I was sent running hither and thither and… got stuck. Indoors, cat form is my smallest form. Somehow I managed to squeeze behind the pipes and get stuck. Bear form didn’t help, Tauren form CERTAINLY didn’t help, and to make matters worse the fight for Wintergrasp was over.

There ensued much /yelling, hoping that my cries would entice the Alliance inside to pick off this obvious sitting duck, thus enabling me to res at the graveyard. Nope. I saw lots of little red names running all around, but nobody actually came into the shop, nobody peered in that one back corner.

I used the unstuck feature, no luck, my hearth was on cooldown, and the help ticket system was currently experiencing a high load of activity (or whatever the message is they give you when what they really mean is ‘this is gonna take a long ass time’)

What’s a Tiger to do?

Whine and cry in gchat of course!

Enter Meepy & Smells.

Meepy is a healey paladin and Smells is a blood-caked (smelly) prot warrior. Ok, so I don’t actually know if he smells, but that’s his name and I think it’s hilarious. They’re married, do everything together, and rushed to my aid with a group invite and a summon to Wyrmrest.

They hemmed and hawed about weather I wanted to be ghetto-BG-summoned to Dal or if a random instance stone would be OK or what. My reply was resoundingly “Anywhere but behind this thrice-cursed pipe!”

So they saved me, thanks guys 😀

So You Think You Can PvP?

Maybe you’re showing people what for in the Arenas.

Maybe you’re wiping the ground with the Alliance/Horde in the Battlegrounds.

Maybe you’re sporting a full set of Brutal gear.

But do you really know what you’re doing? Do you know how to survive in a world where anyone can swoop out of nowhere to smash your face into the ground?

There was a time in WoW where choosing between a PvP and a PvE server meant more than an increase of greifing, it was the difference between being able to PvP and… well… not. This was a time before Arenas *gasp*, before even Battlegrounds *DOUBLE-GASP*, where the only form of PvP was….


Say it with me now people, world – pee – vee – pee. It’s not scary, but it is out to get you in the most literal of senses.

Now, I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that I had come from a PvP server (Scilla, specifically) before I transferred to the PvE server, Hydraxis. I love telling people that I ‘grew up’ on a PvP server and didn’t transfer until I was lvl 63.

For those of you who’ve huddled close to their PvE server I’ll do my best to explain what it means to play and level on a PvP server. Perhaps I’ll be able to entice you to give a PvP server a try, or maybe not, but I do hope I can prepare a number of people to face Northrend and, more specifically, Lake Wintergrasp.

When you create a character on a PvP server everything starts as normal. You’ll kill mobs and level up in your race’s primary starting area. I’ll use Tauren as an example. You’ll romp through Mulgore and bang your head against the ground when you’re asked to find that darned wandering kodo, and eventually your big tauren eyes will fill up with tears when you’re forced to leave the beautiful rolling hills of Mulgore for the harsh and neverending wasteland that is the Barrens.

Once in the Barrens things will continue mostly as they have with one minor difference. You will most likely see your first Alliance here. They will either be raiding the Crossroads (Yes, I know, we’re as guilty as you with Sentinel Hill) or you’ll run into one or two on the docks of Ratchet.

The offending cross-faction person will be quite obvious. Their name will be red, it will not be yellow, it will not be green, it will not be blue, it will be RED. This means that if you were to hover your cursor over there your amiable little hand icon will turn to a belligerent sword, encouraging you, enticing you to attack and taunting you with your own cowardace no matter that their level reads as a skull.

Now, if you are in the Barrens, you will know that this area is Horde controlled. Above your map in the upper-right hand corner it will say Barrens in nice friendly green letters. If you were an Alliance in the Barrens it would list the zone but would be displayed in Red. Red means this is somebody else’s home turf and you’d better remember that sonny! These babies aren’t so far from home that their momma can’t come and whack you with her frying pan no sirre! Or, something like that. Basically, an area that is displayed in Red means you are not in friendly territory and every hand there will be turned against you, don’t try to make friends, they’re not in the mood.

Back to our wide-eyed little baby Tauren. You’ve probably by now discovered that, since this is your home turf the Alliance can’t touch you. Unless of course you touch them first (I’m not that kind of orc) or decide to really live on the edge and belligerantly flag up with a cocky /pvp. (I wouldn’t reccomend it, that area is prime for ganking) But now you’re in your late teens or even early twenties and Stonetalon Mountains/Ashenvale/Tarren Mill is calling.

