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The Willow Bends, But Does Not Break

I do love the male sylvari.  From the limited options it’s obvious that the ladies got more love during the no doubt frantic rush to get artwork ready for the sylvari debut.  However, I’m hoping that the male sylvari will finally prove to be the character that can break me of only playing as a female.  The plan is to make him a warrior.

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Grace And Poise And All That Jazz

Hey everybody!  I haven’t forgotten I promise!  Creating artwork and really concentrating takes a lot more time than I had anticipated, that’s all.  Once I’m finished with the character customization shot and put up the master list I’ll share with you all what I’ve been up to.

And so, without further ado may I present to you the lovely human ladies of Guild Wars 2!  Which one is your favorite?  Personally I like the minimal makeup on #15 but I like the shape and the attitude of #10 better.

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Ink = Badass

Woah what happened?  I guess that’s the consequence of working two jobs, fun stuff like blogging begins to fall by the wayside.

Be that as it may, I actually have another character customization chart for you!  This one is for the ever awesome norn men.  Nornly men.  Just like the girls, the men are sporting some truly wicked tattoos.

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Also: Is anybody else starting to go stir-crazy waiting for the mesmer last profession?  It’s like Christmas, only worse.

Like A Peacock

After a longer wait than I had expected, I’m back from vacation and back to making character customization charts!  Thank you to everyone who hung in there for me, I definitely needed the break.

Without further ado, here are the male human hair options as shown at Gamescom 2011.

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Hey Good Lookin’ Whatcha Got Cookin’?

Fair warning, lady humans have a large amount of facial options.  The men… not so much.  They both have the same number of hairstyles, 22.  So, to save space and sanity I bundled the male faces with the beard options.  Even so, the pickings seem a little slim to me given the large devotion the Guild Wars 2 Community seems to have towards beards, so perhaps there are more in the works.

Like always, keep in mind these are all the options available as of Gamescom 2011.

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Also, by the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Disney World!  My dad affectionally calls it “feeding the rat”.

Get Some Ink On That Girl

Right, so I have a confession to make.  I’m pretty much straight as they come.  I like my men burly and I’ve never entertained the notion of playing around with another woman.  I’m not saying that either path is bad, I’m just saying that’s what I’m like.  That said, lady norn are frickin’ HAWT.  They’re not some waif that could blow away in a stiff breeze, no.  These women were built to be heroes.  Now they’ve got the ink to prove it.

I would like to note that I find the stars utterly ridiculous.  Number 7 is definitely my favorite.  It reminds me of notches on a belt, badges of conquest.  Plus it’s primal as all get out.

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Einstein Who?

Vekk was the bee’s knees, as was Snaff.  And while they both may only be knee-high to a grasshopper, they were both indisputably big on brains.  Zojja step aside, today we’re featuring the boys!

Were I to make a male asura, he would have face 8, ears 7, and hair 1, also known as bald.  I could probably be talked into hair 2 or 3, but really, I prefer my male asura bald.  Although, I had a crazy idea for an all-asura PvP team each with different colored afros and named after pool balls.

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A side note: Next week I’m going on vacation, so there won’t be any new character customization posts.  I’ll try to get as many made this week and maybe, if I’m lucky, there will be some scheduled for next week.  I wouldn’t count on it though 😉