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I Think My Brain Exploded

Between (not) healing and death, the ranger, the new map, chapters 2 & 3 of Ghosts of Ascalon, and my own Urgoz party I think I’m a little bit worn out. I’m overloaded! I would not feel neglected if there were no new information this week (shocker I know!).

Some highlights of what’s going through my too-cluttered brain right now:

  • I like the new ranger. I like its diversity but I’m still not sure it’s for me.
  • Ghosts of Ascalon looks readable. It’s no Obsidian Trilogy, but I think I’ll enjoy it.
  • Must pester the local bookseller to have it for me on release.
  • No healing? No dedicated healing? I’ve just been granted sufferage? I’ve just been given equal rights? I can… I can… FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST!
  • For the most part, I am tired of monking.
  • Celestial shields are preeeeeety.
  • BRB, building an Illusionary Weapon mesmer.
  • How do I use this thing?
  • What is this I don’t even!
  • Nobody, not nobody knows where I got the name ‘Marcinta Leovinus’.
  • And that’s just too bad.
  • I get to yap yap yap some more on Relics of Orr!
  • Neato!
  • I am the most impatient pickle-maker.
  • If there is any new information this week I hope it’s something fun and light-hearted.
  • “Won’t it be great in GW2 when _____” is my new catch-phrase.
  • Like jumping.
  • I’ll get you you evil fence!
  • And your little bush too!
  • /shakefist

It’s been a long time since I’ve logged off of a game in the evening in a better mood than I was when I logged on in the first place. I have to give all credit to my new friends in the game, to the Relics of Orr guild and to Hunter and his crazy friend Vin (who are always willing to let me drag them around somewhere, like taking on hydras in the Crystal Desert to get my mesmer a warrior secondary)

This next week I think I’ll be taking it easy. I’ve got another GW2 drawing I’m working on of a charr and asura. I’m really liking how it’s turning out but I’m not rushing it either. It is only when you stop trying to do something and actually do it that the thing becomes accomplished. To that end, I’m not trying to draw something neat (and possibly beyond my abilities) I’m just sitting down and drawing, not worrying about the outcome.


Terrible Tiger is Two!

Or I will be two come this friday. That’s right, two years ago exactly I sat down to this shiny and unfamiliar wordpress interface and typed my first halting missive to the ether.

Oh how far I’ve come. I no longer blog about my antics in Azeroth. I rarely blog about my antics at all, in fact. I’m producing at least one post a week again (often more) but the Secret Agent Cat is still in a state of slumber.

It is the season of advent, of anticipation and speculation. It is the season of collectively-held breaths and hearts fluttering with desire. We await the sequel of the game we love. If ArenaNet delivers the product we’ve all been hoping for I have no doubt that I will come roaring back to life.

But for now, I will be two.

Tiger’s Terrible Two!

That’s right! In concert with the Relics of Orr guild I’m hosting a party this Friday (time TBD). I would like to get groups together to do some runs through epic dungeons (this all depends on how many people are in attendance.) There will be some small prize give-aways and I may even administrate a raffle.

So bring your everlasting crate of fireworks and prepare to have fun! For full information see my post on the Relics of Orr forum. You don’t need to be a guild member to join or to attend.

Alsoly – What are all the epic dungeons out there? (the 12-man kind) I know of Urgoz, but are there others? (you see how ill-prepared I am for this. Let’s learn as we go shall we?)

In Which I Probably Should Not Sing

Relics of Orr, episode 5 is out.

If you were ever curious what the agent behind the cat sounded like, now’s your chance. I do have to apologize. I haven’t sung to anything more sophisticated than a steering wheel in almost ten years.

Make sure you listen to the whole thing though, the bloopers at the end are hilarious. I was laughing all over again.

If you didn’t catch it, I am a member of the Relics of Orr guild. I like to pretend that I’m cultured an intelligent here on the blog but if you visit me in-game I’m more likely to yammer on about how my peppers won’t ripen and regail you with background noise of the cats causing mayhem.

You have been warned.

Hide Your Ectos And Lock Up Your Minipets

Tigerfeet’s on a rampage.

It seems that I’m going to have a reputation as being the amazing dancing monk that doesn’t appear to do anything and yet somehow makes everybody’s lives easier.

I can live with that!

Coehl has made the monumental mistake wise decision to have me on his podcast, Relics of Orr, as a guest. I’ll try not to get muddy tiger tracks all over the floor guys.

If my experiences with the Orr-peeps is any indication I expect there to be much fun had by all and maybe I’ll be able to display my huge tracks of land vast amount of Guild Wars 2 knowledge. I always get my knickers in a twist listening to podcasts because I want to talk back and say ‘no you didn’t quite get it right!’. Now I’ll be able to do just that, and make a monumental ass of myself in the process.