You will notice, the moment you step into one of these areas that a YELLOW name will pop up on your screen letting you know what area you’ve passed into. Underneath it will say (Contested Territory). Congratulations son, you’ve stepped out into the big scary world of Open PvP. Your mommy isn’t going to hold your hand now, you are on your own. Anybody you see from the opposiong faction is a potential victim, but you know what? So are you. There is no such thing as an off-hand AFK, there is no such thing as waiting patiently in a spawn line. If you sit still for too long someone will find you and they will kill you.

Corpse hopping is a bitch.

But it’s not all that bad. You just have to learn to be a little more careful. Here are Tiger’s Top Anti-Gank Tips.

  • Don’t AFK
  • If you have to AFK and you’re near a town head in and AFK there. -This isn’t gank-proof though, see next tip
  • If you have to AFK while in a town find a building to hide in, find the most out of the way corner and stuff yourself in it. If you can stealth, do.
  • If you’re in the field and have to AFK and you’re land-bound (very common in STV) find an out of the way spot as free of mobs as possible (wouldn’t that just be the kicker to escape notice of the enemy only to be killed by a marauding band of jungle trolls?) Find some bushes and hunker down. If you’re a night elf, hunter, druid, or rogue either stealth or feign death. If you’re not, then pray, you should probably be fine, especially if your chosen hidey hole is far enough out of the way.
  • If you have to AFK and you’re not land-bound then get on your flying mount/shift to flight form and fly up. Fly up really high. This is the safest method. Make sure you’re not in range of anything that anybody else can use to stand on and you’ll be just fine. If a druid thinks it’d be clever to moonfire spam you to death in bird form they’ll discover that moonfire puts them in combat and they’ll quickly fall to their doom.
  • Guards are your friends, and roads are usually pretty safe (though not for those who are AFK’d.
  • While grinding mobs you will probably be ganked while low on health. This is common and just something you’ll need to get used to. To help alleviate this you will get to be very good at pulling only the mobs you can reasonably easily handle and nothing more. Accidentally pulling five mobs, managing to kill them and getting away with only 14 health might sound hard-core, but you won’t feel very awesome during your run back to your corpse because someone 4 levels lower than you decided to jump on that golden opportunity. So, only pull what you can handle, and try to finish out fights with as much health as you can.
  • Join a leveling guild. Guilds are great for social communities, making friends, and finding people to run instances with. In a good guild on a PvP server they’re also AMAZING insurance companies. Sometimes you will find some lowlife SoB whose only goal in life is to make you miserable and insists on camping your corpse. This is when you should call to your guild and, in a good guild, they will call in the cavalry. Thus will insue either a satisfying episode of revenge-camping or an epic guild-vs-guild battle when the camper becomes the campee and calls in his guild because you called in yours.
  • Nesingwary is a quest hub without guards. As such his camp is usually littered with bones, tread warily and do not linger.

I was inspired to share these tips while I was puttering about the PvP PTR the other day. I was futsing with my talents, just sitting on a field in nagrand, when a hunter came up and wasted me. It would’ve been a fair fight if he hadn’t gotten the jump on me, but then I had been sitting out in the open, a cherry ripe for the picking. Leveling from 63 to 70 on Hydraxis had made me soft and I thought it prudent that, with a forced PvP area being available in Northrend, to brush up on my world PvP survival skills.

P.S.- If I’m completely out of my gourd and Wintergrasp is NOT an open PvP area even on a PvE realm then feel free to ignore that part of the advice, everything else still holds true for the rest of Azeroth on a PvP server though. Enjoy, and happy ganking!

Here’s an update

Still not gone, hurrah! And bulleted lists are fun >^..^<

  • Being able to eat more often than once every 3 days is jawesome. I are not snakey kthx.
  • My sister’s birthday is in two days, I have that long to learn how to paint feathers.
  • I made art, just to prove to myself that I still can. He’s little on purpose. Pixeling is hard.
  • Yesterday was the second time this year my route home has been altered because of a traffic accident involving death, both were within 10 miles of home. (and I live out in the boonies)
  • I’m finally on the PTR and hating…. let me reiterate… HATING paladins. Do not want to be stun-locked by a pally. I won’t rant, and I’m sure I need to do some L2P, but it’s made me huffy.
  • The PvP realm PTR is quite spacious. I like it.
  • I do more damage, but I suck more at PvP…. I know, I need to L2P.
  • Good thing I get 4 character copies, I sold most of my (seemingly) superfluous armor and now I want it back.

Finally, aaaah finally

I left you all alone to languish without an update over the weekend! But, my weekend was both very busy and completely lazy, which was also wonderful. There’s quite a bit I could talk about today. For example, I got into kara again on Friday. I wasn’t needed as a tank so they let me come as a dps cat and I learned a very important lesson. I’m squishy, I’m very squishy. My dps gear is an ill-assorted mish-mosh of greens, blues, and maybe a purple or two. I can manage 500-600 dps usually, though on Friday I was lucky to push even 500 considering the amount of quality time my face spent with the floor.

But I’m not going to talk about kara, I’m not even going to talk about the old-school pvp raid we did on Stormwind. We started by running through Goldshire, hellbent on raiding hogger (we’ve got some 70s who’ve never rolled an alliance in their lives so they wanted to see him). Then, a level 15 Night Elf decided to thwap him before we could even make a coherent attack plan. One of the orcs bloodlusted, ran for Stormwind, and then the fight was on. We mounted up and ran in, not bothering to kill any guards along the way. We wanted to kill the king, but whoever was in the lead ran to the left instead of the right so by the end of an hour we found our 40-man raid broken up into 5-man parties so we could bunker inside Stockades. We must have blundered into a Night Elf Hunter convention because at one point I counted at least ten flares on the ground waiting for us.

But no, what I wanted to talk about actually, was what happened after our ill-planned retaliatory strike on Stormwind.

We started the attunment chain for Onyxia. Now…. step back a bit, and actually think about that. We’re level 70, most of us can solo or 2-man LBRS and UBRS, and we’re all sure as hell going to be soloing the world dragons later. Why would we bother?

Well, many in our guild began playing WoW either with the release of Burning Crusade or, like me, somewhere between main release and the release of Burning Crusade. Through one reason or another, most of us never got to see the old world end-game content. I started out as alliance, and remember always in Stormwind people would be looking for a group for UBRS, and being in the throne room when the Onyxia chain was pulled, then later as horde hearing Thrall’s call of triumph and staring in awe at the gigantic dragon head displayed prominently in the center of Orgrimmar.

As a newbie, standing around at exalted level 24, and watching these things… to me, they became legendary. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I was there, and got to witness the opening of Ahn’Quiraj on the Scilla server. The alliance attending were very nice and didn’t bother killing me, though, at level 18 I had enough trouble avoiding the regular mobs.

So last night, when we were all holed up in the Stockades, and someone mentioned offhand who wanted to run Onyxia, it was like the heavens opened up and the game-gods of yore descended from on high to grant me this opportunity. I’m telling you, I felt EPIC.

I want to thank Boostah and, I believe it was Aeriola, for their tireless patience and guidance as they helped get everyone through the first few parts of the Onyxia attunment chain. I’d attempted the chain in my last guild, and promptly forgot where in the chain I was. Had I done LBRS? Had I done UBRS? I couldn’t remember, but with their help, and generous application of the Wowhead quest database I found where I’d left off and got caught up with everybody else.

I’m currently at the stage where I would have had to search hither and yon in Desolace to find Rexxar, but Blizzard kindly removed that bit of obnoxiousness when Burning Crusade was released. So, now, I’m ready to do somethingorother, can’t remember, but not worried, then I think this weekend we’ll be taking groups to actually go see Onyxia.

This feels like a field trip to the zoo. Our ancestors, hunters and gatherers had to outsmart large predators, lions, tigers, etc. Now, as a race we are older and, in our intelligence, more powerful than these ancient nemeses. This is how it feels going to see Onyxia. Back when the level cap was only 60 she was seen as a powerful end-game boss, someone to be reckoned with, nay, almost a force of nature. You might be sitting back and chuckling, having been to the encounter. Please remember, however, that I failed to reach 60 pre-BC, and encounters like these bulked before my sight as something unattainable, things I would never have the ability, time, or skill to see.

I’m rambling again. I do that a lot. Needless to say, that after Zul’Aman tonight, I’ll be working on my Onyxia attunment chain for the rest of the week. I am so excited.