Tally Ho!

Do not adjust your monitor~

I’ve bought a domain! The old address,, should still work just fine, but now, for your super uber convenience, you can now reach me by using simply! There was an animator parked there (and not a very good one I might add) for the first year of my blogging life.

I find it a good omen that the squatter is gone just when I rally and return to the fray. My blog was never actually defeated, though WoW burnout did effectively leave it downed.

Allright Everybody, Take Five

Unemployed is on hiatus this week. With flagging attendance and some recent burnout victims, we decided to call a halt to raiding for at least one week in order to give everyone a breather and some more vacationing time. Not that most weren’t vacationing already…

I’m personally relieved as I was feeling the burnout pretty bad. Most of my times spent raiding I was wishing I was doing something else, like drawing, or cooking. It’s a very welcome opportunity to step back and take some time for myself without knowing that there’s 20-something other people who can’t have fun because of me.

Fun New Boss Time?

I don’t think so.

Last night, like every Tuesday, Unemployed gathered up to go kick some bad-guy butt.

We went to the Crusader’s Colliseum. We had some lag issues and a couple of disconnects, but after we learned to compensate we took out the Northrend beasts pretty easily.

Then came the fun part, Lord Jarraxus. We had to learn an entirely new fight. The only information we could find was a video in german and a list of abilities. We were almost completely blind.

You know what? It was wonderful.

The entire group banded together to offer suggestions and ideas for how to handle what. Wipe after wipe, morale was high as we inched that much closer to victor until, at last, 15 minutes before the end of raid time, exhultant cheers of joy and excitement rang out over vent as the boss dropped. It was a difficult fight, won through hard work, and everyone was thrilled.

Except for one.

That one would be me.

I can’t tell you what the fight was like, I can’t tell you any stories from our attempts.

I wasn’t there.

Where was I? I was sitting in my chair staring at a login screen as I kept attempting to log back into the game. Without fail I was disconnected at the start of every fight.

It was maddening and frustrating enough to bring me close to tears even.

Last night I tried one last time and finally got back in just as the boss dropped, just enough to see that my guild had persevered and achieved its victory.

Without me.

WoW to me is my only form of entertainment. Living a life where sometimes I don’t even know what will be available for dinner, the paltry $15/month is my one escape.

When I spend an entire evening watching my favorite part of the game pass me by, I start to wonder if it’s worth it at all.

I Feel Dirty

I just sent a fellow guildmate a link to Nightcrowler’s Feral By Night addon. You know, the one I’ve so maligned in the past?

You see, I have a new kitten. (Feral Druid, not a real kitten) And he wants to raid with us. Now, I’ve got a pretty hefty pride for my own class, and for ferals in particular. The very LAST thing I want to see is a feral scraping the bottom on numbers and I’ve been warned this particular person has some… issues.

With pretty much everything.

But it seems he knows he’s bad, so that’s a plus. If you think you’re awesome there’s no room for learning new things. A willing mind is a wonderful thing to teach.

I still feel dirty for throwing crutches at him though. I’m a bit of an optimist when it comes to people. I try (consciously) to believe that, given enough effort, anybody can learn to be good at something. I tend to learn pretty quickly, but I’ve worked with those who don’t and all they require is a little more patience.

I’m giving him crutches because I suspect he’s one of the latter. A person who will take a while to learn things, and I’d rather get him up and running (and raiding) now, than wait 3-4 weeks while I sit behind him with a wooden yardstick and watch him at the target dummies.

That wouldn’t be fun, for either of us.

In other news, if you’re over the age of 18 and enjoy horror flicks, definitely check out a little game called Requiem: Bloodymare.

My husband picked it up a few weeks ago and I dabbled my toes in it too. I really like the graphics. Poly counts are good, textures are really nice, but the animation takes the cake. Really, this game has TOP NOTCH animation. It’s very, VERY good. Fluid, weighty, believeable, and oftentimes creepy as all get out.

There are a few problems. Quest destinations can be vague at best and outright wrong at worst, randomly characters will jump sideways when they should go forward, and there’s a complete lack of proper text formatting. (Word integrity is not preserved)


I play a ‘human’ Templar. Well, she’s a
templar right now, I plan to level her i
nto a Radiant when she gets to the right
level. I can only heal myself right now
but I hope to have proper spells eventua
lly to heal other people.

That’s what text boxes are like. It’s a little maddening for the literary-minded (like myself) and completely irrelevant to the non-literary-minded (like my husband).

It’s free to play, and definitely worth a look. If you’re curious, you can find me on the PvP server (there’s only one). Just look for Alegra, Maelix, or Shmee.